Monday, November 24, 2008

TN Police conducts massive search operations for LTTE infiltrators

The Tamil Nadu Police has allegedly busy in a massive search process in pursue of injured terrorists who are supposed to have infiltrated into the Indian shores, evasion the counter-terrorist operations by Sri Lankan armed in the islands Wanni and Northern regions.
Search operations were conducted at Rameshwaran and Ramanathapuram coasts, home for many person in banish camps the sources said. Worries of possible penetration by LTTE terrorists have better than before throughout the past few days, Tamil Nadu police officials were quoted as saying citing reports of empty thread glass boats which were found off Rameshwaran coast.
According to Indian news agencies, a boat with bullet marks was seized at Kambipadu near Dhanushkodi on November 19. The spotting of the unfilled boats is raising concern, an IB official said addition if the LTTE had come by the boats they would have left into the vast stretches of casurina jungle between Pamban and Dhanushkodi.
"It is quite probable they (the LTTE) would have in use the tropical woods way, as they are the only people thorough with the casurina jungle," an official was quoted saying.
Diesel and substance cans and boat engines etc were establish from the jungles some months ago. The official also criticised the Government's move to close the Naval camp at Arichalmunai and said the Navy men at the place used to keep a 24 hour watch on the coast. A CRPF make certain place at the Dhanushkodi had also been closed.
There was only one policeman monitoring the coast in the region, the official said. Meanwhile, the coastguard had deployed one more boat to patrol the south sea. Besides, the Navy had documented a new Forward Observation Post (FOP) at Seeniappa Dharga near Mandapam.
The post, which would have marine commandos and craft, was in adding to a FOP at Mukundarayar Chattiram. But Coastal safety officials want the FOP to be shifted to Arichalmunai, as the there one had proved to be germ-free with the detection of the two deserted boats, the sources extra said.

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