Sunday, November 30, 2008

The last will of Prabhakaran

In a dying declaration, Prabhakaran writes his own obituary in admire of himself.
He throws a deceased rope to the global Tamil community to take out a rescue operation. The cornered, make consider king of Eelam, once hopeful of extending fantasy borders to comprise a Greater Tamil Nadu, dispatches an SOS from his decrease kingdom before it passes into oblivion.
His ghost writer obtainable a script which became valueless at the time he appreciate writing the inside. An apt phrase was selected as a introduction to his doomed expectations-"Today, there are huge changes taking place in India". Unfolding was a drama in India where the pleas of Chennai was checkmated by events in Mumbai. Prabhakaran desperately necessary a revised script to maintain his own credibility- it was too late and not forthcoming. Fortunes have surely deserted him. Terrorism in India undid the terrorist in Sri Lanka, in his send-off speech.
He has felt the heat as reflected in his talk-"The land of Tamil Eelam is confronted with an strong war as never before ...... the war is becoming intense and widespread." His stand is loud and clear- "....transformed our land from one that was that was for many years under enemy control by foreign law into a disobedient land refusing to submit to a foreign oppressor". There will be no submission, as predictable. To his credit he is not an entrepreneur like the upper echelons of Colombo civilization shifting positions to fall into the winners lap. Therein is his weakness, lack of suppleness to read and amend his own follies.
This is another rambling recurring effort to give good reason for himself, where any reply will be equally repetitive. In his annual survey he had no achievements to list. This is the year he undid himself most by being the uppermost child snatcher of removing by force a child from each house to bring upon yourself the wrath of each householder. He did not have the consideration that a parent's award-winning control is the child. A parent was abducted till the child was free to terror. The child had to rescue the parent and offer himself as the bait. The symbol of the Sun God was dirty with his own hands in homes that were once home sweet home to him. Both the parent and child hated him. Prabhkaran shattered himself in his home electorate. An remote man knows so little of his surroundings. This is truthfully reflected in his annual statement which will be a final valediction unless delivered from across the seas.
He complete his own people homeless by difficult they leave their homes before the LTTE lost controlled of its territory. In the house purification operation, he cared more to have a human defend to safeguard him, to display to the world that people follow an unseen Moses in jungle tiredness with gun and shot, to scheme a humanitarian issue by inhuman means by creating a wandering band of homeless nomads out of proud house owners. He racially cleansed his own ethnic brothers by formation them homeless. Not a word of justification of his callous conduct to the people to whom he is offering salvation in his testamentary disposition. Instead it is xenophobic rhetoric to the people drenched in the rain without shelters on his orders. Are you his notary, Mr Sambandan? Who is standing for the human rights of the Tamils in the North-the homeless youngster lost bulk? The pain of the Tamils at the hands of Prabhakaran will surface, once he is no more.
Prabhakaran is driving the people to the knee of the central government. He has dissolved his own popularity among his own followers. The untrue presentation is clear to his meanpeople as they observer the telling reality which they experience. His language is t for those further than his gshrivelin frontiers to come forth as life guards. On his resolution TV, he would have seen the telling pictures of scenes at Taj and Oberoi, which would remind him of Meredian Galadari and the Central Bank contemporaneously with his speech; his wake up call to India will be of no benefit. As he spoke, India determined that the brotherhood of terrorism has to be dismantled for India's own continued existence. Help in India day vision is over.
Prabakaran is a exhausted force on his last lap with no lap of respect. His last flight of fancy or fame maybe in a light aircraft.

Sri Lankan Christians in UK Remember Fallen Soldiers and Offer Thanks to Those Fighting Terrorism

"By this holy mass, Christians of the United kingdom remembered with gratitude - and gave thanks for the brave and strong-minded soldiers, sailors and airmen and women who have sacrificed their lives to protect Sri Lanka against what is maybe the most wickedness form of terrorism in the world" said Rev. Tony de Alwis addressing a service of remembrance and thanksgiving holy mass at the Church of St. Mary Magdalen, Willesden Greeen, London.
Rev. Tony de Alwis said, "We will remember with gratitude-and give thanks for -the soldiers , sailors and airmen and women who have sacrificed their valuable lives in order to defend our country against what is maybe the most evil form of terrorism the world has known from modern times. Further, through the medium of this Mass we want to hand over our troops who are motionless engaged in that struggle to Almighty God's care and to ask that he will bless and straight all those who give armed and political leadership to them."
The joint Protestant-Catholic mass of remembrance and thanks giving "for the valiant members of the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka who have died or are busy in the move violently against terrorism" was held for the first time in the United Kingdom. Many Buddhist monks, on invite converged on the church from Cheswick, Kingsbury, and Birmingham and were seated in a special field arrangement close to the altar, showing their solidarity, led by Venerable Dr. Haandupalpola Mahinda Nayaka Thero. The church also put up Buddhist flags welcoming them.
An expatriate Sri Lankan child, Miss Kesara Ushettige clad in a fancy dress of the army fatigues, and emblematically carrying the Sri Lanka Army flag walked in the march that took Rev. Father Tony de Alwis, Church of England cleric and Rev. Nimal Ponweera, the Chief celebrant of the mass and chaplain of the Sri Lankan Catholic community in the Diocese of West Minister, from the entry of the church to the altar. The procession marched to the tune of traditional Sri Lankan drummers and the celebratory sounds of a conch blower clad in colorful costumes.
Sri Lanka's London High Commissioner Justice Nihal Jayasinghe placed the commemoration flower wreath of red poppies at the altar. Distinguished visitors counting the High Commissioner and Mrs. Vajira Jayasinghe lit the traditional oil lamp before starting the sacred mass. Head of the Parish Rev. Father Hugh MacKenzie welcomed the enormous crowd who congregated for the Holy Mass.
Delivering his homily Rev. Father Tony de Alwis further said, "Father Nimal Ponweera and I strong-minded that it would be completely fitting that we should offer this Holy Mass for the relax of the souls of our brave troops who have laid down their valuable lives in order that the territorial sincerity of our island nation may be potted and the sole individuality of our people tenable for the prospect generations."
Father de Alwis said, he and Father Ponweera also wanted to dismiss the fallacy that the Christians of Sri Lanka were unpatriotic by telling publicly how devoted they were to mother Lanka.
He said, " It is a substance of huge sadness for us Christians to understand that we are sometimes treated with huge contract of doubt by our fellow Sri Lankans. We are portrayed as people who do not actually love our country. Our commitment to our state is questioned. Some even consider that , on occasion , we come into view to have sided with the enemy. Now I do not know for a moment blame anyone who think in that way about us. .Why? because the ultimate blame for such a poor picture being predictable of us rests fairly and directly on the shoulders of some of our own Christian leaders who have acted thoughtlessly and insensitively, if not downright foolishly, that is, when they have acted at all , or have otherwise remained quiet when the situation demanded that they should speak out without fear or prevarication."
"Now, thanks to a combination of enthused political leadership,' said Father de Alwis, " and devoted and courageous military leadership , our little island home stands balanced to overthrow the criminal bunch of criminals who , for the last thirty years or so have terrorized our country Today, their claim to invincibility now lies in tatters. Today, the leaders of that bunch of criminals who sent young unsuspecting cadres to their early death also as walking bombs or on the battleground whilst they themselves in bunkers reason built for their comfort, securely and security , are finding that those self under control bolt homes far from being their refuge , are quick gratifying their tombs."
Father Tony De Alwis said while rejoicing the about to happen beat of organized terror the state must be prepared for the episode of time emerging after the war which he called "a greater challenge." He called the confront opposite both the people and the administration as the job of defusing volatile issues that could destroy countrywide cohesiveness and agreement in the future.
Reminding much work is by now being done in that way under the President he said it should be made likely for all our races to be pleased and arrogant to vow loyalty to a common homeland. Reminding the nation not to allow spiritual discord to creep into the space vacated by communal tensions if that happens the blood hut by the country's brave troops would be in vain.
insistent the state to hear them , Rev. De Alwis said , " We Christians are totally committed to take our place alongside Sri Lankans of all other faiths and backgrounds in meeting the tackle of transformation our nation when the ghost of terrorism has lastly being lifted off the fair face of our motherland."
He said they pledged to stand with others in being a bonfire of light to all those who are worried with establishing a just and fair civilization in our country when the present conflict is over. " We surely want to share with you the responsibility of ensuring that Sri Lanka achieve that true greatness of which we know she is very, capable" he said.
High Commissioner Nihal Jayasinghe in respond to the cleric said the young people who did the highest give up for the country have done so , as Churchill said for our own tomorrow. He certain Father Tony de Alwis that there is no indictment at all on Christians that they are unpatriotic.
Venerable Dr. Haandupelpola Mahinda Thero also assured that there was no such general blame of non patriotism placed against Christians in the country. He said the attempt of the two priests of the country who want to pray for an complete Sri Lanka should get delivery of the approval of the whole nation.
Rev. Father Nimal Ponweera, quoting patriotic verses from the London's Sinhala publication, Sinhala Viththi said he prayed our nation should remain an undivided unitary state for another 2500 years and the abominable bunkers should be turned into tombs for those who practice insensate terror and the country should once again change to what was called a Dharma Dweepa ( an island of just society) .
In the pleasant fragrant air of incense on fire the church was filled with melodious hymns that brought hopes of peace. They sang: "O' Father thou hast promised, this isle shall wait for thee - The joyous isle of ocean, the jewel of the sea - Lo! We this island's watchmen , would give and take no rest - For thus has thou commanded, till our beloved land be blest."

