Monday, November 24, 2008

Army lays siege to Kilinochchi; LTTE defences fast falling apart

Sri Lanka Army unpleasant divisions in the Wanni theatre of operations are now marching towards the Kilinochchi built up in three frontiers, defence sources in the battleground said. Army Task Force 1 and 57 Division have launched attacks at the LTTE held earth bund built around Kilinochchi outer edge.
According to the latest reports from the battlefront, tending battles are going on in the North of Adampan, South of Adampan and Therumurikandi areas since shut to the beginning this morning (Nov 23).
Army Task Force 1 launched a predawn disagreeable targeting LTTE defence in the North of Admapan area. Infantrymen of 17 Gamunu Watch (17 GW), 12 Gajaba Regiment (12 GR), and 8 Sinha Regiment (8 SR) have been able to capture LTTE strongholds on the earth bund at three locations after irresistible stiff argument Troops are now consolidating their positions. Intercepted radio transmissions have long-established heavy compensation to the terrorists during these clashes.
Meanwhile, Army 57 separation troops are now antagonism the terrorists in the nearby area of the LTTE held earth bund in the Admapan area. According to the sources, LTTE defence in the area are fast decrease incoherently. Troops of 12 SR, and 9 GR are busy in the battle.
In the North of Kokavil area , troops of 8 Sri Lanka Light Infantry (8 SLLI), and 10 SLLI are now advancing towards the A-9 road . The newest information from the front make known that troops are hostility in close proximity to the LTTE held earth bund built across the A-9 road in the Therumurikandi area. Also, in order add that the terrorist have in use to their heels in the face of army advance.
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