Friday, November 14, 2008

Govt reiterates stand on CFA : LTTE must disarm

The Government's firm stand on the truce Agreement is unchanged, Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said adding there will not be calm talks with the LTTE if not it lays down arms and surrenders.
Addressing the media yesterday on the weekly safety state of affairs at the MCNS, Government Defence Affairs spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said during the last few days sure rudiments behind the LTTE future a CFA with the LTTE. "This was the usual practice of the LTTE when they were compressed militarily and weakened. They call for peace negotiation to halt the offensive and avoid the Security Forces' humanitarian assignment to liberate uncleared areas.
Our leaders experienced this throughout the last three decades," he added. "Whenever the LTTE proposes a CFA, it always ends it with obliteration and a calamity to the Government, public and dominion of the country," Minister Rambukwella remarked.
Minister Rambukwella reiterated that the Government firmly rejects any calm negotiation settlement with the LTTE unless the Tigers lay down arms and give in to Security Forces. "When President Mahinda Rajapaksa took office he right away extended an invite for peace talks with the LTTE. The President called the LTTE to the negotiation table in Geneva. The CFA was ill-treated by the LTTE in many occasions as then," the Minister said.
Minister Rambukwella said throughout the CFA the Jet Liner ship transport without arms forces on holiday and a Navy medical side had come under LTTE fire.
A vegetable marketplace too was bombed in Jaffna. 17 Commandos were killed in an attack, then an attempt was made to kill the Army Commander finally and Mavilaru sluice gate was attacked to disrupt the every day life of people who depend on farming.
Following these abuses of the CFA by the LTTE, the Government had determined to erase terrorism and release civilians from the LTTE clutches. "The East was eccentric and the democracy had been restored. The Easterners were allowable the franchise and their political rights restored, the Minister said.
Minister Rambukwella stressed that the North will be liberated and the caring mission will be continued by the Security Forces. The Government has no any meaning to talk with the LTTE unless it lays down weapons and surrender. We embarked on an humanitarian mission in the North and troops are productively marching onward and are now in the conquest of Kilinochchi.
The entire North and our brothers and sisters entrapped in the Tigers' hold will be eccentric in near future. Democracy will be restored in the North as in the East,'' he added.

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