Friday, November 7, 2008

US commends military operations against LTTE

"I am sure the Sri Lankan armed has very best intentions in the world (to defeat LTTE). Surely, they would similar to to have greater ability and capacity, but the progress they are making is commendable", the US Admiral Timothy Keating, Commander of US soothing combined Command, told foreign news journalists in New York yesterday(Nov 6).
"We are very satisfied the Sri Lankan Navy has been clever to wage an more and more effective movement against the LTTE," Admiral Keating said adding that the LTTE would be a decreasingly significant factor of much less arrive at than they are and have been in the history.
"We are certain and grateful by the progress that the Sri Lankan convey weapons is making, and I think, the Sri Lankan military would be the primary to confess that there is work to be done" he was extra quoted as saying.
Sri Lankan Army chief Sarath Fonseka said near the beginning this week in Colombo that LTTE's '80 percent' of the rivalry capabilities have been eliminated. He also claimed that the Sri Lankan troops were now seven kilometres absent from the Kilaly lagoon, which links northern Jaffna peninsula to the Wanni mainland the length of the western shore.
Admiral Timothy Keating is the head of the US Pacific authority, with its head office in Hawaii, who is also accountable for the US military operations ranging from Australia and New Zealand to China, Taiwan and Japan to India and Sri Lanka. Washington has prohibited the LTTE as an global terrorist outfit since 1997.
LTTE is a cruel terrorist group that has been hostility for a mono racial divide homeland for the Tamils in Sri Lanka since 1983. During its 3 decades of survival the outfit has pioneered a big number of terror plans first and foremost in the meadow of suicide bombing, that have been soon copied by the additional terror organizations in the world .
Fuelled by extremist tribal ideologies held by their megalomaniac leader, V. Prabhakaran, and mainly foreign money generated from side to exterior its false propaganda, LTTE terrorists have killed tens and thousands of blameless civilians in many country group of people massacres, bus bombings , train bombings, ethnic cleansing raids , and etc. The outfit is also built-in in the UN list of shame for by children for terror attacks.

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