Friday, November 21, 2008

Task Force 1 captures LTTE Airstrip – Pooneryn

Task Force 1 now marching towards Paranthan LTTE stranglehold has captured one of the LTTE airstrips situated in the Nivil area, Pooneryn this afternoon (Nov 20).
According to the defence sources in the filed, the airstrip is about 200m in distance end to end. The terrorists have demarcated a make improved of the B-69 Pooneryn-Parantan main road, which is also hypothetical to be used as an crisis hall narrow part by the LTTE, military sources said. Troops have recognized their forward limits about 14 km west from Paranthan and busy in clearing operations at present, the sources added.
The LTTE terrorists are the first terror group to procure airpower introducing a new measurement to the global terrorist warfare.

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