Floods subside in Jaffna; Security forces lend humanitarian assistance

Heavy floods that exaggerated the Jaffna neck of land last week have started subsiding. Sea transport that was suspended due to the adverse weather conditions is predictable to resume today. According to official reports, 118,273 people belonging to 32,026 families have been displaced by floods.
The most horrible exaggerated DS divisions are Jaffna, Uduvil, Delft, Kopay and Karaveddi.
"To give immediate release services Rs 11 million has been owed. The Ministry is prepared to give further assistance if required" said, Resettlement and Disaster Relief Services Minister Rishad Bathiudeen.
The Sri Lanka Army on the instructions of Jaffna Security Forces Commander Major General G.A. Chandrasiri, continues to provide assistance to those exaggerated. As the floods are subsiding the Road Development Authority with the help of the Army has started repairing the Pannai coastway that connects Kayts Islands with the mainland.
Meanwhile, a boat mend is being operated to transport people between the islands and the mainland.

3 LTTE suspects arrested in combined Army-Police search operation- Batticaloa

3 LTTE terrorist suspects were taken into care while 123 others were under take into custody for further study out of 11,963 persons screened yesterday (Nov 29) during joint Army-Police barrier and search operations aconducted in the Batticaloa district.
The search operations were carried out on cleverness reports conservative of few LTTE infiltrators and wanted criminals in the wake of a series of murders and crime performance in Batticaloa, Valachchenai, Karadiyanaru, Vakarai, Aithiyamalai, Vavunathivu, Kokkadichcholai, Kattankudi and Kalawanchchikudi areas, Police sources said.
The day long barrier and search operation was finished at approximately 6p.m., the sources extra said.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Troops of the 59 Div enters Otiyamalai: LTTE beaten off with heavy casualties

After days of fierce gunbattles and rigid LTTE confrontation troops of the 59 Division have entered Otiyamalai general area, at the Mullaittivu battlefront today (Nov 29) afternoon.
According to first in order from the battlefront, troops of the 14th Sinha Regiment(SR) and the 12th Sri Lanka Light Infantry(SLLI) have out of order the LTTE defences and entered the area, forcing terrorist to flee with heavy wounded. Army forward power rudiments are now on chase of the fleeing terrorists while other infantrymen are busy in mop-up and payment operations in the odd area, military sources reported.
Otiyamali located southwest of Tannimurippukulam is a key LTTE strengthening, military sources said. The LTTE garrisons at Nedukerni, Nainamadu and Oddusudan will also be disturbed with this loss of Otiyamali to safety forces and will also fall to pieces it's hopes of resistance at Mullaittivu.
More in order will follow..

NGO nexus hatches conspiracy against military operations

Triggered by fear and anxiety at LTTE's inevitable defeat at Mullaitivu, some top officials of a famous NGO and a nexus of pro-LTTE groups have held secret deliberations to sketch-out urgent and drastic methods to stall the Wanni military operations.
According to informed sources, the discussion has in use place in a star class hotel at Kollupitiya, Colombo recently, where suggestions careful were the raising of public agitation against the military surge in the North, character assassination campaigns against top military officers, and a variety of other propaganda and campaigning moves, knowledgeable sources reveal.
According to these sources, 18 prominent persons of the Colombo elite, who are the main beneficiaries of the said NGO, have participated at the meeting, which was also attended by a well-known movies actress. The NGO officials have in hazard these individuals of severe sanctions such as the stopping of current funds, reconsidering proposals for future financial support and other benefits in the event of the supporting nexus fails to halt the military advances, in the North, through extensive campaigning, media treatment and every other means.
"If in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu there is an LTTE debacle you people will soon have to find alternatives ways for a living," the NGO officials had allegedly warned their Colombo nexus.
Meanwhile, additional discussions were held to get details of whereabouts and receptive information about government officials, anti-terrorist activists and media personnel, who are thoroughly opposing and voicing opinions next to the LTTE, as well and looking into promoting the 'victim industry', by giving advertising to so-called victims of the present military operations. The blue-prints are now being drawn up for the initial stage of this "anti-war" campaign, highlighting "victims" problems, varied out in bike with mudslinging and nature murder movement next to key military personnel and critics of the LTTE. will carry on to keep a watch for such developments and stay you posted.

5 more Tamil civilians escape from LTTE hell hole in Wanni

5 more Tamil civilians counting a family of four have fled from LTTE and required defense with security forces at the Omanthai Entry/Exit point in Vavuniya.
4 civilians, including parents and two youth have arrived at Omanthai, yesterday (28) twilight after fleeing from LTTE in the Mullaittivu district. The civilians were from Visuamadu area the sources said adding that one youth was a by force recruited to the LTTE, who had later managed to flee all through first training in the Mullaittivu jungles.
The other civilian was a male from Oddusdan general area, Mullaittivu, and had at home at the Entry/Exit tip today (Nov 29).
Additional information will follow..

7 Tamil families, 26 civilians flee LTTE, seek protection with security forces- Jaffna

26 Tamil civilians from 7 families counting 8 children have fled from LTTE clutches at Mullaittivu and sought defense with security forces at Nagarkovil, Jaffna today(Nov 29) at around 2.30p.m.
The civilians were from Challai and Vettalaikerni coastal fishing localities, North of Mullaittivu, who were found in a fishing trawler while making their way to the safer Jaffna peninsula, by naval skill on patrol. There were 9 males and similar numbers of females separately from the children and approximately all have knowledgeable some sort of inhuman treatment from the LTTE.
The people were escorted to the Point Pedro jetty by the naval patrol craft and handed in surplus of to Army, from where they will be sent to the chosen welfare centers in the peninsula, Jaffna military sources said. According to what they have revealed so far, these people have ceaselessly been bare to unparalleled hardships from the LTTE, particularly from its rudimentary 'sea tigers', who have fed on their livestock and government/UN sent supplements, our sources in Jaffna said.
The terrorists have also made use of the food and food meant for the children and not safe even the elderly, who were said forced to labour at LTTE dugout building sites for hours, the sources additional said.

SLAF raids LTTE positions in Kilinochchi

SLAF fighter jets and MI-24 helicopter gunships launched joint air raids and earth hold up assaults at identified LTTE positions in Piramanthalkulama and south of Adampan, Kilinochchi, since early this morning (Nov 29).
According to Air Force Spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara fighter jets have launched precision air raids at an LTTE terrorist training site situated at Piramanthalkulam area followed by MI-24 air assaults at LTTE positions south of Adampan. The helicopter assaults were complete extra the advancing Task Force 1 infantry battalions at terrorist positions located along the LTTE built earth bund nearby Kilinochchi.
Earlier, yesterday (Nov 28) SLAF jets have raided an LTTE serious gun position situated in general area Paranthan, the representative additional said.

59 Div troops advance towards Mullaittivu, LTTE suffers heavy beating

Troops of 59 Division extra advancing towards their purpose, Mullaittivu built-up, while conducting further consolidating operations in lately odd areas, defence sources in Mullaittiuvu front said.
Sporadic clashes between troops and LTTE terrorists reported in universal area north of Kumbulamunai throughout the daytime yesterday, 28 November. Troops long-established that terrorists suffered heavy losses in the confrontations.
Meanwhile, army snipers deployed in forward defences in north of Kumbulamunai have efficiently taken four targets, defence sources said.
Separately, troops have found 5 LTTE bodies the length of with 4 T-56 weapons and I-Com put while conducting a search process following a grave argue took put in general area south of Otiyamalai, Welioya, defence sources added.

"Jana Handa" Foundation in UK donates 65 wheel chairs for disabled war heroes

The "Jana Handa" Foundation in United Kingdom has donated 65 wheel chairs for the disabled war heroes who have sacrificed their limbs for defensive the motherland.
President of the "Jana Handa" foundation, Mr Srilal Dias, formally handed over the wheel seats to the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka in UK H.E fairness Nihal Jayasinghe lately.
A member of "Jana Handa" foundation Mr Suresh Fernando has also donated 5 battery operated scooters for the disabled war heroes at the alike time.
Mr David Gunawardena of Ceylinco Consolidated has sponsored for the lot of donated substance to be shipped to Sri Lanka.
Defence Adviser Brigadier Prasad Samarasingha, Members from Jana Handa base Mr Shiran Almeida, Mr Mohamed Marzook, Mr Wijeratne Bandara, Mr Manoj Fernando and Mr Siriwardana Bandara were too there at the time.

Sri Lanka Mission in Bangkok sets up an Emergency Coordinating Desk

The Sri Lanka Embassy in Bangkok has set up an crisis help desk to help helpful Sri Lankans in Thailand as a result of the end of two airports in Bangkok. Suvarnabhumi airport, the main global airstrip and Bangkok's major home airport, Don Muang, have been stopped up due to the go up of anti-government protests.
The Sri Lankan Mission in Bangkok has informed that the Emergency Coordinating Desk will reason every day including weekends from 0800 to 2200 hours and will wait open until the state of relationships profits to normalcy.
The Emergency Coordinating Desk of the Sri Lanka Embassy in Bangkok can be reached on telephone number 00-66-2-2611935.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Navy Commander visits Naval Bases in North of Trincomalee

Navy Commander, Vice Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda, made a call to the naval bases in north of Trincomalee in order to assessment operational readiness of the naval bases on 27th and 28th of November.
Navy Commander also visited the Naval Dockyard and the Naval and Maritime school in Trincomalee throughout his call and reviewed the progresses of the training programs happening at the academy.
He also invigorated the ready willingness of the Trincomalee harbor and gives extra orders to get better the security of the naval dockyard and Trincomalee harbor.

