Saturday, November 29, 2008

NGO nexus hatches conspiracy against military operations

Triggered by fear and anxiety at LTTE's inevitable defeat at Mullaitivu, some top officials of a famous NGO and a nexus of pro-LTTE groups have held secret deliberations to sketch-out urgent and drastic methods to stall the Wanni military operations.
According to informed sources, the discussion has in use place in a star class hotel at Kollupitiya, Colombo recently, where suggestions careful were the raising of public agitation against the military surge in the North, character assassination campaigns against top military officers, and a variety of other propaganda and campaigning moves, knowledgeable sources reveal.
According to these sources, 18 prominent persons of the Colombo elite, who are the main beneficiaries of the said NGO, have participated at the meeting, which was also attended by a well-known movies actress. The NGO officials have in hazard these individuals of severe sanctions such as the stopping of current funds, reconsidering proposals for future financial support and other benefits in the event of the supporting nexus fails to halt the military advances, in the North, through extensive campaigning, media treatment and every other means.
"If in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu there is an LTTE debacle you people will soon have to find alternatives ways for a living," the NGO officials had allegedly warned their Colombo nexus.
Meanwhile, additional discussions were held to get details of whereabouts and receptive information about government officials, anti-terrorist activists and media personnel, who are thoroughly opposing and voicing opinions next to the LTTE, as well and looking into promoting the 'victim industry', by giving advertising to so-called victims of the present military operations. The blue-prints are now being drawn up for the initial stage of this "anti-war" campaign, highlighting "victims" problems, varied out in bike with mudslinging and nature murder movement next to key military personnel and critics of the LTTE. will carry on to keep a watch for such developments and stay you posted.

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