Sunday, November 2, 2008

Counter terrorists operations continue: LTTE suffers heavy beating at Wanni fronts

Troops of the Task Force-1, plunged into an LTTE harbouring place located Northwest of Madam, today(Nov 2) forcing terrorists to flee additional towards Pooneryn. The military physical physical attack comes within hours following the terrorists were a lot solid off from universal area Paddaruyalvillu, in the western Kilinochchi battlefront on Saturday(1).
The combined amour and infantry assault has caused serious injured to LTTE, military sources said. The antagonism lasted for several hours since near the beginning this morning, which has left a lot of terrorists killed and as many others injured, earth troops confirmed. Troops have better 2 LTTE bodies, a T-56 physical attack riffle and an I-com set all through following search operations conducted in the area. Arrangements are existence form made to give up the deceased bodies of LTTE to the ICRC, military said.
Also, Army snipers deployed in general area Arasakulama, have in use more than a few winning targets today, sources said. Troops are on pursuit of the terrorists who fled additional northwestward from the A-32 main road in total bewilderment military said, addition that safety armed forces are now engaged in payment and nearby areas of Madam.
Meanwhile, 57 Division troops ongoing oppose terrorist operations North of Akkarayankulama area in Kilinochchi, launched more than a few offensives at LTTE positions supposedly inflicting serious damages to the LTTE. Fighting at the battlefront has now shifted further into the Akkarayankulama built-up, approximately 3km North of the Akkarayankulama Tank bund.
Army snipers have also taken opponent targets in general area Theramurikandy, east of Akkarayankulama, military said.

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