Friday, November 28, 2008

How Mr. Mano Ganeshan fits in LTTE agenda and his Canadian Tour

The Statement released by the Forum of Sri Lankan Canadians against Terrorism is follows;
The meetings Mr. Mano Ganeshan came to attend in Toronto was a gathering which was well intended and courier graphed by LTTE fronts in Toronto according to the orders of Wanni to make a big noise about IDPs in Wanni. Their diagram in India may have some success due to racist Tamil political parties in Tamilnadu; but relax of the world is not.
Their diagram in Canada was to get the news to mainstream Canadians and create a big chaos about IDPs in the Wanni and create it an global subject. In order to complete that try LTTE fronts in Toronto open a website and declare an awareness week from November 2 to November 9th. Part of this program was to talk to Canadians and Canadian Lawmakers. In Toronto, Canadian Tamil assembly with the help of close Liberal MPs in the area held several group of people meeting to make awareness about IDPs in Wanni.. As usual lots of lies about Sri Lanka were distributed in these meetings and at the back the scene of these so called "awareness meetings" fundraising went on very well. A newly Formed NGO (Children Aid Rehabilitation and Education Program (CareProgram) and Canadian Humanitarian plea for the Relief of Tamils (CanadianHART) both LTTE fronts collecting these money and no one knows where these money going to. At the end of the week a big expression was under arrest in the middle of the Toronto City (Dundas Squre).
Also as a part of awareness week a group of Canadian Tamil Congress (another LTTE front) members went to get together some government and resistance MPs in Ottawa and tried to create them consider there is a huge IDP crisis in Wanni. LTTE also wanted to bring down some TNA MPs to Toronto and talk to local MPs in order to add some truth to it. unluckily, Canadian High Commission in Colombo does not issue Visas to TNA MPs any more. So there is a choice of UNP MP Mr. Jayalath Jayawardane, Muslim Congress Leader or our friend Mr. Mano Ganeshan. Dr. Jayalat already had hard time in SL media on his new LTTE savior tour in Europe. Muslim congress leader have some power from Toronto Muslim activists not to attend LTTE events in Toronto. So the easiest choice is Mr. Ganeshan. Also this is the same group who tried to convey Dr. Wickramabahu Karunaratne a few months ago.
The meeting in Toronto "Tamil region of Vanni Under siege", none other than a LTTE motto organized by "The Canadian Forum for justice and Peace in Sri Lanka" is another front used by LTTE propaganda unit. Mr. Sellathurai Loganathan the convener of the meeting, was once a JVP campaigner and even married to a Sinhala lady. Is he a person with an attitude of scheming everything which he couldn't do throughout his time with anti LTTE Tamils in Toronto? Then he switch the side. He is well allied with Prof. R. Cheran and work very closely with him.
As we know Prof. Cheran is the new consultant to LTTE leader. But as LTTE is banned in Canada he cannot claim it. If he claims he has to go away Canada. Therefore, he work behind the view with the help of this Loga and other propaganda activists. While Prof. Cheran was in Sri Lanka LTTE leader hold a social gathering for Cheran and ask him to help to clear LTTE image about the world. Once very lively anti LTTE Cheran unclear the sides Loganathan also joined the wagon just following that. He also has lots of Sinhala media friends and one of them is Sunanda Deshapriya. One time, Cheran was the editor of "Sarinihar" the sister paper of "Yukthiya" funded by NGOs in Sri Lanka.
awaiting Loganathan switch the side one of his best friends in Toronto was friendship Jinadasa (Actor/Politician). Even when famous Sinhala playwright Mr. Parakrama Niriella was in Toronto few years ago Loga was the one who took him around. Therefore, Loganathan is an outstanding front for LTTE.

Due to these reasons we were very watchful about Mr. Ganeshan's tour in Toronto and we were intimately watching him day and night even our members were attended to those places MR. Ganeshan went and got drunk with LTTE activists in Toronto. Therefore, Mr. Ganeshan cannot hide under in his customary "human rights" shell this time.
The day Mr. Ganeshan was preparation to talk at the University of Oshuwa he might have talks with Canadian officials in Ottawa but he was planning to be present at the University of Oshuwa meeting at the evening. Because University is located on the way to Ottawa and the meeting was suppose to be held at 4 to 8pm. Due to on time events of our members we managed to inform Osuwa University officials about this meeting and they took instant action to close down the meeting but one more LTTE front man in Toronto, Garry Sangari's wife who work at the University managed to power the officials to hold a low profile meeting under the watch full eyes of Canadian Intelligence organization and University security officials.
This is the reason Mr. Ganeshan didn't attend University meeting. His sponsors may have arranged another rapid meeting with NDP MP for the evening, who has his office in the similar block. These MPs are very simple to meet and chiefly a leftwing MP like Hon. Wayne Marston. We know Mr. Ganeshan was very keen on thrashing his LTTE stripes throughout his Canadian tour. But this time Mr. Ganeshan failed. So don't try to conceal under your human human rights shell this time Mr. Ganeshan.

Canadian Authorities stop LTTE Suicide Bombers' Day celebrations - Toronto

Canadian establishment drama on information provided by Sri Lankan Tamil expatriates in Toronto have stopped the main Suicide Bombers' Day celebrations prearranged by the LTTE supporters this morning (Nov 27).
According to a reliable source in Canada, members of the terrorist group have prearranged the occasion in grand level at Parsons Convention Centre at Brampton, Toronto. The occasion has been scheduled to be commenced approximately 7 AM (Canadian Time) with the participant listening to the yearly suicide bombers day language by terrorist chief V. Prbhakaran, the sources added.
"The organizers have put up huge video screens, serious sound systems, and a settlement link to air the terrorist leaders' speech", our source said.
The sources additional that the organizers have predictable a couple of thousands of Tamils to contribute for the event.
"Usually, the LTTE supporters force the Tamils living in Toronto to participate for the obsessive celebration. However, this time the numbers have drastically decreased."
Speaking further, the sources said that the authorities have shut down the electrical energy and cut off the settlement link after being well-informed on the true natural world of the event.
"The organizers had mislead the authorities that the event was just a nonviolent gathering"
The LTTE is a ruthless terrorist organization that fights for a mono ethnic divide homeland for the Tamils in Sri Lanka since 1983. Inspired by its psychopathic leader , V. Prabhakaran and his philosophy based on tribalism, the group has murdered tens of thousands of Sri Lankan citizens throughout last three decades. Also, the LTTE being the first terrorist friendship to bring in suicide bombers, and gratifying the first to get naval and airpower , is known as the most multifaceted terrorist outfit of the world. The LTTE is in the UN list of shame for its use of child armed in war.

51 families, 134 civilians seek protection with security forces- Omanthai

134 Tamil civilians from 51 families including 72 males and 62 females necessary defense with security armed forces at Omanthai, Vavuniya today (Nov 28).
The civilians have at home at the Omanthai Entry/Exit point since 7a.m., till 4p.m., Wanni security sources said. "These civilians have escapee from LTTE after been held locked up for months and according to what they have bare, they have undergone highest hardships with LTTE", our reporter at Vavuniya said.
Many civilians are from areas South of Mankulam, East of Nedunkerni, Kanakarayankulama and suburbs, he further said. These people will be heading for the welfare centers located in the area, armed officials at Vavuniya further said.

FM says LTTE's overtures to India will not find accommodation

Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama has supposed that Prabhakaran's overtures to India restricted in his latest communication yesterday (Nov 27), will not find somewhere to live The Minister made this surveillance in the course of a declaration in Parliament today (28 November 2008), on the terrorist attacks in Mumbai on 26 November 2008.
Condemning this terrorist atrocity, Minister Bogollagama referred to President Mahinda Rajapaksa's Statement issued yesterday, in which he had drawn attention to "the urgent need for concentrated act by all countries to eliminate terrorism, wherever it is, and whoever the leaders and manipulators of such aggression may be."
Quoting US President-elect Barack Obama's message, wherein he had stated "The United States must carry on to strengthen our partnerships with India and nations around the world to root out and destroy terrorist networks", the Minister said that this communication exposed the firm promise and strength of mind of the incoming US Administration in the global struggle against terrorism, and continued US leadership in the fight next to this universal menace which has turn out to be a normal threat to humanity.
The Foreign Minister recalling the cold-blooded murder of one of India's most sons and an outstanding Prime Minister, Shri Rajiv Gandhi by the LTTE on 21 May 1991 in Sriperumpudur in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu, said that he had to pay the highest sacrifice for his unshakable put on behind Sri Lanka's dominion and territorial honesty and his absolute rejection of the LTTE's separatist and fascist agenda.
Minister Bogollagama also referred to the new ruling of the New Delhi High Court, which upheld the Central Indian Government's decision on 14 May 2008 to ban the LTTE. The Court had in its decision agreed with the Centre's submission that "The LTTE continues to use Tamil Nadu as the base for carrying out smuggling essential substance like petrol and diesel, besides drugs, to Sri Lanka." The Centre had also argued that "The Government of India is nervous that unless the ban of the LTTE continues, acts of violence on Indian soil are probable to occur."
In concluding his Statement on the floor of the House, the Foreign Minister held out an emerald branch to Prabhakaran by urging him to heed President Mahinda Rajapaksa's call to put down down arms, give up terrorism and go into the self-governing path, in order to be part of the following process that is by now underway, to expand a sustainable answer that will transport permanent calm and stability to Sri Lanka.

