Friday, November 7, 2008

Young Tamil parents with their toddlers flee from LTTE Terror in Mullaitivu

Sri Lanka Navy rescued 03 Tamil families with their toddlers and teenager children accompanied by a gentleman grown-up in the Eastern seas off Pulmudai in the wee hours of yesterday, the 05th of November 2008.
The group, numbering 13 (8 males and 5 females), had been fleeing from the LTTE terror in Mullaitivu on board a fiber glass ship in the air a white standard for protection, avoidance the hawkish eyes of the LTTE carders on the follow when they were encountered by the naval personnel who are completely deployed in the Northern seas as a part of the Navy's caring mission to save the fleeing blameless Tamil civilians.
The first family consisted of a father aged 47 and his two teenage children (a son aged 13 and a daughter aged 18). The second family comprised of two young parents (a father and a mother, both aged 22) and their baby son who is just 02 years of age. They were also supplementary their teenager brother aged 15 who was livelihood with them for protection. The third family, which also consisted of young parents (a father and a mother aged 29 and 23 respectively) has two young daughters, of whom one is just 05 years and the other is hardly one and half years in age.
The teenagers in the group, who appear to show a keen notice in pursuing their education uninterrupted for a brighter future, secretively unfolded their self-suppressed wishes with the welcoming naval personnel, with whom they fast struck a cordial friendship as many of them were similar to their elder brothers and sisters. They bare that many of their ineffective friends, having been by force conscripted, are languishing under the LTTE control and are deprived of their fair teaching which, they believe, the only way of getting out of the wide-spread chimera of illusion, which is based on dreamlike and false promises propagated by the terror group to influence the na‹ve and the young. Having set base in the safe hands in the unconventional areas where many more of their counterparts are savoring the freedom, which is quite due to youth and young people, they expressed great relief for the first time in their lives for they can now see for themselves what it feels like to be really liberated from terror.
The young parents, surveillance over their toddlers who had set up corporation in the type women in azure in the Navy, uphold that they sense all their hopes to be in the middle of their relations members with satisfaction have been dashed by the cruel LTTE outfit. Therefore, they say, they get on this unsafe escapade in order to give their much-loved young people a better tomorrow, which they maintain, had been disadvantaged of to them for decades. They spoken their thanks to the Navy for coming into their put to one side at an hour when even the dark engulfing the aloof waters was after that to them.

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