Saturday, November 1, 2008

Navy elites crush LTTE seaborne offensive; fighter jets target fleeing terrorist boats [Updated]

Air Force combatant jets have pounded LTTE boats stressed to every at Champion-Paththu coast after being compressed off by the Navy this morning (1st November). Air Force media spokesman Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara told that air strikes were taken at 8.30 a.m. He additional that two tiger boats destroyed and 3 LTTE terrorists were killed in the assault, citing intelligence reports.
Sri Lanka Navy's most excellent special boat squadron (SBS) and Rapid action boat squadron (RABS) intercepted a fleet of LTTE attack boats around 5.45, this morning, Off-Nagarkovil sea. According to the Naval sources, the LTTE fleet consisted over 15 boats.
Navy elites attacked the terrorists boats using their extremely possess special hostility technique, and destroyed 4 LTTE skill and inflicted compensation to another.
Intercepted LTTE radio transmissions have bare that 14 LTTE cadres counting 7 brain-washed suicide carders were killed and another 16 were wounded.
According to the Navy sources 5 sailors were injured in act.
According to the means of communication intercepted reports, 7 senior LTTE sea tiger cadres including Paduman master, Pulikutti, Seran, Kannan and Kalai-madhi were among the deceased.

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