Troops brave weather; floods wash mines, booby traps- Kilinochchi

Soldiers of the 57 division and the Task Force 1 are further final in on to their next purpose- the Kilinochchi town despite antagonistic weather situation, reveal the battleground sources.
The two unpleasant divisions are at present lined up their strengths the length of the western and southern limits of the Kilinochchi built up and moving in with no rush bearing in mind type of weather and the terrain.
"Troops are very clear of their mission; it is not the real state that they are paying become aware of in but the taking away of terrorism", said our battleground reporter.
"The most undertake before troops is not the fight authority of the terrorists but the solid minefields and booby traps"
"The floods have made very hard for the military to detect AP mines and traps they have to be extra cautious in their march" he added.
Meanwhile, the 57 division infantrymen in service in the Puthumurippukulam area, west of Kilinochchi town blast down an LTTE cadre last morning (Nov 27).

Civilian information helps to avert disaster- Kandana

The Kandana Police drama on civilian information received, have uncovered a couple of sandals laden with C-4 high explosives at Kapuwatta in Kadnana, early this morning (Nov 28).
According to police sources the volatile loaded sandals were establish by road shut to the Kandana public graveyard following opportune announcement by two young men who had informed the 119 emergency line. Both the sandals were stuffed with 750gs and 500gs of explosives respectively, police said adding that two detonators and a 9v series section was also found throughout further investigations.
The bombs were defused by the Army Bomb Disposal group, who had at home at the scene right away.
Meanwhile, security forces personnel exposed a claymore mine while conducting a search process in worldwide area Pallechole in Batticaloa last evening, 27 November.
unconnectedly, troops have found three hand bullets in a search process conducted in Pokurani general area in Trincomalee.

Pro LTTE websites confirm success of Air Force raid - Paranthan

Pro LTTE websites have confirmed the accomplishment of the today's (Nov 27) Air Force raid at the LTTE radio communication centre at Paranthan.
Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara speaking to said that air strikes launched by combatant jets have been very successful, as the LTTE itself has long-established the obliteration of its Radio Transmission centre situated close to the Paranthan junction.
LTTE has been using its radio broadcast channels to increase tribalism in the middle of the Tamil youth in Wanni as well as a misinformation arm for the group.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

President condemns terrorist attacks in India

My Government and I hurry to condemn most fervently the atrocious acts of terrorism that killed more than 100 persons and upset many more in the attacks carried out in the Indian city of Mumbai last night.
Our opinion to go out to the families of those killed and upset and in these acts of terror; we express our deepest sympathies to the families of the dead and wish a quick revival to those injured, and the safe and early let go of hostages.
The attacks on most important hotels, hospitals and public transport in Mumbai, the business and financial capital of India, show that the terrorists are targeting an significant separation of the Indian economy, with a view destabilizing democracy in India.
These unlucky attacks bring into focus the urgent need for concerted act by all countries to eradicate the menace of terrorism, wherever it is, and whoever the leaders and manipulators of such aggression may be.
As a country that has suffered the most brutal terrorism for the past three decades, and is currently busy in strong-minded action to get rid of it from our midst, Sri Lanka stands with the Government and people of India at this time of tragedy and wait firm in our assure to together fight and get rid of terrorism in all its forms from our countries, as well as from the South Asian Region.

At least 100 killed, many injured in terror attacks - Mumbai

At least 100 people have been killed and twice as many reported distress as terror attacks struck in 10 places across the Indian financial capital Mumbai, since last night (Nov 26). in the meantime, Indian news agencies reported that 100 more people are held imprisoned by the terrorists at Taj and Trident hotels in Mumbai.
At least 5 terrorists have been killed and 9 suspects under arrest so far during the anti-terrorist operations conducted by the Indian security forces and Police. Also, the latest media information reveal that 14 police officers including the Mumbai, anti-terrorist collection Chief and 9 foreigners have been killed.
A little known terror outfit "Deccan Mujahideen" has claimed blame for the attacks. Anti-terrorist operations are continuing as Indian security forces take on the formidable mission to save the lives of the people attentive as its remains a daunting job to isolate the innocents from the terrorists.
Meanwhile, a senior defence observer speaking to expressed his concerns over the evolvement of another terrorist group in the region similar to the LTTE in brutality. He said that world's be short of of knowledge of the factual natural world of terrorist groups such as the LTTE has given them the liberty to expand and share new tactics in terrorist warfare.
"No one can expect that an power of a terrorist group will confine to one country, it will increase as the terrorist groups copy and modify tactics used by each other", he said.
"This is why the world should help countries who fight against terrorism. We Sri Lankans have been pain from terrorist threat for decades. Yet, there are some countries act sympathizing to the terrorists groups that kill citizens of countries like ours" , he added.
Commenting on the Mumbai terrorist attack he said that there is a strong similarity between the plans used by the LTTE and the Indian terror group.
" The LTTE has trained many tactics to the overseas terrorist groups . They are the first terror group to introduce suicide bombers, the first group to connect in seaborne attacks, the first to obtain air capability", he said.
"The world can learn why a terrorists group must not be tolerated in any where in the world with Sri Lankan knowledge. The Mumbai assault reconfirms that terrorism is the most danger to the human civilizations" he finished.

HRW mocks the liberation of East from terror

Human Rights Watch doesn't find anything positive to say about the liberation of the Eastern Province. It rather mocks the achievement, in fact. Reading its statement, we might almost think Human Rights Watch didn't know there had ever been a problem of LTTE terror in the East, states the Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP) in its official response to the latest report on the state of affairs in Sri Lanka by HRW.
"The LTTE wouldn't allow dissent. Democracy had absolutely no place in territory over which that organisation held sway. Abductions were how it filled its vacancies. Even with children. And killings were commonplace. Let's not forget it so quickly. Indeed, we can't. For the LTTE is still around," the SCOPP statement adds.
"The Eastern Province can never be the environment that we all hope for while there is still a threat from the LTTE. HRW sometimes appears to be rather pleased that this is the case; that we still have a bitter conflict going on in this country. Even though this is now some distance away from the Eastern Province. But we can't be. The LTTE has to be convinced to follow the path set down by those who are now on the road to the political mainstream. The Eastern Province may not be a utopia, but it is in a far better situation than most places in the Vanni," says the SCOPP.
The following is the text of the statement titled "The Human Rights Watch Syndrome", issued by the SCOPP in response to the HRW statement of Nov. 24 titled -" Sri Lanka: Human Rights Situation Deteriorating in the East Armed Faction Is Killing, Kidnapping Civilians".
"Some people really seem to delight in recounting our problems. Instead of appreciating progress, they bash us over the head with still to be obtained goals. And at considerable length. The situation is never improving in their eyes. We are either already bad or getting a lot worse, and no practical suggestions are offered to help us recover. Rhetorical flourishes are the only things we are given by these characters. They love nothing better than wallowing in a bit of good old misery.
"Human Rights Watch demonstrates this syndrome perfectly in its latest press release on the situation in the Eastern Province. To summarise, life is bad and blame lies with the Government.
"The Eastern Province isn't a utopia. There have been a number of killings and abductions in recent days, and these are clearly issues on which law enforcement agencies need to work harder until such crimes are totally wiped out from society.
Nobody should have to face threats of violence as they go about their everyday business.
"But it isn't always easy. A significant extent of the area in question was under the control of a terrorist group for several years. Human Rights Watch doesn't find anything positive to say about the release of the Eastern Province. It quite mocks the attainment, in information. Reading its declaration, we strength about think Human Rights Watch didn't know there had still been such a problem.
"The LTTE wouldn't allow dissent. democratic system had absolutely no place in country over which that organisation held sway. Abductions were how it filled its vacancies. Even with children. And killings were commonplace. Let's not not keep in mind it so quickly. Indeed, we can't. For the LTTE is still around.
"The Eastern Province has been set free, but there are motionless a fair number of persons who are dedicated to working for the LTTE. They are accountable for some of the abductions and killings. What's more, the doubt that these elements are at big and attempting to go through the organisation of their former comrades is fuelling the difficulty Killings and abductions within that organisation and between them and the LTTE take put as a result. It is an sad state of affairs, but one that has not been engineered by anybody other than the participants themselves.
"The Government supports the TMVP. Human Rights Watch appears to look upon this as an awful development, for they consider that the party is accountable for many of the killings and abductions. Whatever the truth of those allegations, trying to help the social meeting move into the political normal has to be the correct option now. Only a few years ago, the TMVP were part of the LTTE. They fought against the Government. Blew up innocent people in buses. Assassinated politicians. The LTTE haven't seen the error of their ways as yet, but the TMVP have. They want to change. But transformation of such an organisation isn't a simple matter. Leaders cannot now make a decision to do it. The TMVP has a difficult job on its hands and the Government is determined to help them see it through to the end.
"Human Rights Watch urges steps to be taken to get better the human human rights situation. It's a good idea, but let's believe about how that is going to be achieved. Just proverb it isn't any use.
"The Eastern Province wants development. We have to provide jobs for those who have documented only fighting as a means of continued survival. Former cadres need training. They and other Tamil language people will have to be brought into the law enforcement agencies, with proper mistake. communications has to be rebuilt after years of neglect due to the hostility. Health and teaching services need to be brought up to rub again. Business has to go back and spend in the area. And the catalog goes on.
"This is precisely what is happening now. The Government has been good-looking with international agencies to find money to finance projects in all these sectors, and development is fast being made. The teamwork at the highest levels between members of the different communities in the Eastern Province has been very hopeful. They are elected legislative body too.
"But it isn't enough. The Eastern Province can never be the surroundings that we all expect for while there is still a threat from the LTTE. Human Rights Watch sometimes appears to be quite satisfied that this is the case. That we still have a bitter conflict going on in this country. Even though this is now some coldness away from the Eastern Province. But we can't be. The LTTE has to be persuaded to follow the path set down by those who are now on the road to the political normal. The Eastern Province may not be a utopia, but it is in a far improved state of relationships than most places in the Vanni.
"The Government has chosen a practical move toward. Improvements are being made, and on an urgent footing. We do motionless have a way to go. But there is no greater main nervousness than putting an end to the conflict that has strong-minded our country for so long to make a nonviolent and wealthy civilization. We don't always spend time clarification our labors to the world. But things are occurrence. Let us keep in mind what has by now been conquer and look forward to agreement on this as we go forward."

