Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya pays tribute to Sinha regiment war heroes

Sri Lanka Army Sinha Regiment (SLSR) commemorated War Heroes who sacrificed their life for the Motherland. Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya the Commander of Sri Lanka Army attended the time as the leader Guest.
The Army Commander was welcomed by the Regimental Commander of the Sinha division Major General D.R.A.B. Jayathilake and was accorded a guard produce and a guard of honour by the officers and soldiers of the division
It was followed by a floral compliment to the SLSR Monument in commemoration of SLSR War Heroes. replacement General Jagath Jayasuriya and Mrs. Jayasuriya placed floral wreaths and paid their tribute. The Senior Officers, officers, other ranks and relations members of the fallen War Heroes followed them.
Afterwards Lieutenant General Jayasuriya read out a communication sent by Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa the Secretary of Defence for the time. The Army Commander used that chance to share a pair of views with the family members of War Heroes there
Towards the end of the days programme Lieutenant General Jayasuriya planted a tree sapling in the SLSR building as the token of reminiscence The Army Commander also laid a base stone for a new SLSR museum structure and declared opened the new residential accommodation for SLSR soldiers.
Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya and Mrs. Manjulika Jayasuriya, President Seva Vanitha Army Branch (SVAB) later on distributed learnings among children of War Hero families. Commander interacted with several press and answered questions connected to wellbeing of War Heroes.

All restrictions on A9 highway lifted

The government has lifted all restrictions imposed on civilian travel on the A9 street enabling citizens to travel freely to and from Jaffna and additional parts of the country.
"Any citizen can now journey on the A9 Road using either private transport or public transport with no restrictions whatsoever," Senior Presidential Advisor, M.P. and Chairman of the Presidential Task Force for Northern Development Basil Rajapaksa said.
Accordingly civilians can travel to and from Vavuniya and Jaffna between 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. With the forthcoming Christmas and New Year holidays people could visit their relations in Jaffna, Rajapaksa said.On a special instruction from President Mahinda Rajapaksa the A9 Road was opened for the community on November 13, enabling the transport of merchandise to and from Jaffna. Initially travel was allowed on a special permits issued by the Ministry of Defence, Law and Order. With improvements in newly liberated areas the Government tranquil the limits imposed on civilians.
On March 02, 2009, almost after 24 years, the Government officially re-opened the A9 Road to convey services of Security armed forces. Even though the 2002 truce provided for unarmed troop transport through the LTTE-dominated areas on the A9 Road, the Government and the safety Forces decided not to use that ability considering the risks involved. though with the complete liberation of the A9 Road and the North, the Sri Lanka Army is now able to securely transport unarmed and transport weapons men as well as material via A9 road passing Medawachchiya.
The A9 Road was for the time being opened following the Ceasefire agreement but the LTTE maintained road barriers and checkpoints and charged high duty from the public who used the road. The road was completely closed in August 2006 due to LTTE attacks.
Courtesy : Sunday Observer

Monday, December 14, 2009

Housing project for resettled people with Swiss aid

The Swiss government has agreed to grant financial support for construction of accommodation system for resettled families in Chavakachcheri in Jaffna.
The Swiss government will provide 1.25 million USD (approximately Rs. 140 million) as agreed upon to the administration of Sri Lanka. The progamme will be launched in the start of year 2010 and expected to complete by the end of same year. The government also expects to carry on with the programme more broadly dispersal into other regions with international aids.
Several housing schemes will be constructed in Thenmarachchi D. S. Division and Maravanpulo village as the first phase of the scheme and the project will be implemented by the Swiss Development Cooperation
Earlier, the Government of Switzerland had granted assistance to the Government of Sri Lanka to rebuild houses in Matara and Trincomalee districts where had been badly affected by the Tsunami tragedy
A memo of understanding for Housing building scheme in Jaffna district was signed between the governments at the Ministry of money and Planning. Dr. P. B. Jayasundera desk to the Ministry of Finance and Planning and W. K. K. Kumarasiri, Secretary to the Ministry of Nation Building- and communications Development represented the Sri Lanka while the Government of Switzerland represented by Ruth Flint Ambassador of Switzerland signed the agreement.

Pavatkulam to be rehabilitated

The re-awakening project launched under the Nation Building and Estate communications Development Ministry has taken the plan to rehabilitate Pavatkulam in the Vavuniya region at a cost of Rs 50 million with World Bank financial help
Project Director P. H. Sugathadasa said this is a major irrigation system in the Vavuniya district with a ability of 27,000 acre feet. It will give irrigation facilities for in excess of 4,134 acres of paddy land in the area.
The rehabilitation of this tank had been neglected for a long era due to the war situation in the region for the past three decades. Canals, wash and the dam tank's have been injured due to the non-implementation of treatment work for a long period, sources said.
The tank will be re-constructed under the ongoing treatment process.
Over 3,300 families in the Vavuniya district will benefit with the conclusion of this scheme
Courtesy : Daily News

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

US welcomes IDP resettlement

The United States welcomes the Government's progress in the resettlement procedure, US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs and former US diplomat for Sri Lanka, Robert Blake said the past
He emphasized that his in general assessment of his visits to Menik Farm and the demining areas in Mannar, was that the current situation was very pleasant
"The United States," he stated, "welcomes the recent development by the Government of Sri Lanka to return a bulk of these Sri Lankans home and allow increased freedom of movement to persons still in camp."
The former Ambassador visited Menik Farm the preceding morning, as well as demining areas in Mannar. He had also called on President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Foreign Affairs Minister Rohitha Bogollagama and more than a few other leaders.
Talking about the upcoming presidential elections, Blake said the USA did not take sides in elections in other countries.
He said he was confident relations between the US and Sri Lanka would grow no substance which candidate was winning. His country's hope is that the Government and the Opposition would work together to develop a consensus on power distribution preparations to be implemented to ensure that all Sri Lankans can participate in the democratic process and that democratic system could be restored in Northern Sri Lanka.
Answering questions Blake stated that he wouldn't say that the US held a challenging attitude towards Sri Lanka.
He noted that the US was Sri Lanka's most important trade partner, purchasing one quarter of Sri Lanka's exports.
He said his country was ready to carry on help in demining and reconstruction, with $6.6 million by now contributed towards the demining procedure.
Courtesy - Daily news

Wrong decisions blocked victory - President

Unveils victory monument:
President visits scene of final battles:
Govt withstood foreign pressure:
Although our heroic war heroes nobly marched forward in the battle front in the history they were unable to release the motherland from violence due to the wrong decisions taken by the politicians who ruled the state then, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Puthukuduyiruppu yesterday.
The President was speaking after unveiling a monument to blot the victory over terrorism at Puthukuduyiruppu.
This was the first time a head of State visited Puthukuduyiruppu which was the sight of the decisive and final phase of the humanitarian process which beaten terrorism in this state
The President said when the war heroes were taking on the terrorists in the battle front, the Government ably faced and withstood all overseas and restricted pressures exerted to halt their operations on behalf of the war heroes without allowing them to face it. A significant feature of yesterday's event was the presence of all military commanders who participated in the last operation of the Security Forces in the Vanni battlefield.
The tombstone is erected in the centre of the Puthukuduyiruppu tank. The waters of the tank surrounding it signified the sea
The Nil Manel flowers blooming in the tank depict the Sri Lankan nation. Stone pillars at the foot of the monument signify the Motherland and the lion images in its four corners portray the war heroes.
The national flag in the tombstone depicted the country's freedom and sovereignty and the dove picture depicts the dawn of freedom.
desk to the President Lalith Weerathunge, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Chief of Defence Staff and Air Force Commander Air Chief Marshal Roshan Goonethilake, Army Commander Lt. General Jagath Jayasuriya, Navy Commander back Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe, Inspector General of Police Mahinda Balasuriya, Mullaitivu Commander Major General Nandana Udawatte, Vanni Commander Major General Kamal Gooneratne, Commander of the 53 Division Major General Chagi Gallage and several war heroes were present.
Courtesy - Daily news
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Canadian Defence Advisor calls on the Acting CDS

The Canadian Defence consultant Calls on the drama CDS The Canadian Defence Advisor, Colonel Richard Ryder Burbidge paid a visit to Air Force head office this day (08 December 2009) and met with the leader of the Air power and Acting Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Roshan Goonetileke.
Official plaques and pleasantries were exchanged between the two at this occasion.

Welfare of war heroes is our paramount concern - Defence Secretary

Defence Secretary Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa said that the administration has rendered a major payment towards the welfare of war heroes during the last four existence and the government aims to give a house for every war hero.
The Secretary made these comments participating as the chief guest at a purpose of the Ranaviru Seva power yesterday, Dec 08 at BMICH.
Speaking to the participants he said, "When I took over the place of work as the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence in November 2005, I had to face a lot of challenges, and looking following of welfare of war heroes also considered as one of my priorities."
He further said that the welfare programme was implemented since the open of the humanitarian operation and so far 32,000 war heroes have been granted the amenities to build houses. Under the concept of "a house for every war hero" the Defence Ministry has constructed a fully-fledged city for war heroes in Ipalogama, Anuradapura, which consists of 1500 houses and there are 700 houses residual and will be distributed in the middle of the neediest armed workers, he said.
"President Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Commander in leader of armed forces, instructed me to seek for permanent solutions for all the matters of war heroes in its place of going for temporary solutions" he added.
Further the desk Defence went on to explain that happiness and education of children of war heroes is my highest concern and keeping that in brain, we built Defence school in Colombo with all facilities for the advantage of the children of carrying weapons workers and Police. The government expects to build eight additional schools in the same principles in each region, he said.

