Friday, November 28, 2008

Civilian information helps to avert disaster- Kandana

The Kandana Police drama on civilian information received, have uncovered a couple of sandals laden with C-4 high explosives at Kapuwatta in Kadnana, early this morning (Nov 28).
According to police sources the volatile loaded sandals were establish by road shut to the Kandana public graveyard following opportune announcement by two young men who had informed the 119 emergency line. Both the sandals were stuffed with 750gs and 500gs of explosives respectively, police said adding that two detonators and a 9v series section was also found throughout further investigations.
The bombs were defused by the Army Bomb Disposal group, who had at home at the scene right away.
Meanwhile, security forces personnel exposed a claymore mine while conducting a search process in worldwide area Pallechole in Batticaloa last evening, 27 November.
unconnectedly, troops have found three hand bullets in a search process conducted in Pokurani general area in Trincomalee.

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