Hindu Priest shot dead by LTTE gunmen- Batticaloa

A Hindu cleric was shot dead by LTTE gunmen at Mamangama in Batticaloa, today (Nov 27) at around 1.30a.m.
The victim was identified as Subramanium Kamalaraj, 32, the chief cleric of the 'Sri Sivamuttumari Kovil', at Mamangama. The priest's body was found riddled with T-56 gunshots, Batticaloa Police sources said. Police and security military are now conducting search operations in the area.
According to defence sources, undercover LTTE fundamentals in the area are creation anxious attempts to create disaster and doubt, also premeditating a lethargic down of the counter terrorists operation at Wanni.
Meanwhile, Wednesday at around 7.50p.m., police workers manning a safety post at Kallady in the Kathankudi Police division have under arrest an LTTE believe while fleeing the area after lobbing a hand grenade at the police post. No police workers were suffering in the grenade physical physical attack sources said. The suspect was stuck wounded in the Police punitive assault and was later admitted to the Kathankudy hospital for action.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

LTTE suffers heavy beating, 5 bodies recovered- Mullaittivu

Troops of the 59 Division, now consolidating positions North of Kumulamunai in the Mullaittivu battlefront today (Nov 26), have full of action with a group of terrorists in a fierce quarrel and haave allegedly uncovered 5 slain bodies, Wanni security sources said.
According to Wanni military sources, terrorists have suffered grave damages in the fighting which lasted for a few hours, as this morning. Unable to resist the military attack, terrorists have fled leaving the dead and a hoard of weapons at the back, military said citing ground troops.
Meanwhile, Intel sources citing intercepted LTTE communication exposed that the compressed terrorists have lashed out at its Mullaittivu management for deteriorating to send reinforcements. The strong military assaults and the small collection operations have restricted major movements of terrorists in the area. The victimization of the Wanni youth by LTTE continues as the outfit is allegedly drawing more and more into its position, many juvenile and youth, by force and through compulsion methods from the families detained under its oppression in the Mullaittivu and Kilinochchi districts, a carrying weapons official said.
More in order will follow.

Forces action not against Tamils, reiterates President

Our Forces are not waging a war after that to the Tamil community. It is only a type process to let go them from LTTE terrorists. We are not prepared at all to talk with the LTTE awaiting they lay downward arms, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa at a talk held with foreign and local religious dignitaries at the Temple Trees.
The President said following life form chosen to power for over seven months he did not get any do something following that to the LTTE because he theoretical the LTTE would choose to link the calm plan. The LTTE however, resorted to violence kill without weapons carrying weapons and civilians.
It was the terror unleashed by the LTTE itself that necessitated the caring process. The President cited the agreement with which the Sinhala and Muslim people live with the Tamils in other parts of the country.
"The military which eccentric the East handed over the wheel of power to the occupant establishment" the President stressed.
The religious dignitaries said they had set up an organisation to urge the LTTE to lay down arms and come to the negotiating table.
Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Nayake Thera, members of the Maha Sangha, Rev. Bishop Nobert Andradi, Kurukkal Ramachandra Aiyar, Moulavi M. A. Abdulla, and several members of the clergy and laity from Cambodia, Japan, USA and Norway were present.

Troops heading towards Mullaittivu; LTTE losing terrain daily

Troops of 59 Division on go forward towards LTTE's most strategic commanding base in northeastern coastal belt, Mullaittivu built up, are further consolidating and extending their defences in general area north of Thannimurippukulam and Kumulamunai areas.
According to the military sources, crowd have confronted with LTTE terrorists in north of Thannimurippukulam and north of Andankulam areas behind considerable recompense to the adversary yesterday, 25 November.
In a subsequent look for operation conducted in general area north of Thannimurippukulam, troops establish a body of LTTE cadre killed all through the battle.
Meanwhile, another battle pattern under 59 Division, continued their march additional towards Alampil after capturing Kumulamunai, have gained control over 1 four-sided form Km in day's advances, 25 November, defence sources added.

LTTE terrorists "tricked London Police into allowing pro-terrorist event

London's Evening Standard newspaper exposed that the LTTE terrorist compilation has obtained permission to hold its 'suicide bombers' day occasion by tricking the city Police of London.
A report by journalist Amar Singh said ,"The Metropolitan Police has been tricked by terrorists following allowing an LTTE event to go in front in London, it was claimed today."
The explanation said the permission has been obtained by concealing the real reason of the event.
"But critics claim Thursday's occasion commemorates suicide bombers, is in clear smash of British anti-terror legislation and is run by groups which lift money for the let go Tigers of Tamil Eelam.
"The LTTE is a banned terrorist organisation, also known as the Tigers, whose leader is on Interpol's most wanted list.
"Last year it featured a speech from Prabhakaran broadcast via a satellite connection in which he praised the "vast dedication and sacrifice" of the Black Tigers, the group's suicide contingent.
"Scotland Yard has known the time the go in front this year but officers will be monitoring all speeches with interpreters to ensure British laws are not out of order.
"A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "We have consulted with both the organisers and the centre and an suitable policing sketch will be in place." A spokesman for Sri Lankans Against Terrorism said: "The police have been tricked by the LTTE, who are very brilliant with their propaganda. Would they let an Islamist group to have an occasion on Bin Laden's birthday with a verbal communication from him?"
"A spokesman for the Sri Lankan High Commission said: "The government of Sri Lanka does not hold up this time and has forever spoken its doubts to the establishment concerned."

Sri Lankan war heroes honoured by expatriate community in UK

In what is supposed to be the primary occasion of its type ever under arrest in any country where Sri Lankans live abroad in big numbers, émigré Christians in the UK are investment a Mass of Thanks kind and Remembrance in the Catholic-Christian custom at the Church of St Mary Magdalen, Peter Avenue, Willesden Green, London NW10 on Saturday, 29th November, 2008 at 1.30 p.m., to honour the nostalgia of the fallen heroes in the war next to fear in Sri Lanka.
The Service, which will take place in the presence - and with the active participation - of clergy and members of non-Christian faiths (Buddhist, Hindu and Islam), is being led by the Revd. Father Nimal Ponweera, Chaplain for the Sri Lankan Catholic Community in the Westminster Diocese. He will be assisted by the Revd. Father Tony de Alwis, an Anglican Priest from the Church of England Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham, who will also deliver the homily.
The people attending worship will be led by His Excellency Mr Justice Nihal Jayasinghe, High Commissioner for Sri Lanka in the UK. His Excellency, accompanied by Madame Jayasinghe, will lay a wreath to honour both the homesickness of the war dead and the streamer of three Armed Forces and Police of Sri Lanka which will be laid by the Altar at St Mary's.
The organisers wait for that the church will be filled to ability by public and other dignitaries and by people of all faiths and none who will gather just to say 'thank you' to the brave men and women who laid down their lives in order that the territorial honesty of Sri Lanka may be potted, and her sole identity secured for future generations.

More facilities for Wanni civilians entering cleared areas

The Resettlement and Diaster Relief armed forces Ministry will release Rs. 13 million to the District Secretary Vavuniya for state of release services to those entering Government forbidden areas from uncleared areas of Killinochchi and Mullaitivu, Minister Rishad Bathiudeen said yesterday.
So far, 182 persons have entered Vavuniya from uncleared areas. More people are predictable to approach to Vavuniya. A group has been chosen under the chairmanship of the District Secretary to give allow go to those inward in Vavuniya.
Minister Bathiudeen said the Government has made arrangements to set up wellbeing centres to house them safely. Cooked meals, Dry food, drinking water, electrical energy, physical state and hygiene amenities will too be provided to them, he said.