Jaffna re-settlement complete

All the displaced people in the Jaffna district have been re-settled and out of 272,751 inside displaced persons lived in welfare camps 144,846 were re-settled, paper over 15,000 persons are recurring from camps to their family villages, Northern region Governor Major General G.A Chandrasiri said.
These people have been re-settled in cleared areas free from landmines. Each family has been provided Rs 5,000 to purchase basic supplies
In adding to this, a bank deposit of Rs 45,000 has also been granted for each relations, he said. Every family has been provided roofing sheets, cement, squatting pans, kitchen utensils, clothes, foodstuff for one week and dry rations for one month.
Seven government and non-governmental agencies were engaged in clearance of ground mines. They have cleared over 529,943,309 square kilometres and the rest will be cleared as quickly as likely, he said.
Awareness programs on how to protect from land mines have too been launched in par with the re-settlement program.
Houses that had been completely destroyed will be provided Rs 325,000 on long word foundation
Families who are busy in agriculture will be provided two bushels of seed paddy per acre up to four acres along with manure free.
The government will also assist farmers in preparation of land, fencing and cultivation, he said.
Other seeds required by farmers will also be provided and over 20,500 kilos of seed paddy have been distributed among farmers in the North.
The government has set a target to farm 10,500 acres of paddy in the North in this season, he said.
Courtesy: Daily News

Govt committed to war heroes' welfare - President

In the past attitude of society towards war heroes, members of the Armed Forces was not positive but today the Government is dedicated to their welfare as well as the happiness of their families and children, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said.
The President made this observation after opening the newly-built baths and the common amenities structure at the Defence College, Malay Street, Colombo 2 yesterday.
He said there were some people who had said it was easy for any trick to carry a gun and fight a war but it was the brave war heroes who liberated the state from bloody terrorists so that our brood could live freely and help build a united nation. Therefore, the Government is duty bound towards them.
Information Technology was obtainable in the past to less than five percent of our schoolchildren but today with the introduction of the Nenasala program to country areas IT information had reached to 32 percent of our schoolchildren.
"We have provided IT learning facility to 3,600 schools as I believe that we be supposed to empower our children from their very young days with IT skills," the President noted.
We are aware that the members of the Armed Forces or Police could not find the time to visit schools of their children due to their duties. Most of their time was dedicated for their duties though it was significant for parents to monitor the development of their children, the President said.
Education and education would be completed if there were sports education and other extra curricular activities in schools for children so that their atmosphere would be a total one.
It was equally important that children and parents were close to one another. Therefore, we are determined to build a society where such an ambiance exists," he said.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rs 1,500 m to develop Vavuniya Bandula Seneviratne Vavuniya North Group Corr.

Vavuniya is to be developed as a modern fully equipped city by the Urban growth and Sacred Area Development Ministry. The proposed City Development Plan was unveiled at a agreement signing rite held under the support of Minister Dinesh Gunawardena at the Vavuniya Kachcheri yesterday.
The government has allocated Rs. 1,500 million for the first stage of the City Development Plan which would comprise the building of communications and other amenities including roads, markets, sports grounds, swimming pools and holiday resorts. Rehabilitation of reservoirs will also be undertaken to make them more good-looking and useful
Minister Gunawardane who later handed over the City Development Plan to Vavuniya UC Chairman S. Nathan said the President and his administration had given top main anxiety for the development of Vavuniya as a modern and attractive city which could add towards the nation transformation attempt
The Minister and his communal gathering later visited the historic Sri Dalada Viharaya at Madukanda in Vavuniya to contribute in religious observances and inspect the development of the viharaya protection work. Urban growth Minister Rohana Dissanayake, Parliamentarians S. Kishoe and Sivashakthi Anandan and Vavuniya GA, P.S.M. Charles were also there on the occasion.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Resettlement of IDPs; Two-thirds complete

A total of 169,938 Internally Displaced Persons have been resettled in their native seats within a short era providing them the length of with the provision of health, shelter, sanitary, education co-operative, water, electricity and other facilities in their villages, Disaster Management and Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe said.
"As a consequence of the speedy resettlement program the number of IDPs in welfare villages has come downward to 112,062 from 282,000," the Minister told a media briefing.
The Minister said that the administration has obviously shown the promise to resettle the IDPs as quickly as likely.
The relocation program for IDPs is in full swing achieving its set goals well inside the expected time border.
This might be a record for resettling IDPs. Most almost certainly by December 31 the administration will resettle a large number of IDPs out of the residual or else complete resettlement behavior, Minister Samarasinghe added.
At present 105,664 IDPs are in Vavuniya, 1,738 IDPs in Jaffna, 2,298 IDPs in Trincomalee. Approximately 2,360 IDPs are receiving action in several hospitals. A sum number of 112,062 IDPs are yet to be resettled.
However, the resettlement process in a way depend on the on-going de-mining behavior The Government has by now put into operation 24 de-mining machines. It purchased 19 de-mining machines out of 24 while the UN has offered five machines.
In de-mining activities main concern has been given to public roads, ordinary places and villages earmarked for speedy resettlement.
Accordingly, public places, villages and many roads counting A9, A32 roads and railway tracks are now free from land mines.
On the recommendation of President Mahinda Rajapaksa the Government has taken action to funding the IDPs freedom of group from December 1.
Accordingly, 22,443 IDPs have gone away from their wellbeing villages. Out of this figure 9,778 have come back. "Any person can leave the welfare villages and go back as they wish. No act will be taken against the people who wont come back to IDP Villages. The liberty is not limited to 15 days," Minister Samarasinghe noted.
The Minister rejected sure media reports that safety forces personnel will go after the IDPs if they don't come back.
"It is up to them to decide whether to return or not. What the administration did was to grant the freedom for them to move absent as they wish. However, the Government is carrying out the welfare activities in welfare villages further as usual," Samarasinghe said.
Courtesy : Daily News

Monday, November 30, 2009

Boost for eastern transport : Two rail bus services

The Government will open two new rail-bus services between Gal Oya and Trincomalee and Gal Oya and Batticaloa in the Eastern region under the Negenahira Navodaya project.
The project aims to provide quick and affordable convey facilities to commuters in the East.
A Sri Lanka Railway's Spokesman told the Daily News that the rail-bus repair proposed to operate between Gal Oya and Trincomalee will commence from the Gal Oya station once the Meenagaya train (Colombo-Batticaloa) arrived. The Trincomalee bound civilians have to wait nearly four hours at the Gal Oya position to go to Trincomalee. With the operation of this new rail-bus service from Gal-Oya to Trincomalee, they would reach the purpose within a short period.
Similarly, the rail-bus was from Gal Oya to Batticaloa will commence as of the Gal Oya station once the Trincomalee nighttime mail train (Colombo-Trincomalee) at home. The rail-bus to Batticaloa will benefit Batticaloa bound civilians.
He said three rail-bus services are in service from Batticaloa to Valachchenai, from Kurunegala-Anuradhapura, and from Polgahawela-Kurunegala.
The Railway Authority has conventional positive responses from the public on the process of rail-bus services as it has reduced travel time significantly he said.
The Indian Government has provided 10 buses at a cost of SLR 44 million to Sri Lanka Railways and has made obtainable an additional Rs. 22 million to pay for the price of change of these buses into rail-bus units.
The buses will be converted to rail-buses in the Railway clinic at Ratmalana under the management of the Railways universal Manager P.P. Wijesekara.
Eeach rail-bus will have two buses. A rail-bus comprising eighty seats approximation about Rs.6 million is easier to maintain, the Railway spokesman added.
Courtesy : Daily News

Free movement for civilians in welfare camps

Civilians who have taken shelters in welfare villages will be free to leave from day after today onwards sans any situation being imposed. The villages will be declared as unfasten from this day. There will be no restrictions compulsory on the duration of their absence from the villages, Minister of Resettlement and Disaster Relief Services, Risath Bathiyutheen said.
The Government has declared that any inhabitant will be free to leave the villages once they have given their individual particulars to the authorities concerned. A bulk of the displaced in the Welfare villages have by now been resettled.
More will be resettled this week. Minister Rishath Bathiuddin has said that as of December 1st, inmates will be able to freely leave and enter the villages on one occasion they have registered their details with the relevant authorities. Government has pledged to remove all the displaced in the wellbeing villages by January 31st. All civilians of the Vavuniyia welfare village from Jaffna Peninsula and Eastern region have already been resettled.
Courtesy: Government Information Department

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fillip for children's education in Jaffna islets

The Education Ministry has focused special attention on the education of over 2,200 children who are studying in Karainagar, Delft, Ninathivu, Analaithivu, Punguduthivu and Velanathivu.
Deputy Education Minister M. Sachittananda made a four-day surveillance tour in the five islands last week. He was a special representative of Education Minister Susil Premajayanth.According to Education Ministry sources there are 21 schools in these islands and steps will be taken to improve the education facilities of these schools, before the end of the year.
Referring to a new visit to the islands, Deputy Education Minister Sachittananda told the Sunday Observer that prompt act will be taken not only to get improved the quality of education of students in the island schools, but also to renovate obtainable school buildings.Minister Sachittananda, the first Member of Parliament, who made an official visit to the island schools with the dawn of calm said that he had discussed the instructive activities with principals, teachers and the parents of the brood
On their arrival to the islands by boat, the Minister and the side were known a moderate welcome the islanders called upon the Ministerial social gathering to give priority to improve the teaching amenities of their children, since their education had been deserted due to various reasons throughout the past more than a few years.
Courtesy : Sunday Observer

