Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Heavy damages to LTTE at Northern FDLs- Jaffna

LTTE terrorists have continued serious compensation as rivalry brokeout flanked by troops and LTTE at the Northern lines of run at Pallai, Muhamalai and Nagarkovil since sunrise on Saturday (Nov 15).
The battles at the Northern FDLs continued as LTTE rudiments were pushed extra south with the strong weaponry assaults launched by the 55 and 53 Division troops, situated North and South of the A-9 main road, yesterday(Nov 16). According to Jaffna military sources, troops hold also besieged parts of the LTTE build earth bund cum ditch, while forward dominations basics claimed to have gained control over some parts of the LTTE defences along the bund line.
Troops met with irregular LTTE resistance fire, yet continued dominations as terrorists were unable to maintain the multi-pronged military physical physical attack. The military forward push was also assist with low height bombing raids made bottomless into LTTE defences by SLAF fighter jets, Army sources said. Military citing intercepted LTTE communication said that, LTTE terrorists were left in total confusion as the Air force armed armed forces made suave maneuvers sore recognized LTTE weaponry and mortar launching pads in the Peninsula.
Army has also deployed the custom infantry division in support of the rear defences, the sources extra said. Meanwhile, anonymous sources reporting from the non-liberated area said that, LTTE has sent knowledgeable senior transport weapons armed forces to direct the mixed-up terrorist basics in vain, to make bigger the military go forward. Jerry, Muhundan, Kadalparidi, Puhalendi and Sendeer were recognized as older cadres in charge of the LTTE rudiments assisting Teepan at the Northern battlefront.

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