Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Those who belittle army is an insult to the nation" says Army Commander

Sri Lanka Army Commander Lt. General Sarath Fonseka , emotional the factions who are disparagement the achievements of the soldiers as adding affront to the whole nation.
Lt. General Fonseka was being interviewed by the 'Thulawa program' of the Self-Governing Television Network (ITN) in Colombo on 19th November
vocation such statements made without evaluating the great achievements by the soldiers could only be made by a trick the army leader said, " even if the country kept the army to protect the people from terrorism without the war they would use the same amount of cash to feed and uphold the army."
Earlier, some pro-LTTE factions had played down the achievements of the military as an delusion and a waste of money.
Similar, criticisms were also drawn from these doomsayers when the army over ran LTTE's Thoppigala barracks calling the area only a jungle in the Eastern Province. The security forces have captured LTTE's Western coast give point Pooneryn and a part of the A9, cornering LTTE to Kilinochichi and Mullaittivu jungles.
Lt. General Sarath Fonseka in his Thulawa interview further said , "The Army needs to buy weapons to eliminate the terrorists. It is stupid to make such calculations. It is a picture wrought by a fool who cannot understand the reality. There are certain armies in the world that have not fought for even 10 years and not killed a single terrorist. Armies do not earn any income. It is rude for a politician or an intellectual to make deceptive statements due to their ease in English. Results of the achievements should be in use into consideration."
The Army commander said some politicians make such statements thinking the normal civilians are fools. But they cannot be misled, he opined.

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