100 motor vehicles distributed for Police officers

100 official motor vehicles meant for Police Assistant Superintendent Officers were dispersed yesterday (Nov 25) ceremonially at the Ministry of Defence building.
The vehicles were dispersed officially by the Chief Guest, Secretary Defence Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa. The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Air Marshall Donald Perera, Police Chief, Inspector General HAJSK Wickramarathne and a a small number of other older officers of the Police Department were also there at the occasion.
According to the Police Spokesperson, this was the primary time since 19 years that official vehicles were discrete in the middle of the ASPs of the Police department.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Troops withstand stiff terrorist resistance; LTTE flexing last muscles in

Heavy clashes are continuing along the Kilinochchi outer rim since last morning (Nov 23) as the Army infantrymen are increasingly advancing on to the residual LTTE defences in the area, defence sources on the face reveal.
According to the sources, the Army 57 Division (57 Div) and Task Force 1 (TF 1) laid fence to the envoy LTTE stronghold, the Kilinochchi built up on Sunday morning on three frontiers.
The TF1 infantrymen were able to break the LTTE held earth bund around the Kilinochchi built up from the North of Adampan area at three locations. Meanwhile, 57 Div infantrymen launched two separate assaults at the same earth bund at the north of Puthumurippu Kulam and Therumurikandi.
The TF 1 and 57 Div forward units deployed in the Adampan and Puthumurippu Kulam came under huge LTTE counter attack since preceding evening. According to the available in order troops have withstood the terrorist counter assault efficiently and are now consolidating their positions.
According to newest battleground reports 27 soldiers have made their final sacrifice for the motherland while 70 others suffered injuries during the battle. Among the upset 35 have sustained only minor injuries , said the sources. Also, a few other soldiers have not been able to join with their units so far, the sources added.
Meanwhile, intercepted radio transmissions reveal that LTTE terrorists too have suffered serious deaths and casualties in their ineffective counter attack. Over 120 LTTE cadres have been killed and 80 others upset in the Kilinochchi area since Sunday morning.
The 57 Div elements antagonism in the Therumurikandi area have captured about 1.2 Km stretch on the earth bund that runs across the A-9 road. According to the sources, the terrorists are fast withdrawing from their defences. The soldiers have established their place just a few hundred metres short of the A-9 road, right away south of the Kilinochchi built up.
Defence cleverness reveals that LTTE has marshalled their final treasury to the battlefront to save their emblematically significant stranglehold - Kilincochhchi. All senior terrorists leaders have been heard in the radios commanding their cadres to die for the safety of the terror supremo V. Prabhakaran.

INGO crows pecking at sovereignty - Island Editorial

The 'victim industry' was triggered with alarm lately when turned-on the spot lights on some unholy LTTE - INGO affiliations in the non-liberated regions, as considerable evidences surfaced providing petroleum for sensible doubts following the rush of counter-terrorist operations by the military into these distant regions after many years. According to evidences and stories unraveled, the human pain has only well-known into great levels, amidst the area been busy by various INGOs and NGO for decades.
The Island Editorial on Monday(Nov 24), providing precious insights into the 'victim industry' and its bogus 'saviors of peace' , questions the mode of operandi and answerability of such organizations with the circulation of billions of dollars under their bellies. "They poured billions of rupees and enthused hundreds of vehicles into those areas claiming to improve the people's lot. But, where has all the money gone? Dirt tracks and tumbled down buildings stand indication to the fact that INGO and NGO funds did reach anywhere but the grassroots. The billion rupees question is: What were the commendable members of the victim manufacturing doing in that terrain for so long busting so much of money?", the leader questions.
"INGOs and their local lackeys needy on crumbs from the table favor to function in the LTTE held terrain, as behind the so-called iron curtain they don't have to be nervous about accountability etc. Donors have no way of monitoring growth of the projects they fund in the uncleared areas and therefore have to settle for the doctored reports that INGO/NGO bosses file. The LTTE tolerate INGOs/NGOs in areas under its jackboot so long as they toe its line and fraction with its share of the money and materials," the leader further sates.
Full text of the Island Editorial, on 24th November, 2008.
Protests from the whole caboodle of INGOs and NGOs against the Vanni disagreeable and the government's order that they shift to Vavuniya stemmed more from a fear of being bare for their filthy operations than from a genuine anxiety for civilians. Now that more and more areas where many INGOs had been in service for about two decades are being cleared, derogatory proof is developing that they had done valuable little for people. They poured billions of rupees and enthused hundreds of vehicles into those areas claiming to get better the people's lot. But, where has all the money gone? Dirt tracks and tumbled down buildings bear sign to the fact that INGO and NGO funds did reach wherever but the grassroots. The billion rupees question is: What were the worthy members of the injured party industry doing in that terrain for so long busting so much of money?
Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has asked the captains of the victim industry to explain what they had been doing in the Vanni before their recent exit. He has suggested that those clothes, save the UN agencies and the ICRC, be terrified out of the country. One may agree with him but let no effort be made to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
The need is felt more than ever for an effective narrow device to deal with the caring organisations and ensure the clearness of their operations.
INGOs and NGOs, as their godfather in Sri Lanka Kumar Rupasinghe once admitted in a television interview, are not unpaid organisations. They have all the trappings of confidential companies the only difference being that they are non profit ventures, whose financiers do not wait for go backs for their 'investment' in monetary terms. However, they are not devoid of hidden agendas, political or otherwise. Most of them have twist out to be proxies of foreign governments or some organisations.
As much as transnational companies use the global poor, the humanitarian industry exploits the human disaster. How lucrative a business it has become could be seen from the remuneration and perquisite packages of the INGO/NGO workers. In this country, a peace NGO boss has confessed he draws more than one million rupees per month besides perks. With the money spent on that man, it may be argued, an entire village in the conflict zone could be fed for one month! But who cares? What has been his contribution to peace building? Nothing! The same goes for other INGOs and NGOs whose bosses and functionaries shower on themselves huge sums of money by way of salaries for doing just nothing to promote the causes they publicly take up. All that they have to do to prove their existence to their donors is to hire a few people, hold an infrequent protest in the refuge of the city with the help of some media hirelings and submit paper cuttings and video clippings. It looks as if the INGO involvement in Sri Lanka's conflict has known rise to a city based nouveau riche.
INGOs and their local lackeys dependent on crumbs from the table favor to function in the LTTE held terrain, as behind the so-called iron curtain they don't have to worry about answerability etc. Donors have no way of monitoring progress of the projects they fund in the uncleared areas and therefore have to settle for the doctored reports that INGO/NGO bosses file. The LTTE tolerate INGOs/NGOs in areas under its jackboot so long as they toe its line and part with its share of the money and materials. That was how all the building materials-cement, roofing sheets and steel-ended up in the hands of the LTTTE, as could be seen from a large number of unbreakable bunkers detected by the advancing troops in the Vanni. Large stocks of relief items such as food and even life jackets have also been found in LTTE camps.
We don't want to hear from INGO/NGO bosses that they finished their funds on food, education and health care in the LTTE-held areas. For, consecutive governments, whatever their other faults may be, have always looked after those needs of civilians in the uncleared areas. The State is even paying the salaries of public servants the LTTE has forcibly recruited to fight the army! There may be a handful of genuine INGOs/NGOs which did not cheat funds but they, too, have dishonored their image due to their association with the Coffee Club types who have brought the civil society organisations into disgrace.
On the eve of the last SAARC peak in Colombo in August, when the global media notice was on Sri Lanka, the World Food Programme issued a communiqu‚ claiming that about 30 per cent of Sri Lankan families went without food for more than a few days. The world would have fallen for that tale hook, line and sinker but for a opportune rebuttal from the Sri Lankan government confident by a news item in this newspaper on the WFP statement. That is how INGOs make humanitarian situations fit their advertising agenda from side to side media hypes. At least ten INGOs from the EU countries left from Sri Lanka having pledged to build tsunami houses and raised funds for that purpose. Some INGOs are working overtime to get ready the ground for R2P by likening the situation in the Vanni to that in Darfur! TRO was raising funds for the LTTE's war on the pretext of rehabilitation and resettlement.
Some local NGO chiefs are committing a grave crime against Mahatma Gandhi posthumously. They are worse than Godse, who snuffed out the great leader's priceless life. They are trying to project themselves as Mahatma Gandhis of Sri Lanka! We are being treated to various gimmicks including expensive advertising campaigns meant at inspiring them to the same pedestal as Gandhiji. We urge those cardboard Gandhi's to read Gandhi's memoirs-at least the few paragraphs thereof devoted to the handling of public funds-before making a sight of themselves. Gandhiji was a volunteer devoted to a noble cause and he desisted from handling funds because of their corrupting power. But, our copy Gandhis are lining their pockets with funds under their care. They move about in luxury vehicles sporting thick gold chains hugging their rich navels! Whom are they trying to fool? How can asses aspire to be thoroughbred horses?
Besides the embezzlement of funds and the espousal of dubious causes, some INGOs have been trying their hand at forming similar governments in the Global South. Sri Lanka is one of the few countries where any outfit can land and hang out shingle with no questions asked. While the terrorists are beating a quick retreat in the Vanni, INGOs and their local allies are laying siege to the State. Some of them are all out to award pariah rank on Sri Lanka and strip it of the GSP Plus concession. It is not only from radical groups that ruler states have come under threats; INGOs have also proved they are able of gnawing away at national dominion.
It is high time Sri Lanka devised ways and means of controlling INGOs and NGOs overstepping their limits-short of a witch-hunt, of course. A Parliamentary Select Committee was set up amidst show to probe INGOs/NGOs sometime ago. When will it come to an end its probe and make recommendations? Time is running out!

373 suicide bombers have died says LTTE

UK based LTTE fronts have claimed in anticipation of the coming 'suicide bombers day' celebrations planned in London on November 27 that 373 young men and women have died so far as suicide bombers in a so far infertile effort to create a divide state imprinted out of Sri Lanka.
Quoting Kilinochchi sources the LTTE local media said from November 27 1982 to November 20 2008, 274 male suicide bombers and 104 female suicide bombers have died annoying to slice out a divide state in Sri Lanka .
The on foot bombs known as Black Tigers have been used to physical attack without arms civilians like people traveling in buses and trains as well as government installations and carrying weapons convoys. Claimed to be an wisely priced way of waging a war the Black Tigers have caused the bereavement of hundreds of civilians and caused millions worth of possessions damage.
According to skill sources the suicide units of the LTTE terrorists are the most ground-breaking under the world's terror groups and have perfected a strictly better suicide cover with plastic explosives, which has been sold to Middle Eastern suicide groups almost surely for a price.
According to the same sources the suicide bombers or Black Tigers have been trained from previous child soldier units after children being recruited as soldiers. Most of the child soldiers have been in use from homes, schools, temple festivals and even playgrounds by simply kidnapping without the permission of their parents. It has been said brainwashed children make the best military as they are easy to power at tender ages.
The pro-LTTE media basing their statistics from what they claimed as 'suicide bombers Department' in Kilinochchi said the 373 suicide bombers were among 22,390 terrorists who have died in mission for a putative momo-ethnic state between Sri Lanka and India. The future split mono-ethnic state encompasses one third of the Sri Lankan island and two thirds of the Sri Lankan coastline, far improved in relation to their strength in inhabitants. Among those terrorists who were killed 17, 496 were males and 4894 were females, the LTTE full statistics said. These information do not agree with other claims of the deaths of the LTTE terrorists.