Police traffic personnel an asset - IGP

Police Traffic personnel are an asset to the Police Department. The image of the law enforcement section is built by the Police Traffic Division as they always get together the public on the streets, said IGP Mahinda Balasuriya at the sharing of certificates to 44 Traffic Police personnel, including three Women police personnel, who effectively followed a three months Junior Traffic Training route conducted by the Police transfer Headquarters.
The event was prearranged by the Traffic Police Headquarters Director DIG Lucky Peiris assisted by ASP Sumith Nissanka, Chief Inspectors K.L.S. Tillekeratne and Rohan Gamage of the Police Media centre.
Senior DIGs N.K. Ilangakoon, Gamini Navaratne, Nimal Mediwaka, DIGs Asoka Wijetilake, Lalith Jayasuriya, P.K.S. Pinidiya, Upali Gunasekera, Police Media Spokesman Senior SP S.M. Karunaratne, SPs and more than a few other police personnel also participated.
IGP Mahinda Balasuriya said that they should put into practise what they study from this course and teach other Traffic Officers in their own police stations.
The Traffic Police workers are very fortunate to follow a training course of this nature to develop their information of traffic controlling as the police traffic separation is a very significant department in the police repair. The Traffic Police personnel should uphold the dignity of the Police Department while they are busy in bureaucrat duties, the IGP added.
The IGP emphasised that as law enforcing officers traffic police personnel have a bounden duty to help the public and the motorists. If a motorist violates traffic laws, the law enforcing officers could take necessary action against him according to the law of the country. Be polite to the motorists.
The Junior Traffic Police personnel, who followed the training course, praised the organisers of the training course. They said that it was a very important preparation which equipped them for day to day behavior in the field.
Courtesy : Sunday Observer

More warlike items found

Sri Lankan Troops recovered more LTTE war items during the search operations done on 27th November 2009.
Troops of 29 separation engaging the search operations on received in order in worldwide area Kandapuram, Vavuniya recovered one suicide kit, 03 claymore mines(01 x 2.5Kg, 01 x5Kg, 01 x 1.5 Kg) , 06 Hand grenades (made by LTTE) and one far-away control.
Meanwhile the troops of 57 Division found 03 claymore bullets throughout their look for operations in the general area Murusamodai , Kilinochchi
Troops of Task Force 8 engaging the search operations in Puthukkudiyiruppu East exposed one Mobile phone and in the general region Puthukkudiyiruppu West troops found 120 unidentified bullets and 01 power control.

Ranaviru Arana housing scheme

The 'Api Wenuwen Api", the ever active programme for war heroes will open the next grand accommodation scheme at Attidiya, Ratmalana shortly to benefit war heroes.
The 'Api Wenuwen Api" was mooted by Defence Secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa to help the war heroes and their families.
The system is also designed to boost the confidence of the disabled military who sacrificed their limbs to let go the nation.
Courtesy - Government Information Department

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

US relaxes Sri Lanka travel advisory

The U.S. Department of State last week issued a "revised" travel advisory for Americans in Sri Lanka to, "reflect improving security circumstances in the country," the U.S. delegation in Colombo announced.
In its revised travel warning, the State Department states: "Stability in the southern and western areas of the country has improved with the end of fighting. The Department of State urges U.S. people to remain watchful while traveling in Sri Lanka."
The State Department's decision comes exactly six months after Sri Lankan Government forces defeated the LTTE. No terrorist incidents have occurred in Sri Lanka as then, and tourism arrivals have jumped considerably. The Government expects to attract 2.5 million tourists in 2010.
Japan also relaxed its, "Travel Advisory & Warning," for Sri Lanka to a "Travel Caution," also noting the improved safety state of affairs.
The United Kingdom revised its own travel warning in July 2009.
Additionally, the Government of Sri Lanka lifted restrictions on those livelihood in Jaffna to travel all through Sri Lanka , a security measure that was imposed during the disagreement with the LTTE radical group. The LTTE was headquartered in northern Sri Lanka .
The Government also lifted the compulsion that lorries must register in order to transit goods between the north and south. It said that such register was no longer essential
The US State Department noted that landmines are buried all through northern Sri Lanka. The Government of Sri Lanka has launched a extensive de-mining effort there.
There are an estimated 1.5 million landmines and unexploded weapons in northern Sir Lanka, and Government armed forces have sustained to unearth buried LTTE arms caches. But no terrorist incidents have occurred.
More than 288,000 civilians, mostly from the north, were initially displaced by the conflict and then housed in Government-run welfare centers. As de-mining has higher a huge resettlement movement has begun.
As of Nov. 20, 2009, more than semi of those displaced civilians had been sent home. The Government has pledged to go back most of the displaced by Jan. 31, 2010. concerning 135,000 people stay in the centers today.
Courtesy - The Sunday Island

Search Operations in North Continue

Troops on their look for and clear operations in the universal areas of Mirusuwil, Illuppakadavai, Kilinochchi, Puthukkudiyiruppu and Vellamullivaikkal healthier two thousand one hundred and fifty rounds of 7.62 x 39 mm ammunition, five hundred and twenty-two rounds of 7.62 x 54 mm ammunition, 1.5 kg of explosives, one Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG), one firing device, one hundred and eighty-three rounds of T-56 ammunition, eighteen rounds of 25 mm ammunition, one hundred and fifty rounds of 23 mm bullets, three rounds of Multi Purpose mechanism Gun (MPMG) bullets one hand grenade, fifteen 60 mm gun bombs, one Sub Machine Gun (SMG), four SMG magazines, three radio message sets, two thousand rounds of FNC ammunition, twenty-five artillery booster bags, two parts of anti air craft gun, one 40 mm grenade launcher and three Outboard Motors (OBM) on Friday (20).
Meanwhile, troops in the east recovered four shotgun and two rotten trap gun barrels Meeyankolla, Batticaloa in a search procedure on the same day (20).
Courtesy : SL Army

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Fashion Show" to raise funds for wellness resort a success

The Seva Vanitha Army Branch's (SVAB) newest welfare project, "Wellness Resort for Dependant put out of action War Heroes" received a further boost on Sunday (22) when the country's most stylish dress designers showcased their latest fashions on phase in hold up of the military who sacrificed their hands and limbs for the sake of the state.
The SVAB prearranged style Show at Mount Lavinia Hotel drew a huge crowd of enthusiasts including the First Lady Mrs. Shiranthi Rajapaksa who declared unlock the Fashion Show on the invite of Mrs. Manjulika Jayasuriya, President SVAB. Secretary Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa, President Ministry of Defence Seva Vanitha Branch Mrs. Ioma Rajapaksa, leader of the Army replacement General Jagath Jayasuriya, senior SVAB members, Army officers and their relations members were among the spectators
This novel concept of a permanent centre that cares dependent relative disabled soldiers was initiated by Mrs Manjulika Jayasuriya soon following she took office as leader SVAB. Reputed designers Ramani, Indu, Loching, Romesh, Kamal, Rohitha, Sajith, Kashyapa, Dlifford, Eric, Channa, Jananath, Lucien and Sithara added colour to the Fashion Show, "Mt. Lavinia Designer Collection".
The proposed "Wellness option for Dependant Disable War Heroes" at Anuradhapura is to cost Rs. 150 million and dish up as a permanent place for dependant War Heroes throughout the relax of their lives. The scheme is to give accommodation for instant family members, too throughout their stay at the Anuradhapura multifaceted. The SVAB plans to set up alike centres in Kandy and Galle during second and third phases of the scheme
Courtesy : SL Army

President presents Ranajayapura to the War heroes

His Excellency Mahinda Rajapksa, President of Sri Lanka and the Commander in leader of the Armed armed forces today handed over Ranajayapura mega housing scheme to the disagreement heroes. At a rite held at Ipalogma, the President handed in excess of keys of 100 houses to their owners.
Ranajayapura is a idea made reality under the Mahinda Chinthana program, the President's vision for the country's future. The housing scheme at Ipalogama marks the conclusion of the first phase of total project aimed at structure 50,000 houses for the war heroes. Ranajayapura is the largest ever housing project built for the war heroes consisting 1509 completed houses with all contemporary facilities.
The scheme was planned and implemented by the Ministry of Defence under the leadership of Defence desk Gotabaya Rajapaksa. With his great interest in ' looking after the men at the back the weapon" , the Defence Secretary gave the top main anxiety to somewhere to live project over a lot of other Ranaviru welfare projects carried out under his leadership.
Additional desk of Defence, and the scheme manager Mr. Willy Gmamage verbal communication to said that the cost of each three roomed house with lavatory amass cupboard and a ten rest on land was Rs. 1.4 million. The management has borne Rs. 600,000 of the total cost and the remaining Rs. 800,000 was given as interest free loans to the recipients which are unsurprising to be healthier within ten to fifteen years.
Also, the housing scheme is provided with a Super Market, a Bank of Ceylon branch, a major school a daycare unit and a well equipped hospital
The Foundation stone was laid for the scheme on the 14th December 2006. The building was at first undertaken by NACL but later taken over by the Sri Lanka Navy engineers. With an tireless effort and promise, navy engineers accomplished the task of completion 1509 houses within 15 months.
Former Commander of the Navy Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda made tremendous labors even during the humanitarian operations to accelerate the project. After him, Vice Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe, Commander of the Navy taken over the climbing job and talented it. The following chart shows the speedy progress of the project after taken over by the Navy.

