Saturday, November 22, 2008

Commander congratulates his Pooneryn & Wanni heroes

On the heels of Army gains over Pooneryn, Mankulam, Kokavil and somewhere else in the Wanni theater of humanitarian operations, Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka Friday (21) morning flew to Security Forces head office Wanni (SFHQ-W) to offer his abundant gratitude and commendation to the heroic troopsanswerable for consecutive military achievements.
Lieutenant General Fonseka at the beginning of the chat at the security Forces Headquarters, Wanni congratulated all the Commanders of own Divisions, Brigades and other Formations on their achievements, first and foremost complete in Pooneryn, enabling re-gap of the A-32 land way shortly to Jaffna peninsula.
Paying a special compliment to those ground troops, Commander reminded the importance of Pooneryn and told his officers that Army Engineer troops have by now moved into the A-32 Highway areas for urgent overhaul work in consultation with other condition agencies
Lieutenant General Fonseka, on being knowledgeable of the influx of thirty-nine Tamil civilians in Omanthe, just a few hours before his entry into SFHQ-W inquired about arrangements in place to take delivery of those escapees coming from un-cleared areas. Resumption of ICRC duties on Friday (21) at Omanthe Entry/Exit point, Conduct of prospect tradition permission procedures, way of UN and Government food convoys into un-cleared areas, proceedings need to be taken to stop possible penetration of Tiger terrorists and their proxies into unfilled areas, future Wanni offensives, etc were among many other matters of military meaning that were taken up during this meeting after the visiting Commander received briefings from ground commanders there at the meeting.
Lieutenant General Fonseka also spelt out proceedings that should be adopted harshly to zero occupant wounded in the future offensives, too without send-off any room for the adversary to exploit in any possibility.
Major General J.C Rambukpotha, acting Commander SFHQ-W received the Commander and his outside on influx at the Wanni airstrip. Major General Rambukpotha at the beginning of the gathering presented an in general clarification of the security state of relationships in the entire Wanni.

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