TN Police conducts massive search operations for LTTE infiltrators

The Tamil Nadu Police has allegedly busy in a massive search process in pursue of injured terrorists who are supposed to have infiltrated into the Indian shores, evasion the counter-terrorist operations by Sri Lankan armed in the islands Wanni and Northern regions.
Search operations were conducted at Rameshwaran and Ramanathapuram coasts, home for many person in banish camps the sources said. Worries of possible penetration by LTTE terrorists have better than before throughout the past few days, Tamil Nadu police officials were quoted as saying citing reports of empty thread glass boats which were found off Rameshwaran coast.
According to Indian news agencies, a boat with bullet marks was seized at Kambipadu near Dhanushkodi on November 19. The spotting of the unfilled boats is raising concern, an IB official said addition if the LTTE had come by the boats they would have left into the vast stretches of casurina jungle between Pamban and Dhanushkodi.
"It is quite probable they (the LTTE) would have in use the tropical woods way, as they are the only people thorough with the casurina jungle," an official was quoted saying.
Diesel and substance cans and boat engines etc were establish from the jungles some months ago. The official also criticised the Government's move to close the Naval camp at Arichalmunai and said the Navy men at the place used to keep a 24 hour watch on the coast. A CRPF make certain place at the Dhanushkodi had also been closed.
There was only one policeman monitoring the coast in the region, the official said. Meanwhile, the coastguard had deployed one more boat to patrol the south sea. Besides, the Navy had documented a new Forward Observation Post (FOP) at Seeniappa Dharga near Mandapam.
The post, which would have marine commandos and craft, was in adding to a FOP at Mukundarayar Chattiram. But Coastal safety officials want the FOP to be shifted to Arichalmunai, as the there one had proved to be germ-free with the detection of the two deserted boats, the sources extra said.

LTTE fronts to defy UK terrorism laws on 'suicide bombers day'

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a tottering terrorist group future its military fall downward in Sri Lanka will challenge UK anti-terrorism laws to love its suicide violence candidly when it holds its 'suicide bombers day' at the London Excel Centre, according to pro-LTTE media information.
Despite the banning of the collection in the United Kingdom , the Tamil verbal message radio station, global Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) said in its broadcasts that the event would get place at the London ExCeL Centre, November 27 from 10a.m.
London's PR newswire said, "The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), or LTTE, are a forbidden terrorist organisation in the UK under the 2000 Terrorism Act. Membership of the LTTE, fundraising for the group and encouraging support for them are all prohibited in the UK. For the LTTE and its group, the 27th November is 'suicide bombers day'.
Past suicide missions are honestly respected and Prabhakaran, the chief of the LTTE, addresses crowds in many countries via video link-up to lift money and global hold up for the group."
The PR newswire added, "Holding a public pro-terrorist occasion in the UK is next to the law under both the Terrorism Act 2000 (for behind a forbidden organisation) and the 2006 Act (for glorification of terrorism)."
pregnant fundraising also related to the event the newswire said, "40 percent of LTTE financial support comes from UK sources. Despite this, the government's put towards the LTTE and its compilation lacks faithfulness. The ExCeL Centre drew 3,000 group in 2007, and 8,000 the year previous to when LTTE supporters from about Europe gathered at a free time centre in Harrow. The 'suicide bombers day' 2007 was filmed by the city Police, but it was not investigated further.
Tharisanam TV, a pro-LTTE London-based resolution TV station, was stopped up up down in June 2008. Yet, Thendral TV, set up in July 2008, now broadcasts pro-LTTE material across the UK."
An open video message this year from Prabhakaran - currently wanted for terrorism offences by Interpol - would raise grave questions over the government's ability to put into consequence UK terrorism laws.
"The Centre for Social Cohesion believes it is intensely worrying that fundraisers for a prohibited terrorist organisation can function in the UK with impunity. Whether it's the LTTE or the great group Al Ghurabaa, the government needs to show faithfulness in its enforcement of the Terrorism Acts."

50 more civilians seek protection with security forces - Vavuniya

Exodus of civilians from non-liberated areas at Mullaittivu continued as 50 more civilians have reportedly comfortable at the Omanthai Entry/Exit point looking for defense with security forces, Sunday between 12p.m., and 6 p.m.
According to Army sources in Vavuniya, the civilians were from Nedunkerni, Sinna Adampan and Kanakaraynakulama areas. Many civilians were from the Kanakarayankulama area situated between Mankulama and Puliyankulama along the A-9 trunk road. 21 men, 14 women, 7 boys and 8 girls had sought protection fleeing from LTTE following uppermost hardships endured under the LTTE power, safety sources said.
They had made their way on foot transport only a handful of belongings fearing LTTE death squads, who were said positioned to stall the civilians arrival towards Omanthai. One old woman had also made the long trip on control and this itself underline the dilemma of many others who are held locked up by the LTTE. "We want freedom, we want our lives back and the organization (LTTE) is ongoing to take our lives absent counting our loved ones", a woman was cited as saying by our journalist at Omanthai.
According to latest figures, 211 civilians had fled from LTTE and sought defense with security forces since Friday (Nov 21).

Army lays siege to Kilinochchi; LTTE defences fast falling apart

Sri Lanka Army unpleasant divisions in the Wanni theatre of operations are now marching towards the Kilinochchi built up in three frontiers, defence sources in the battleground said. Army Task Force 1 and 57 Division have launched attacks at the LTTE held earth bund built around Kilinochchi outer edge.
According to the latest reports from the battlefront, tending battles are going on in the North of Adampan, South of Adampan and Therumurikandi areas since shut to the beginning this morning (Nov 23).
Army Task Force 1 launched a predawn disagreeable targeting LTTE defence in the North of Admapan area. Infantrymen of 17 Gamunu Watch (17 GW), 12 Gajaba Regiment (12 GR), and 8 Sinha Regiment (8 SR) have been able to capture LTTE strongholds on the earth bund at three locations after irresistible stiff argument Troops are now consolidating their positions. Intercepted radio transmissions have long-established heavy compensation to the terrorists during these clashes.
Meanwhile, Army 57 separation troops are now antagonism the terrorists in the nearby area of the LTTE held earth bund in the Admapan area. According to the sources, LTTE defence in the area are fast decrease incoherently. Troops of 12 SR, and 9 GR are busy in the battle.
In the North of Kokavil area , troops of 8 Sri Lanka Light Infantry (8 SLLI), and 10 SLLI are now advancing towards the A-9 road . The newest information from the front make known that troops are hostility in close proximity to the LTTE held earth bund built across the A-9 road in the Therumurikandi area. Also, in order add that the terrorist have in use to their heels in the face of army advance.
More information will follow...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

LTTE terrorists could become a transnational criminal empire says Canadian paper

John C. Thompson, the President of the Mackenzie Institute in Toronto, Canda, said in a research paper that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) after its possible military beat at the hands of the Sri Lanka Army could morph into a major trans-national criminal country and all those countries who allowed them to function could now pay a high price for having done so.
The Mackenzie document said, "Considering the origins of the LTTE and main basis of funding for the last 25 years, much of their international equipment could very easily morph into a major trans-national criminal empire. For Sri Lankans, there might be some perverse soothe in this - all those nations that let the Tigers operate somewhat freely for many years will now pay a higher price for having done so."
The paper further said, "Ironically, the end of the Tiger insurgency in Sri Lanka might well strengthen their hold on Diaspora communities."
The paper focusing on what could come following the military defeat of the Tigers said, the organized criminal territory of the LTTE among the Diaspora communities has been carefully listening carefully on supporting the Tigers on Sri Lanka. " Police officers in Western Europe, Canada and Australia who monitor Tamil organized crime have seen little sign of pro-Tiger community leaders living the high life usually linked with prearranged crime leaders. But narcotics, "War-Taxes", smuggling, and other enterprises generate a lot of money and disburse for the Tiger's political apparatus. Those activists are unlikely to want to seek honest work."
The report declared , that first, the hit of their rebel forces and the loss of their refuge areas strength not end the violence. There will always be room for a conventional terrorist movement until the look of a new opportunity to create guerrilla units. As usual, their first focus might carry on to be the elimination of frank Tamils who feel the best hope for their people lies within the law and the Sri Lankan political system.
Declaring that LTTE might not say publicly a dignified defeat the report said, "Instead the Tigers appear to be about to retreat into the comforting myth of a religious victory as an alternative to a physical defeat."
The report further said, "On November 27th, 2008, the Tiger apparatus abroad is expected to rejoice their movement's "Heroes Day". Prabahakaran will probably bring his usual radio address. It might be via an audiotape this time lest an Air Force smart bomb has his name chalked on the covering if he shows up at a radio station. There is going to be another change to the LTTE's usual observances. The word is already circulating through the leadership of the Diaspora that this year's Heroes Day theme is to be "Our land might be taken, but our aspiration cannot be defeated."
With certainty the paper predicted, " Now, after decades of warfare, the 25-year old Tiger rebel force is facing defeat, and what comes next may make known even more of the character of the movement behind them."
On the ominous future of the LTTE leader Prabhakaran the report said, "As a enigmatic man with a cautiously crafted persona, a quasi-public life with limits on his group will almost certainly not be to his taste. Staying in Sri Lanka, however, would mean dodging from refuge to refuge with a designated task-force hunting him; and there might only be one ending to that story."
The report said, "After 25 years, the Sri Lankan military has the tools; technology and management it needs to finally defeat the LTTE's guerrilla forces. Sanctuary areas on the Island that have extended been held by the Tigers have fallen. The Tigers' famous bunker complexes in the jungle have been bare by new sensor systems and blasted open by smart bombs. The unofficial LTTE capital, the town of Killinochchi- not withstanding claims that it is a "Tamil Stalingrad" could soon fall; and whole areas of Sri Lanka have been free of LTTE attacks for months."
The account added, "There are threatening signs that the Tiger management recognizes that the writing is on the wall for their guerrilla forces in the field and the sanctuary areas they have long held."
But in a warning to the Canadians the report said, "As for the Canadian government, if the Tamils who at home here from Sri Lanka are ever to be Canadians quite than Tiger supporters in exile, then the power of the LTTE's fronts will have to be broken. Moreover, given the international diversity of our prearranged criminal societies"