Freedom of Movement for all IDPs from December

All welfare centres will be named as freedom villages with result from 1st of December 2009, announced older Presidential Advisor and leader of the President's Task power for treatment and Resettlement, Basil Rajapaksa, MP, who visited Vavuniya welfare centres this morning (21).
Thus all Internally Displaced People (IDP) will have total freedom of group from 1st of December.
This official announcement was made amidst applauds from the IDPs.
The option was taken as part of government moves to get improved the rights and human rights of inside Displaced community housed at welfare villages in the North.
Secondly, Mr. Basil Rajapaksa announced that under the orders of leader Mahinda Rajapaksa, all IDPs will be resettled by 31 January 2010.
Thirdly, the current Rs. 25,000 provided to IDPs will be doubled to Rs. 50,000 with effect from 15 December 2009.
In adding, the government will provide the IDPs with dry rations sufficient for 6 months, roofing sheets, kitchen utensils, agricultural equipments and other essential matter to make easy a smooth transition all through resettlement.
Courtesy : Presidential Media Unit

President to open Ranajayapura ; mega housing scheme to war heroes - Ipalogama

His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa , President of Sri Lanka and leader in Chief of the Armed armed forces is to present Ranajayapura , mega housing scheme to the war heroes nowadays (Nov 22). The housing scheme consisting over 1500 houses is the largest still built for the armed forces personnel in Sri Lanka.
The leader will ceremonially hand over keys of 100 houses to their owners at a purpose organized at Ipalogam this evening. The rest of the keys will be handed over by the Ministers participating to the event.

Friday, November 20, 2009

UN envoy lauds Govt Says IDP numbers in Menik Farm have halved: Holmes impressed with Govt's commitment :

United Nations Under Secretary General for Humanitarian relationships and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Sir John Holmes said he was extremely encouraged and frightened by the rapid relocation of the IDPs in progress.
Holmes made these statements at a joint press meeting at the Foreign Ministry with overseas Minister Rohitha Bogollagama.
Holmes was in Sri Lanka on a three-day tour on an invite by the Foreign Minister. He visited Jaffna, Vavuniya and Menik Farm, while expenditure a night in Jaffna.
During his visit, he had also been briefed at length on the demining process.
In answer to a query whether the UN thinks that the 180-day timeframe set by the Government for resettlement could be kept, Sir John Holmes replied that timeframes are not significant but what is important is the commitment of the administration which has frightened him.
He had held wide discussions with President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Justice and Law Reforms Minister Milinda Moragoda, Disaster Management and Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe and Senior Presidential consultant Basil Rajapaksa MP on a broad variety of issues covering IDP resettlement, political and the de-mining procedure.
Stating that it was his fourth call to Sri Lanka, Holmes said he had been to IDP camps and spoke with the IDPs. He said the UN had before entertained concerns over the timing of the resettlement.
However, this procedure had seen a rapid change over the past three months, with the number of IDPs in Menik Farm having been almost halved from its first figure of 285,000 to 135,000.
One of the chief concerns of the UN diplomat was the fundamental issue of liberty of group. He had discussed this extensively in his meetings with the President and Ministers, and said that he was greatly encouraged by the optimistic feedback received on the go back to normalization.
He specially credited the reopening of the A9 road as playing an significant step in this procedure.
language on the progress and possible of development in Sri Lanka, Holmes said he was worried about the long term process of rebuilding rehabilitation and resettlement.
He stated that the UN hopes to labor with the Government to accelerate this process, providing aid of food, healthcare services and education, as well as convey and communications development.
Courtesy : Daily News

President will bring economic prosperity - Deputy Minister

Estate Infrastructure Deputy priest and Ceylon Workers' Congress President Muthu Sivalingam said that President Mahinda Rajapaksa was able to end nearly thirty years of war that absorbed the country. He would be the only leader who could find a following answer to the ethnic difficulty.
He recalled that throughout the years when the Ceasefire accord was in force no efforts had been made to find a political solution. Since the war was over people are reassured from fear hang-up.
While appreciating the efforts made by the administration to resettle more than one hundred and fifty thousand Internally Displaced Persons and the gap of A9 highway to the public, Muthu Sivalingam said that by these steps the free movement of populace had been ensured. This was possible since of the political management given by the President, he said.
The Ceylon Workers' Congress head said that under the guidance of President Mahinda Rajapaksa the century-old line rooms were being replaced by separate houses. He added that the Estate communications Ministry had been clever to build more than 4,000 houses.
The permanence of President Mahinda Rajapaksa for a second word was essential to the financial development of the country. Therefore, the CWC had decided to hold up Mahinda Rajapaksa at the Presidential vote, he said. M.P.M
Courtesy : Daily News

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Remainder of bogus asylum seekers agree to disembark the ship

The remainder of the original group of 78 bogus asylum seekers, after a three week stand off agreed to go away an Australian customs ship moored of near the Indonesian island of Bintane on Wednesday (Nov 18), Australian journalists reported.
The 78 asylum seekers were picked up by the Australian ship sea Viking in International waters as they were on their way to Australia.
When they were to be taken to Bintane, they refused to come ashore demanding that they be sent only to Australia.
Last week part of the asylum seekers decided to go to Bintane when they were promised the speedy processing of their 'refugee' claims by the United Nations refugee organization, the UNHCR.
Indonesian officials have promised to send the last lot of 56 to Bintane island dispensation center and detain them only for one month.
An official was quoted as saying, "They would be detained for one month following their claims are processed by the UNHCR previous to they could be sent to a third state eager [to take them in".
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'LTTE terrorists dug its own grave'- Karunanidhi

The LTTE terrorists did not take into account future penalty while implementing its war strategy, Chief Minister and Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam Chairperson M. Karunanidhi has said on Tuesday (Nov 17).
Indian daily 'The Hindu' quoting Minister Karunanidhi's statement stated that the sight was made in the background of a recent meeting given by Sri Lankan opposition leader Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe to a Tamil journal.
Recalling the LTTE's call to Tamils for boycott of the 2005 presidential elections, Mr Karunanidhi, in a statement, said that SLFP leader Mahinda Rajapaksa had defeated UNP leader Ranil Wickramasinghe by a margin of about 1.81 lakh votes and that seven lakh Tamils in Sri Lanka did not shed their votes. Mr Wickramasinghe had then promised the electors that he would give priority to peace talks with the LTTE in the time of his election, Karunanidhi was quoted as saying.
Former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was also assassinated by LTTE terrorists for not towing their nationalist ideologies.

Monday, November 16, 2009

More rehab assistance to the North

Massive reconstruction and rehabilitation assistance for the North is in the pipe line as of Japan, the European Union, the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank and a very large degree of paddy land that remained fallow over several existence was to be brought under the plough this Maha crop season, Vavuniya District Secretary Mrs. P.S.M. Charles told the Daily News yesterday.
While a stipulation of 11 million US Dollars from Japan and 12 million Euros from the European Commission for the rehabilitation and renovations of resettlements has been made the Asian Development Bank had assisted with US Dollars 250 million for the growth of the Vavuniya District, she said.
The Vavuniya Development Plan drafted by the Urban Development Authority was approved by the Presidential Task Force and the UNDP had shown their readiness to facilitate this project she further noted.
A modern sewerage treatment plant is to be in progress at a cost of 18 million US Dollars by the British NGO, OXFAM in teamwork with the UNDP at Vavuniya while one extra sewerage plant similar to that was to be funded by the Japanese administration was to be started at Thambamadu she explained.
torrential rain rains have started and the resettled civilians have started cultivating their paddy lands. About 4,000 acres in Vavuniya alone which were abandoned for a lot of years are life form cultivated with much eagerness as they have been provided with armed forces like ploughing done by the military and seed and agricultural equipment provided by the particular Task Force, she said.
Commenting on the progress of resettlement of IDPs she said almost 150,000 IDPs have been resettled by now and the balance were to be resettled by January 31, 2010.
Courtesy : Daily news

Children of war heroes receive scholarships

Children of war heroes were awarded with scholarships by H.E the President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the place of worship Trees today (Nov 16).
The scholarship recipients were children of security forces workers, who had made their supreme give up and those upset during the caring operation.
First Lady Mrs. Shiranthi Rajapaksa, Defence desk Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Chairperson of the MOD Seva Vanitha Unit Mrs. Ioma Rajapaksa were also there at the occasion.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

President of Myanmar Senior General Than Shwe visits Sri Lanka (By: Janaka Alahapperuma)

The President and the Chairman of the State Peace and growth Council of the Union of Myanmar, older General Than Shwe and the First Lady Than Shwe arrived in the isle yesterday(12 Nov), on an bureaucrat visit to Sri Lanka.
President Than Shwe and his delegation was warmly welcomed by the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa and First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa at the Katunayake global Air Port.
Myanmar's President General Than Shwe at home at the invitation of his Sri Lankan complement President Mahinda Rajapaksa to further strengthen bilateral ties. throughout the Myanmar President's stay in Sri Lanka more than a few MOUs would be signed flanked by the two countries.

