Friday, November 7, 2008

Intense fighting in northwest of Mankulam, LTTE suffers heavy beating

Troops of the recently shaped military formation, Task Force 3, advancing from northwest of Mankulam towards A-9 main road dominating terror areas, confronted with LTTE terrorists causing serious damage to the adversary yesterday, 06 November.
According to the sources, hours long rivalry ensued in general area Panikkankulam send-off scores of terror cadres killed and many others upset. By intercepting terror message, it is learnt so as to a lot of terror cadres gone missing throughout the quarrel.
In a following search procedure conducted in the area, troops have establish 7 bodies of LTTE cadres killed all from side to side the physically powerful fight. One GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun), five T-56 riffles and one T-81 riffle were also establish in the search procedure.
Troops are continuing their march towards Mankulam with capable armed thrust on LTTE.

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