"Those who belittle army is an insult to the nation" says Army Commander

Sri Lanka Army Commander Lt. General Sarath Fonseka , emotional the factions who are disparagement the achievements of the soldiers as adding affront to the whole nation.
Lt. General Fonseka was being interviewed by the 'Thulawa program' of the Self-Governing Television Network (ITN) in Colombo on 19th November
vocation such statements made without evaluating the great achievements by the soldiers could only be made by a trick the army leader said, " even if the country kept the army to protect the people from terrorism without the war they would use the same amount of cash to feed and uphold the army."
Earlier, some pro-LTTE factions had played down the achievements of the military as an delusion and a waste of money.
Similar, criticisms were also drawn from these doomsayers when the army over ran LTTE's Thoppigala barracks calling the area only a jungle in the Eastern Province. The security forces have captured LTTE's Western coast give point Pooneryn and a part of the A9, cornering LTTE to Kilinochichi and Mullaittivu jungles.
Lt. General Sarath Fonseka in his Thulawa interview further said , "The Army needs to buy weapons to eliminate the terrorists. It is stupid to make such calculations. It is a picture wrought by a fool who cannot understand the reality. There are certain armies in the world that have not fought for even 10 years and not killed a single terrorist. Armies do not earn any income. It is rude for a politician or an intellectual to make deceptive statements due to their ease in English. Results of the achievements should be in use into consideration."
The Army commander said some politicians make such statements thinking the normal civilians are fools. But they cannot be misled, he opined.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Commander congratulates his Pooneryn & Wanni heroes

On the heels of Army gains over Pooneryn, Mankulam, Kokavil and somewhere else in the Wanni theater of humanitarian operations, Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka Friday (21) morning flew to Security Forces head office Wanni (SFHQ-W) to offer his abundant gratitude and commendation to the heroic troopsanswerable for consecutive military achievements.
Lieutenant General Fonseka at the beginning of the chat at the security Forces Headquarters, Wanni congratulated all the Commanders of own Divisions, Brigades and other Formations on their achievements, first and foremost complete in Pooneryn, enabling re-gap of the A-32 land way shortly to Jaffna peninsula.
Paying a special compliment to those ground troops, Commander reminded the importance of Pooneryn and told his officers that Army Engineer troops have by now moved into the A-32 Highway areas for urgent overhaul work in consultation with other condition agencies
Lieutenant General Fonseka, on being knowledgeable of the influx of thirty-nine Tamil civilians in Omanthe, just a few hours before his entry into SFHQ-W inquired about arrangements in place to take delivery of those escapees coming from un-cleared areas. Resumption of ICRC duties on Friday (21) at Omanthe Entry/Exit point, Conduct of prospect tradition permission procedures, way of UN and Government food convoys into un-cleared areas, proceedings need to be taken to stop possible penetration of Tiger terrorists and their proxies into unfilled areas, future Wanni offensives, etc were among many other matters of military meaning that were taken up during this meeting after the visiting Commander received briefings from ground commanders there at the meeting.
Lieutenant General Fonseka also spelt out proceedings that should be adopted harshly to zero occupant wounded in the future offensives, too without send-off any room for the adversary to exploit in any possibility.
Major General J.C Rambukpotha, acting Commander SFHQ-W received the Commander and his outside on influx at the Wanni airstrip. Major General Rambukpotha at the beginning of the gathering presented an in general clarification of the security state of relationships in the entire Wanni.

Friday, November 21, 2008

3 LTTE bunkers overrun, 2 terrorist bodies recovered- Kilinochchi

The three frontal military assaults at the central Kilinochchi battlefront led by troops of the 57 Division and Task Force 3 entered important phase at troops met argument from LTTE, North of Kokavil, Murunkandy and North of Akkarayankulama, Thursday (Nov 20).
Meanwhile, forward power rudiments of the 57 Division in service in general area Murunkandy have gained control over 3 LTTE bunker overheads after hours of intense fighting in the area, security sources said. Troops have too found 2 T-56 physical attack rifles following a argument with LTTE in general area North of Kokavil. Further dominations sustained North of Akkarayankulama with violent hostility reported closer to the LTTE built earth bund surrounding Kilinochchi. In general area Mankulama, TF 3 troops now consolidating defences came across an LTTE small arms fire yesterday (20), which was correct away thwarted as troops claimed getting better 2 LTTE bodies and 3 T-56 assault rifles during following search operations conducted.
The Task Force 1 troops now advancing along the B-69 Pooneryn-Paranthan road have supposedly gained run over a make better of the main road and located about 14km to the LTTE's Paranthan terror stronghold.

Task Force 1 captures LTTE Airstrip – Pooneryn

Task Force 1 now marching towards Paranthan LTTE stranglehold has captured one of the LTTE airstrips situated in the Nivil area, Pooneryn this afternoon (Nov 20).
According to the defence sources in the filed, the airstrip is about 200m in distance end to end. The terrorists have demarcated a make improved of the B-69 Pooneryn-Parantan main road, which is also hypothetical to be used as an crisis hall narrow part by the LTTE, military sources said. Troops have recognized their forward limits about 14 km west from Paranthan and busy in clearing operations at present, the sources added.
The LTTE terrorists are the first terror group to procure airpower introducing a new measurement to the global terrorist warfare.

Convoy streamlined at Omanthai: loading completed

A group with necessary items and foodstuff to people in the non-liberated areas were sleek at the Omanthai Entry/Exit point today (Nov 20).
The convoy consisting 44 lorries of the WFP and 20 other government lorries counting 6 oil bowsers have finished loading and sleek with essential stocks to be dispatched to the Mullaittivu and Kilinochchi districts.
Meanwhile, refuting LTTE propaganda allegations officials at Omanthai confirmed that 3 ambulances from non-liberated Mullaittivu district have crossed over to Vavuniya yesterday, while 18 corpses of terrorists were also sent to LTTE through the ICRC at Omanthai.
The government has maintained incessant provide of essential items, food and medicine to the Wanni districts with harmonization of the ICRC and UN despite ineffective attempts total by the LTTE, a military official at Omanthai said.
On 16th October 2008, LTTE terrorists launched an haphazard weaponry and heavy mortar assault at a UN food group consisting of 50 lorries at Puliyankulama, along the A-9 trunk road. According to officials at Omanthai, LTTE terrorists have continuously attempted to limit flow of essentials to the Wanni people in its effort to sketch a kind catastrophe in the area.

Army goes offensive at Northern FDL; terrorists to lose their first line of defence

Sri Lanka Army newest unpleasant elements 53 and 55 divisions are now in the procedure of consolidating their positions on the recently captured LTTE's first line of defence at the Northern theatre of operations, say the defence sources.
According to the sources, troops of 53 division are now between up the captured terror bunkers in the Kilaly area, South of A-9 road while the 55 division soldiers are engaged in clearing operations in the Muhamalai forward area, North of the A-9.
Army shifted its mode of operations from energetic defence to all out offence in the Northern theatre on Saturday (Nov 15) by running at the LTTE's forward defence lines (FDL) in Muhamalai and Kilaly . Heavy clashes prevailed in the areas for 5 successive days , as the terrorists made a frantic effort to halt the army go forward.
55 division scored the first success achieving the full power of the LTTE defence line at Muhamalai on Tuesday (Nov 18). Meanwhile, 53 division military were able to capture a big part of the LTTE bunkers in the Kilaly area by Wednesday evening (Nov 19).
Intercepted means of communication broadcast in order revealed serious toll of death and wounded to the terrorists all through these clashes. Also, Army confirmed destruction of 4 ad hoc mortar weapons of the terrorists known as "Pasilan" and "Baba" mortars. Terrorist leaders, Theepan, Muhundan and Jerry were heard making ineffective calls for their onward rudiments to hold their positions. However, Theepan and Jerry themselves were recognized to have fled the area as soon as their forward elements empty the first line. According to the latest information , Theepan have returned to the plays and threatening LTTE cadres in the front not to withdraw any further.
Army maintained lively defence in the area during last a small figure of years ill at ease all LTTE attempts at Jaffna peninsula. The coldness between Army FDL and the LTTE's was just 500m before the operations commenced. Now, troops have enclosed this stretch and title additional Southwards.