Govt relaxes transport along A-9 trunk road

The Government has decided to relax transport of goods and passenger transportation by A-9 Road, for the convenience of the public in Jaffna. According to media reports following choices were made facilitating transportation of people and merchandise from Jaffna and forth.
• There is no limit to transport goods to Jaffna and back as in the case of any other part of the state.
• The vehicles that are already registered with the Commissioner General of necessary Services (CGES) can engage in the transportation of goods. Registration of vehicles by CGES for transport of goods to Jaffna is extended till November 30, 2009.
• The vehicles belonging to Government Departments, Corporations, Banks and Manufacturing Companies, will be permitted to convey goods by their possess vehicles, for six months continually.
They are requested to present applications for CGES approval.
The community are permitted to travel to Jaffna and back by public convey and private busses which are now in operation.
Any private bus/coach owner who wishes to operate between Colombo and Jaffna, should apply to the National Transport charge for route permits.
confidential vessels are permitted to carry cargo to the North from any port of the country, subject to marine clearance and operational supplies of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority. Approval of the CGES is not required.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HE the president appoints New IG Police

Mr. Mahinda Balasuriya, Snr. DIG/ Administration, STF & ready authority has been appointed by His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, the President of Democratic, collective Republic of Sri Lanka, as the 32nd Inspector General of Police of the law enforcement history.
Official ceremony will be held at the Police Headquarters, Colombo on 04.11.2009 at 09 00hrs.

To build a nation that upholds justice: Independence of Judiciary essential - President Mahinda Rajapaksa

*If the public were to respect the law and lawyers the law should be equal for everyone
*Today the rule of law was effective in all parts of the country
oIt is necessary to defend the self-government of the judiciary, to build a state that upholds justice. In our country we had experienced the rule of law for a considerable time but during the past three decades violence prevented carrying out the decisions made by Courts, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said yesterday(Nov 02).
The President was verbal communication after laying the base stone for a new lawyers office multifaceted at Hulftsdorp, Colombo.
Continuing the President said while the law and judiciary were performance on this side of the country a group of terrorists were setting up their own courts in disobedience of the judiciary and certain decisions made by our Courts of law could not be carried out and became a empty exercise due to the threat of terrorism. But today the rule of rule was effective in all parts of the country and no one could challenge the judiciary and laws.
If the public were to respect the law and lawyers the law should be equal for everyone.
Laws were enacted or amended by the legislature and we have over a very long period of time recognized our judicial institutions and our laws were time tested. The administration was not prepared to interfere into the judiciary for any reasons whatsoever as the government respected the independence of the judiciary and all of us should unite to defend the judiciary, the President said.
He said the time has come now for all of us to work hard and utmost efficiency was demanded by the country and efficiency and speed of resolving problems was also called for in the Courts of law and all other institutions linked to the judicial scheme.
Chief Justice Asoka de Silva, Ministers Prof G.L.Peiris,. Milinda Moragoda, Attorney General Mohan Peiris and the Bar Association President W.Dayaratna were also present.
Courtesy: Daily News

Monday, October 19, 2009

Northern Province Local Government Symposium inaugurated

The Northern Provincial Local Government Symposium commenced yesterday, 18th October, at Jaffna Central College. The symposium was organized by the section of Local Government of Northern Provincial Council with the help and leadership of Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils.
Northern Province Governor Major General GA Chandrasiri and minister of communal Services and Social wellbeing Douglas Devananda declared open the first day's sitting as Chief Guests.
Local bodies in Jaffna have already implemented 359 projects at a cost of Rs. 1445.71 million to develop the local government sector. The symposium plans to teach people on this Northern development drive, initiated by the President.
Under the Uthuru Wasanthaya concept, areas in the Jaffna peninsula and surrounding islands consisting of 15 Pradeshiya divisional sectary regions and 225 Grama Niladari divisions are to be developed.
An display will go after the Symposium and scheduled to be finished today, 19th October.

First Lady donates ultrasound scanning probe to Navy hospital

First Lady Madam Shiranthi Rajapaksa donated an ultrasound scanning vaginal probe for the benefit of Naval personnel and their families on the 15th of October 2009. The sophisticated gear worth Rs. 403,200/= was presented to the Naval Hospital of the Western Naval Command fulfilling a long-felt need which had been in continued existence as the time when the armed forces of visiting obstetricians and gynecologists were obtained by the Sri Lanka Navy.
The equipment was formally handed over to the Director General (Health Services) Surgeon Rear Admiral NELW Jayasekera at a rite held at the Naval Hospital.
First Lady inquired into the wellbeing of the Naval personnel who are in receipt of checkup action at the sanatorium and presented them with gift parcels.

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Kinniya bridge to be opened for public

The new Kinniya bridge constructed at a cost of Rs. 720 million will be opened for general public on 20th October, Ministry of Highways and Road Development said.
This is a great achievement and a clear proof of the Government's labors for settlement and growth in North and East.
The bridge one of the longest bridges in Sri Lanka was funded by the Saudi Arabian Government. The inhabitants of Kinniya said the dream of the people in the area has turn out to be a reality because of this new bridge.
The public convey from Muttur to Pottuvil will also be hassle free via this bridge. Meanwhile, the building work of the Oddamavady bridge is also nearing conclusion and it will be handed over to the public by the officials of the Highways Department, Batticaloa.

Navy Chief attends 19th Sea Power symposium at Newport -USA

Sri Lankan Navy Chief, Vice Admiral TSG Samarasinghe RSP, VSV, USP, ndc, psc, DISS, along with his Indian complement Admiral Nirmal Varma have gained the possibility of attendance the 19th Sea authority Symposium, currently being conducted by the United States Navy at the Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island.
The symposium attended by 96 Chiefs of Navies of the earth and 15 other heads of naval delegations is the highest naval gathering held under one roof in history.
Both Naval Chiefs are distinguished alumnae of the Naval War College of the USA, having graduated from Naval Staff College in 1991 and Naval Command College in 1997 in that order.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last batch of Kokuvil camp IDPs return home

The last batch of inside Displaced Persons, living in a Kokuvil welfare camp in Batticaloa, was yesterday sent back to their villages in Trincomalee.
There were 321 persons from 91 families.
The number populace displaced in Trincomalee and Batticaloa stood at 41,000 and 150,000 in that order. They had been housed in 112 welfare camps. Meanwhile, 2,500 people belonging to 745 families, whose resettlement in their villages in the Trincomalee region had been delayed since of the presence of high safety zones, were provided with temporary protection in the areas of Killiveddi, Pattipidal and Pillankerny.
Courtesy: The Island

UN pledges US$ 5 million grant for de-mining

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres has pledged the Government a grant of US$ 5 million to accelerate the de-mining procedure on a request of Senior Presidential Advisor and Chairman of the Task Force on Northern Development Basil Rajapaksa.
According to Disaster Management and Human Rights Ministry spokesman, Guterres had a meeting with tragedy Management and Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe in Geneva on the sidelines of UNHCR decision-making Committee gathering yesterday. He has confirmed this outright assistance to Sri Lanka to the Minister to accelerate the de-mining process in the Northern province.
This money will be spent for the purchase of ten flailing equipment to accelerate the ongoing de-mining process.
Meanwhile, the UNICEF yesterday donated ten gully bowzers worth Rs. 24 million to the Government for the use of welfare camps where the civilians who were displaced by terrorist carnage have been given temporary somewhere to live
Resettlement and Relief Services Minister Rishad Bathiudeen accepted the gift on behalf of the Government at the UNICEF country office yesterday.
These gully bowzers are to be deployed to the happiness camps in Vavuniya and the Jaffna districts.
Courtesy: Daily News

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More intern doctors to be appointed for North and East

The Healthcare and Nutrition Ministry will appoint 900 intern hospital today, 16 Sep, to government hospitals charitable priority to the North and East.
According to ministry sources, 325 intern doctors will be posted to hospitals in North and East including welfare villages established to house IDPs in Vavuniya.
The Healthcare and Nutrition Ministry will appoint 900 post intern doctors to State hospitals today. It is further said that there are 81 government doctors and more than 30 nurses with other primary healthcare staff including public health midwives and PHIs serving for the IDPs.
Ministry sources further said that it has by now taken steps to add one more 200 nurses for IDP care shortly. The patient/doctor ratio and patient/nurse ratio, 76.65 and 108.5 in that order, of the IDP welfare villages are almost similar with the national information in the country.

UNHRC head welcomes investigations by Sri Lanka into the Channel 4 video (By: Walter Jayawardhana

Navaneetham Pillai, head of the United Nation's Human Rights charge told Sri Lankan Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe in Geneva, Switzerland yesterday (Sept 15) that she welcomed the investigations done by the Sri Lankan administration regarding UK's Channel 4 doctored videocassette alleging human human rights violations against the country.
Sri Lanka's Disaster Management and Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe met Pillai to short her regarding the contentious tapes.
Minister Samarasinghe told the UN bureaucrat that two investigations, one in Australia, and another at the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka were conducted by experts and together have concluded the video clips were fakes depicting malicious deceptions.
Minister Samarasinghe said the broadcasters have not abide by the basic journalistic principle of verifying what they broadcast and they should abide by a code of conduct that all materials previous to publication should be thoroughly verified for its genuineness.
The doctored video which Channel 4 broadcasted alleging extrajudicial killings by the Sri Lanka Army, damaged the picture of Sri Lanka and even after it had been proved further than any reasonable doubt that they were hoaxes the alteration would not rub out off the damage 100 percent, he told Navaneetham Pillai.
Minister Samarasinghe also met the team of Philip Alston, particular Rapporteur of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights on extra judicial, summary or arbitrary executions as he is in new York. Going by the supposedly doctored tapes Alston had been very dangerous of Sri Lanka.
He also told the Alston team that he should be conveyed that the two self-governing investigations done by the Sri Lankan government should be welcomed by him. Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe said since Alston rushed to make a declaration he should have the same amount of urgency to welcome the investigations. He said he would request him to welcome them as it is nothing but the right thing to do.
Minister Samarasinghe also briefed them on the IDP's and the regularization of LTTE ex-combatants.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Naval Troops recover hand grenades

