Saturday, November 8, 2008

Troops pound LTTE resistance at Wanni fronts

The military advances into LTTE under enemy control territory on 3 fronts towards Pooneryn, Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu areas in the western, middle and eastern Wanni theatres have gained impetus throughout the past a small number of weeks with LTTE pain a grave toll of deaths and casualties. According to military, hostility sustained in the borders of Kotklivilly and Nawaladi along the A-32 main road, yesterday (Nov 7).
The troops of the Task Force 1, have allegedly liberated vast tracts from LTTE the length of the western shore and now located within arresting coldness to Pooneryn , Sempankundu and Nallur LTTE fortifications. Air Force MI-24 gunships also continued as long as close in air fight hold up to the advancing TF-1 infantrymen and armour battalions with nonstop air assaults at documented LTTE strong points and intensification gatherings in the areas. Troops are forcing LTTE to run away in total confusion as the military hurry carry on with bodily powerful power of brain to let go the intentionally significant 90km coastal stretch addition one more pin to the LTTE's coffin.
Meantime, troops of the 57 Division now operating North of the lately unconventional Akkarayankulam built-up have made additional advances towards Kilinochchi dismantling several LTTE be in resistance to attacks yesterday, military sources said.
Desperate efforts to reinforce by LTTE were brought to stop the progress of with rapid fire assaults launched by the 57 Division infantry battalions, military said.

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