Thursday, November 27, 2008

At least 100 killed, many injured in terror attacks - Mumbai

At least 100 people have been killed and twice as many reported distress as terror attacks struck in 10 places across the Indian financial capital Mumbai, since last night (Nov 26). in the meantime, Indian news agencies reported that 100 more people are held imprisoned by the terrorists at Taj and Trident hotels in Mumbai.
At least 5 terrorists have been killed and 9 suspects under arrest so far during the anti-terrorist operations conducted by the Indian security forces and Police. Also, the latest media information reveal that 14 police officers including the Mumbai, anti-terrorist collection Chief and 9 foreigners have been killed.
A little known terror outfit "Deccan Mujahideen" has claimed blame for the attacks. Anti-terrorist operations are continuing as Indian security forces take on the formidable mission to save the lives of the people attentive as its remains a daunting job to isolate the innocents from the terrorists.
Meanwhile, a senior defence observer speaking to expressed his concerns over the evolvement of another terrorist group in the region similar to the LTTE in brutality. He said that world's be short of of knowledge of the factual natural world of terrorist groups such as the LTTE has given them the liberty to expand and share new tactics in terrorist warfare.
"No one can expect that an power of a terrorist group will confine to one country, it will increase as the terrorist groups copy and modify tactics used by each other", he said.
"This is why the world should help countries who fight against terrorism. We Sri Lankans have been pain from terrorist threat for decades. Yet, there are some countries act sympathizing to the terrorists groups that kill citizens of countries like ours" , he added.
Commenting on the Mumbai terrorist attack he said that there is a strong similarity between the plans used by the LTTE and the Indian terror group.
" The LTTE has trained many tactics to the overseas terrorist groups . They are the first terror group to introduce suicide bombers, the first group to connect in seaborne attacks, the first to obtain air capability", he said.
"The world can learn why a terrorists group must not be tolerated in any where in the world with Sri Lankan knowledge. The Mumbai assault reconfirms that terrorism is the most danger to the human civilizations" he finished.

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