Naval Troops emotionally involved to Naval Deployment Ambuwelipuram acting on in order received, healthier two Hand bullets in the universal area of Ambuwelipuram in Tricomalee around 1200hrs yesterday (12th September 2009).
The Grenades were establish in a dried up tank near the marine Deployment.
Courtesy : SL Navy

Sri Lanka to raise post-conflict issues at HRC

Sri Lanka will discuss the Government's tactics in the post conflict situation and the controversial Channel 4 issue at the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) which commences tomorrow in Geneva.
This is the first session that Sri Lanka is taking part in after eradicating LTTE terrorism. Disaster Management and Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe said that he would place more stress on the steps taken by the Government to resettle IDPs, the means of addressing their livelihood and arrangements to look after them until they are resettled, rehabilitating over 10,000 ex-LTTE cadres, plans to reintegrate them into the people and plans for financial development of the North and the East.
According to Minister Samarasinghe, who left for Geneva yesterday, he will draw round plans to create ethnic harmony in the middle of different communities by promoting human rights.
"Basically we will talk about the new challenges that we are facing in the post conflict era", the Minister said. The Minister will also explain the canal 4 issue and its harmful belongings to the country's image. Minister Samarasinghe will meet the President of the Human Rights Council Martin I. Uhomoibhi, High official for Human Rights Navanethem Pillay, High official for Refugees Jose Luis Gutteres and other Ambassadors and High Commissioners of various countries at the sessions. "I will also explain to top UN officials about the Channel 4 issue", he said addition that the sessions would be a good forum to explain the truth.
Meanwhile, former Foreign Ministry Secretary and Sri Lanka's new Representative to the UN Dr. Palitha Kohona who is now at the UNICEF Headquarters, New York will meet top UNICEF officials including its Secretary General to discuss the issue of the expulsion of the UNICEF Communication Chief James Elder, who was allegedly transport out propaganda to support the LTTE.
Elder's recent statement which said, children locked up in the IDP camps were disappearing of malnutrition - has been refuted by the WHO which stated that 'the occurrence of malnutrition in the camps is no higher than elsewhere in the country', made the Government drive out him from the country.
Courtesy: Sunday Observer

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Govt. resettle 9900 IDPs to their hometowns

The resettlement of the internally displaced spearheaded by Special Presidential Adviser and MP, Basil Rajapaksa,Chairman of the Northern Task power yesterday (11 September) released 9900 internally displaced people housed at the Menik Farm in Vavuniya to their hometowns, these IDPs were provided transport from side to side state buses to reach their homes by the authorities.
The hometowns they reach are now cleared of mines buried by the LTTE throughout the war period.
Among those released were 6838 to Jaffna, 2170 to Trincomalee, 683 to Batticaloa and 274 to Ampara.
Among them were 74 students selected to the Jaffna University. They were sent back in particular buses beneath armed escort.
Northern Task power Head, Basil Rajapaksa, Ministers Risath Badiutheen and Douglas Devananda, Northern Province Governor G. A. Chanbdrasiri, Governor Eastern region Mohan Wijewickrema and more than a few other high ranking state officials were there on the time where all IDPs left with smiles to arrive at their homes.

Karainagar striding towards Prosperity with newly dawned Peace

Karainagar, an islet in the Jaffna peninsula in Northern Sri Lanka, is today lively with human activity. It is all set to reap the benefits of prosperity brought about with the newly-dawned peace after the liberation of the Northern Province from the LTTE terrorist clutches. The islanders, whose livelihoods mainly dependent on thriving fishing industry, are jubilant at the better freedom they knowledge with the lifting of fishing limits which had remained imposed to curb LTTE fear performance that caused huge suffering to the nonviolent nation for nearly three decades.
Today, the residents of Karainagar are experiencing a greater sense of safety since the Sri Lanka Navy has taken all measures to ensure the protection of their lives and to facilitate their livelihoods. Through the completion of many people-friendly group of people projects, the Navy has been able to win the hearts and minds of the people. One such event, the Buddhist fair of Poson, which celebrates the arrival of Arahath Mahinda and subsequent spread of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, was held on the island last June under the auspices of the Navy, sketch large crowds belonging to diverse religious faiths. The event helped strengthen the mutual bonds promoting peaceful coexistence among all ethnic groups living on the island. The consequent cultural interaction, which was made likely with the mediation of the Naval personnel emotionally involved to the Karainagar Naval base, created a pleasant atmosphere for the people to enjoy their newly-gained freedom.
The Karainagar fishing community is grateful to the Government and the Navy for the lifting of the fishing restrictions. The measure aimed at reviving fishing developed was implemented beneath the direction of His Excellency the President. The visit of Senior Presidential Advisor Hon MP Basil Rajapaksa, under whose direct supervision and guidance the lifting of fishing restrictions is being facilitated, has spurred the people's admiration. The regular monthly meetings conducted by the Navy with the contribution of the Karainagar fishing community have been very much appreciated by the people since the face-to-face sessions have helped solve many issues directly related to their immediate happiness. Fishing permits are now delivered to their doorsteps minimizing the hassles involved in obtaining them. Priority for security permission at Naval checkpoints is accorded to the persons transporting fish catches thus expediting the reach of fresh fish in the markets in time.
With the rising levels of income resulted by the Navy's facilitation, the life standards of the people of Karainagar have been improved. Under the Navy's assistance the communications developments on the island have been expedited with better roads for speedy transportation. President Mr. K. Iraj Sandiram and Secretary Mr. M. Ganesh of the Karainagar Division Fishermen's Cooperative Society, sending a letter of appreciation on behalf of its members, have thankfully acknowledged the contributions of the Government and the Sri Lanka Navy in uniting the people and helping the development behavior on the island. They express their heart-felt approval at the physically powerful bond that exists between the Navy and the citizens of Karainagar and thank the Navy for its genuine efforts at improving the group of people relations and living circumstances on the island.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bulk of war like materials recovered

Troops engaged in payment operations in the districts of Mannar, Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu have uncovered a tow of war like resources yesterday (10th Sep), armed sources declared.
Troops in 57 Division healthier 02 x 120mm Motar bombs in the universal area of Pulliampokkanai and troops in Task Force 05 (TF - 05) have found 47 x RPG bombs (HE), 05 x RPG Bombs (Heat), 05 x 60 mm Illuminator bombs, 01 x SFG Hand grenade, 88 x 60mm bombs (HE), 36 x Argus hand grenades, 05 x Explosive Packets (1 KG each) and 02 x Electric detonators in the general area of Veravil in Kilinochchi region.
Meanwhile, Task power 08 recovered 65 x Anti personal mines in east of Puthukkudiyiruppu and 31 x 81mm rounds and a Battery container in the general region of Kappulankulam in Mullaitivu district.
Further, troops in Mannar district establish a Land pit in the general area of Kathirankulam.
In addition, Naval troops attached to SLNS Gajaba recovered 15 x Hand bullets in the universal area of Puthukkudiyiruppu yesterday (10th Sep).

Conditions in welfare villages excellent - Alok Prasad

"The conditions in relief villages in Sri Lanka are exceptional compared to other countries and the facilities provided by the Sri Lankan Government to the public in release villages are praiseworthy", said H.E Alok Prasad, Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka addressing a meeting in Colombo recently.
"Such the standard of these villages are outstanding and excellent", High Commissioner Alok Prasad was additional quoted as saying at the event held in approval of the armed forces provided by the Indian medical team.
The Indian medical team was in the island to uplift the physical condition amenities of the civilians liberated as of the terrorists.
He further spoken India's gratitude to the Sri Lankan Government for the amenities provided to the Indian medical team..
"The Indian doctors were send-off the island after providing a worthy repair. They were in the island for nearly eight months", Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva said highly commending the medics. Certificates of approval of work were presented to the doctors. Meanwhile, the Indian High official presented a stock of drugs to the Health Minister.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Channel 4 video: Local elements will be exposed soon (Chaminda Perera)

Transport Minister Dullas Allahapperuma yesterday said the restricted elements who were concerned in the manufacture of the video footage that was telecast on Channel 4 television will be divulged soon.
Addressing a press briefing at the Mahaweli Centre, the Minister said the Government has received in order that more than a few persons have connived with international basics in the production of this video footage which brought the country and the Security Forces into disrepute.
This is a campaign launched by a handful of persons who cautious the government's victory over terrorism as a individual setback.
We have proved that this video recording is a canard to disgrace the country and the Security Forces, he said.
Some elements who pointed their fingers at the Government over this video footage are now silent when it has been divulged that this footage was created with the mala fide intention of disgracing the Government.
Courtesy : Daily News

Sri Lankans in Japan make a donation for war heroes

Sri Lankans living in Nagoya city in Central State, Japan, have made a gift for the war heroes as to show their thanks on security forces personnel contributed their maximum to beat the LTTE terrorist association.
The donation comprising 120 wheel chairs, 25 clutches and 100 portable toilets were officially handed over to Secretary Defence in a charm purpose held at the defence office premises this afternoon, 10 Sep.
Chairperson of the Defence Ministry's Seva Vanitha Unit Mrs Ioma Rajapaksa handed over the wheel chairs and some other donated substance for the war heroes at the similar event.
"We should thank for all Sri Lankans in Nagoya city who contributed their barely earned money for the welfare of the war heroes" one of the envoy participated at the time said, language to
Representing the Sri Lankans in Nagoya, Mrs Chamila Priyanganie, Mrs G.A Wimalawathi, Mr Chandana Hettiarachchi, Mr W.G Premathilake, Mr S. M Jayalath, Mr J.A Siriwardena, Mr P. De S Kalinga, and Mrs Wickramasinha participated at the occasion.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Government to spend additional Rs. 350 Mn for welfare facilities of IDPs

The ministry of Resettlement and Disaster Relief Services presented a supplementary estimate of Rs.350 million seeking Parliamentary endorsement yesterday, 8 Sep, for the provision of welfare facilities of the Internally Displaced Persons sheltered in the wellbeing villages in Vavuniya, Jaffna and Mannar districts.
The IDPs who arrived in the government controlled areas were first accommodated in wellbeing centres and later transferred to welfare villages established with amenities such as security, shelter, food, drinking irrigate and sanitation.
The supplementary estimate was made as money allocated to the ministry for the day 2009 had proved to be insufficient to give facilities for large number of IDPs in the welfare villages.
Further, budgetary allocation for the year 2009 are not adequate to meet the communications costs already incurred and future expenses relating to stipulation of basic and wellbeing facilities for the IDPs.

