Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Troops recover items during search operations - Vavuniya

Security forces while conducting search operations in general area Nithyanagar, Vavuniya have healthier a hoard of medical substance and accessories yesterday (Nov 3). According to military, the items were smuggled by LTTE to be deal out among its' operatives in the area.
Following is the list of items healthier during the look for process.
• a. 01 X 45 ft long detonator code
• b. 18 X Electric Detonators
• c. 629 x T-56 ammunition rounds
• d. 76 X M-16 ammunition rounds
• e. 02 X 9 V batteries
• f. 01 X pen torch battery
• g. 01 X injection set
• h. 01 X LTTE pack
• i. 01 X LTTE pouch
• j. 03 X side bags
• k. 02 X large gloves
• l. 06 X small gloves
• m. 01 X face mask
• n. 29 X small antibiotic medicine bottles
• o. 01 X TVS motor bike
Meanwhile, throughout a similar search process conducted on inhabitant information at Erikkalangal in Vavuniya, troops establish a T-56 physical attack riffle with periodical and ammunitions.

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