"Uthuru Wasanthaya" develops 35 villages in Vavuniya district

Thirty five villages in the Vavuniya district are life form developed under the "Uthuru Wasanthaya " 180-days accelerated program launched by the government to remove the Tamil civilians sheltered in the wellbeing camps due to LTTE activities.
The programme is life form implemented on instructions of the President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the guidance of leader of the "Uthuru Wasanthaya" Task Force, Senior Presidential consultant and Parliamentarian Basil Rajapaksa. Northern Governor G.A. Chandrasiri has also instructed the relevant officials to go faster the growth process underway.
Under the development project it will get better the pre-identified communications of these villages to give more amenities for the Tamil civilians to be resettled in the region shortly.
Nearly 30,000 civilians of 35 villages coming under the Vavuniya, Vavuniya South, Vavuniya North and Settikulam Divisional Secretariats are due to be resettled on one occasion immediately after the infrastructure development is completed, an official said.
Infrastructure facilities for eating water, electricity, road, health, education, irrigation and farming are the main concerns of the development.

Monday, September 7, 2009

"Lahore attack on Sri Lankan cricket team last was financed by LTTE" says Pakistan Premier (By: Walter Jayawardhana)

Pakistani investigators have discovered the attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket team in Lahore, Pakistan was financed by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fundamental group.
Pakistani Prime Minister Yousouf Raza Gilani told journalists that the finding by the Pakistani law enforcement establishment has been already conveyed to the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa when they met recently in the Libyan capital of Tripoli.
He told reporters that a Pakistani side of detectives will be coming to Sri Lanka to further investigate the involvement of the LTTE terrorists and share information with the Sri Lankan government on the attack of the cricket team.
Pakistani Prime Minister told reporters detectives have now got indications to suggest that the terrorist group LTTE had financed the attack by 12 gunmen on the bus transport Sri Lankan cricketers, March 2009, near Gadaffi Stadium in Lahore.
In June this year a terrorist group called Tehrik-e-Taliban claimed blame for the attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers.
LTTE terrorists have maintained relations with the Pakistani and Middle Eastern terrorist groups and the widely used suicide jackets by the Middle Eastern suicide missions is an invention by the LTTE, security experts say.
In March the Sri Lankan cricketers were on their third day of the second test match when the attack occurred. The damage to the Sri Lankan cricket team would have been better if not for the bravery of the Pakistani driver of the coach who drove through a hail of bullets by the violent gunmen. Six members of the Sri Lankan cricket team were injured while six Pakistani policemen and two civilians were killed.
The global Cricket Council cancelled Pakistan as the venue for the World Cup matches in 2011 followed by the cancellations of many scheduled visits of abroad cricket teams to the country, costing the nation millions.

Channel 4 canard Lanka to send top official to London

Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday (06 September) said that a senior government representative would be sent shortly to the UK to investigate the so-called Channel 4 execution video. Rajapaksa expressed self-assurance that the country could face a threat posed by the LTTE propaganda machine, now that the LTTE had been crushed militarily. He pointed out that the international group of people should not be deceived by LTTE propaganda tactics.
Siri Hewawitharana, a Sri Lankan IT expert, who lately bare Channel 4 execution videocassette as a fake, subsequently pointed out that it was dubbed to give the effect of firing sounds. Ruling out that the video had been at first done by a mobile telephone camera he said that a high fineness video camera had been used for that reason. It had later been transferred to a mobile phone, he said. The poor quality dubbing, he said, betrayed the fact that it was not handled by specialists.
Courtesy : The Island

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hundreds of Londoners to demonstrate against channel 4 (By: Walter Jayawardhana)

Hundreds of British citizens of Sri Lankan origin will show in front of London's Horseferry Road Channel 4 news television broadcasting station today demanding an apology or prove the authenticity of a video footage they broadcast claiming implementation style killing by the Sri Lanka Army.
The demonstration organizers ,British Sri Lankan Forum , says the footage the TV channel broadcast was actually a dramatization of a mock killing by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)to be used as propaganda material against the Sri Lanka government, eight months before it was broadcast by channel 4.
Sri Lal Dias , one of the organizers of the demonstrators of the British Sri Lanka Forum said, "Channel 4 cannot clean themselves up by simply saying they cannot authenticate what they broadcast. They are bound to broadcast object truth. They are not fair by its viewers if they broadcast dramatizations of incidents as truth."
He said they demand the Channel 4 either apologize or show the authenticity of the video footage they showed as true.
A petition to be handed over at the position says, "Channel 4 news in the UK broadcast unauthenticated video footage, accusing Sri Lankan security forces and the government of war crimes. This alleged incident shown on prime-time TV took the whole world by tempest and hugely damaged the reputation of Sri Lanka and our brave forces as well as discrediting the reconciliation, reconstruction and treatment programmes in Sri Lanka.
"Therefore, we would like to lodge our displeasure for broadcasting a fake video clip (most probably provided by a pro Tamil Tiger organisation) and request Channel 4 TV to make a public apology OR validate the video."
Dias said, the expression will be held Saturday September 5 from 11.00 a.m. to 2 p.m. in front of Channel-4 Television Corporation 124, Horseferry Road, London SW1P 2TX.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sri Lanka's human rights minister says in Geneva that channel 4 video footage is part of an orchestrated campaign to tarnish (By: Walter Jayawardhana

Sri Lanka's Minister for Disaster Management and Human human rights speaking to this correspondent from the United Nations in Geneva said the British Channel Four video broadcasting of an alleged extra judicial killing of a Sri Lankan prisoner is a part of an orchestrated campaign to dull the state and shift notice from a recovery back to a conflict period.
"The highly suspicious Channel four said they could not be known any genuineness to a video allegedly shot back in January this year and broadcast eight months later," Samarasinghe said in Geneva after taking part in deliberations with Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.
He likened the alleged video to the stable statements used by the international media of four medical hospital in the war torn Wanni region but who later confessed that they were compelled to make those statements under the pressure of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).
"This kind of things happened during the last stages of the conflict ; four doctors in the Wanni were used regularly by the international media to say there were huge person rights violations including bombing of hospitals and civilians by the Sri Lanka army. However after May 19, the end of the conflict, the doctors publicly admitted that what they said at the time was a consequence of extreme pressure brought on them by the LTTE. But unfortunately, by then, despite denial the damage had already been done."
"We also knew then there were certain video footage at that time smuggled out, according to sources, which turned out to be video footage shot by the LTTE stage managing or dramatization of the videoed incidents. One such incident was exposed on the defence website obviously showing a LTTE operative stage managing one."
Samarasinghe said, this is once again , in his opinion, another repletion of those incidents. He added, "But in any case a comprehensive study is happening in respect of the channel 4 video footage."
Mahinda Samarasinghe said during the discussion he has had with Secretary General Ban Ki Moon he showed grave concern about the video footage. He said he promised the SG a thorough investigation into the genuineness of the recording and keep him knowledgeable about the results.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Northern PC Headquarters in Mankulam

The Northern Provincial Council Headquarters will be situated at Mankulam at a cost of Rs.900 million.
Cabinet accepted this proposal by Local administration and Provincial Councils Minister Janaka Bandara Tennekoon this week to go on with this necessity.
The required money would be owed under the budgetary vote for 2010 when the after that budget is obtainable to parliament.
Another allocation of Rs.625 million is required under the budgetary allocation for next year of the ministry for the rebuilding of fully or partially damaged Local power buildings in the Northern Province.
Many of those building were damaged by the LTTE during the three decade old war and it forcibly used some of these buildings for terrorist activity.
The location of the Northern Provincial Council Headquarters in Mankulam will help to control affairs and operate smoothly with no delay.
Courtesy : Government Information Department

After Independence : Unprecedented development in the North

As peace returned to the once war torn Northern theatre, the populace of the North today witness growth projects in their areas,hitherto never ever witnessed as independence, Political Observers disclosed.
The government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, through the idea of 'Uthuru Wasanthaya" (Northern Spring),spearheaded by by the Chairman of the Northern Task Force,Senior Presidential Adviser,Basil Rajapaksa,MP, has launched an extensive development effort in the North cover every aspect close to the needs of those people.
Intellects from the Jaffna peninsula have stated that no government in the past since independence have focussed notice on the North as done today by the government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa."Its' huge task the President and his administration has embarked upon but that was the need during the past six decades of independence", they have claimed to a group of self-governing observers who toured the Northern front recently.
The ignorance to speak to the needs of the northern people by many preceding governments, the Jaffna people claim led to uprisings that finally ended in terrorism."We are grateful to the President and his administration for crushing the LTTE which continued terrorist acts despite attempts by the government to discuss peace moves", a senior citizen from Jaffna who have had his two sons killed by the LTTE had disclosed to a news agency in South East Asia.
The 'Uthuru Wasanthaya' programme launched by the government has embarked upon all needs of the Jaffna people cover the basic needs of their lawful aspirations, the residents said.
Educationists in Jaffna have welcomed the events taken by Colombo to upgrade schools and give all facilities to students."We need to build an educated Tamil generation after thirty years of war that took our bright children absent as a result of LTTE terrorism", a senior educationist told from his home in Chundikuli,Jaffna.His wife is a retired teacher from the Chundikuli Girls' School, a well respected educational organization in the peninsula.
This week the farming community in Jaffna from the agriculture were jubilant over the efforts by the administration to help them restart cultivation that was affected by LTTE terrorism for over two decades. older Presidential Adviser, Basil Rajapaksa there on that occassion assured the farming community that all possible facilities would be given to them to embark upon a winning agricultural journey.
With electricity being restored to normalcy, the physical condition facilities in all hospitals have been widened to ensure better armed forces to the patients both outdoor and indoor.
The fishing industry has complete great success after the lifting of restrictions on fishing in June this year.The fish production has doubled and plans are happening to to bring the surplus to Colombo.
Life in Jaffna is back to usual with an effective traveler rail and bus transport service catering to the public from dawn to dusk.
Courtesy : Government Information Department

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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AdSense launched in Lithuanian, Ukrainian, and Latvian

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Inside the science of contextual matching

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Desert Cups Cricket Academy donates our war heroes

The Desert Cups Cricket school in Shajah United Arab Emirates (UAE) made a donation showing gratitude on war heroes made sacrifices for defensive the motherland on 10th August 2009.
Coach of the Cricket Academy, Mr Presley Polonnowita, team members and their parents have made their payment for the donation.
The donation including10 Air mattresses and 25 control were handed over to conflict heroes in the presence of the president of Defence Ministry's Seva Vanitha Unit (SVU) Mrs Ioma Rajapaksa in a charm function held at the Defence Ministry's hall.
Major General Shavendra De Silva, Director Operation of Sri Lanka Army, Brig. K P Sumanapala, Commanding Officer of Sri Lanka military hospital and members of Defence Ministry's SVU also participated at the time

Former Commander General Seneviratne Passes Away

General G.D.G.N. Seneviratne VSV, former Commander of the Army passed not present this sunrise (12), the Army head office announced.
General Seneviratne who commanded Sri Lanka military from 12th February 1985 to 15th August 1988 was the 10th leader of the Army.
Courtesy: SL Army

Nearly 170 ex-Tiger child soldiers sit ALs

Nearly 170 former LTTE youngster soldiers sat the GCE Advanced Level in Vavuniya yesterday as a result of the Government's caring operations to free the North and East populace from the control of LTTE terrorism, Examinations Department sources said. The Advanced Level Examination 2009 commenced in 1,827 test centres yesterday.
The Examinations Department has established 10 particular examination centres in Vavuniya for 1,263 displaced candidates who are currently housed in IDP welfare villages in Vavuniya. Sources said 166 ex-child military from displaced camps sat the Advanced Level examination yesterday.
Under the way of the Education Ministry, the Examinations Department had taken ladder to conduct more than a few extra classes to upgrade the information of the students session the Advanced Level Examination this year.
Meanwhile, no incidents were reported during the G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination which began yesterday at 1,827 examination centres all through the state, Examinations official General Anura Edirisinghe said.
The examination will carry on until September 5 and will not be held on Sundays. A sum of 242,091 school and confidential candidates are session the examination this year. "Candidates are severely advised to obey and follow examination system so as to ensure a trouble free examination process. Candidates have to produce their nationwide Identity Cards or an accepted identity such as a valid identification to establish their identity.
"However candidates who fail to do so will be permissible to sit the examination, but their results will be issued only after they establish their identity. The Examinations Department will take strict action next to candidates who flout examination rules," the Commissioner said.
The Examinations section has taken steps to ensure the smooth behavior of the examination. Accordingly, around 300 educationalists will assess the examination process.
In addition, the examination is monitored through 267 Examination Coordinating Centres. Around 70,000 teachers and officials are involved in conducting the test as invigilators at the examination centres.
Courtesy: Daily News

Military items recovered in Batticaloa and Mullaittivu

During a search operation conducted by Sri Lanka army 232 Brigade recovered next armed items in Ilukkuweddai yesterday 11.
Items Quantity
Shot guns 04
Shot gun Ammo 04
82/2 Hand Grenades 02
231 Brigade recovered 1 x Hand Grenade and 2Kg of Explosives in General area Kahawattamunai on the same day.
Meanwhile Police particular Task Force Troops recovered 113 x 120 Motor Bombs throughout a search procedure conducted in General area Tharavikulama and also in General region Alanchipothana Village Police recovered 1x T- 56 Weapon yesterday (11).
In Mullaittvu General area Puthukudiyiruppu Special Force Troops recovered 3x T- 56 Mark 1 Weapon and 2x T-56 Mark 11 weapons. Meanwhile job Force 3 Troops recovered 1x 81 mm Mortar Bomb in General area Ampakamam , Task Force 5 Troops recovered 1042 x 7.62x 39 mm Ammo and 9x SFG 82 Hand Grenades in General area Kalavankulam and Task Force 2 troops healthier 1x Pencil Shooter and 110 x .22 Ammo in General area Puthukudiyiruppu.
Troops of Task power 8 also recovered following war like matter in General area Sugandhipuram and Puthukudiyiruppu West.
Items Quantity
Boat Engines 04
60 mm Mortar Bomb Chargers 16
7.62x39 mm Ammo 69
MPMG Links 04
Hand Grenades 04
RPG Bomb 01
81 mm Mortar Bombs 02
7.62 X 51 MM AMMO 976
in the meantime the Task Force 8 Troops recovered following in universal area in Puthukudiyiruppu East yesterday August (11).
Items Quantity
1100 Mobile Phones 07
1100 Phone Batteries 06
7.62 x 39 mm Ammo Boxes 06
RPG Bombs 03
National IDs 29
ID of TELO Organization 1
Code Sheet File 1
Mobile Phone Antenna 1
Mobile Receiver 1
T-56 Weapon 05
T- 56 Magazines 12
TV Antenna 1
7.62 x 54Ammo 275
0.30 Ammo 500
7.62x 51 Ammo 976
60 mm Mortar Bomb 15
81 mm Mortar Bomb 6
Pistols 5
Pistol Magazines 5
I Com Radio Sets 3
I Com Chargers 1

More buses for Jaffna, Point Pedro and Karainagar depots

The Government has taken necessary actions to get bigger transport facilities for public of the Northern Province. Accordingly, Buses and spare parts were provided for the depots in Jaffna, Point Pedro and Karainagar lately.
"We are thankful to the Government for increasing the convey facilities in the Northern province and it would be a great help for the people who live in these areas and it will make their day-to-day life easy," Sri Lanka Transport Board Northern region Chief Manager, Ganesh Pullai said.
"Since, there are many growth projects that have been in progress in these areas we can expect a main economic and cultural growth there in the near future" he further said participating at a event at the Sri Lanka Transport Board skull place of work to provide buses and spare parts for three depots in the Northern province.
Road traveler Transport Minister, Lasantha Alagiyawanna and Sri Lanka convey Board Chairman Dhammika Hewapathirana also attended the event.

NCC Girls' Annual Assessment camp held at Rantembe

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) Girls' Annual appraisal camp was held lately at NCC training Center at Rantembe.
The chief visitor of the Passing out procession was president of Defence Ministry's Seva Vanitha Unit (SVU) Mrs. Ioma Rajapaksa.
Director of NCC Maj. General Gamini Jayasundara RWP, RSP and many senior officers of NCC contributed at the time. Chairperson of NCC Seva Vanitha Branch Mrs. Priyanthi Jayasundera and parents of school cadets also attended at the event.
The cadet squad of the Ratnawalee Balika Maha Vidyalaya, Gampaha, won the first Place in the Girls' Annual assessment camp held 19th-26th July.

Special bus, train services for Madhu pilgrims

The Transport Ministry has introduced special bus and train armed forces to cater to pilgrims visiting the Sacred Madhu Church for the yearly feast this season.
The services launched on the plan of Ministers Dullas Alahapperuma and Lasantha Alagiyawanna under the co-ordination of Aviation Deputy Minister Sarath Kumara Gunaratne will start with trains from Colombo Fort to Medawachchiya and rear from today. The Colombo-
Medawachchiya trains will operate daily till August 15, a press release by the Government Information part said. The release said separately from this, there will be a straight train from Matara to Medawachchiya and back daily. From August 14, train services will also function from Negombo to Medawachchiya and back. The Negombo CTB depot has also planned a particular tour service for Madhu pilgrims from August 13.
Each tour including two nights will cost Rs. 37,000 while three nights will cost Rs. 42,000. Each bus can house 42 passengers comfortably.
Courtesy: Daily News