Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Terrorism should be crushed from all fronts", says Secretary Defence

"Today's soldiers, sailors and airmen are necessary to be competent in a wide array of war hostility tasks. We have to tackle terrorism with force to squash it, and crush it forever. Terrorism has to be confronted with military force at every height. We owe it to our prospect generations to battle terrorism in all its forms and to beat it convincingly", said Secretary Defence Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa during the address delivered at the 2nd convocation rite of the Batalanda Defence Services Command and Staff College, on Tuesday (Dec 30).
"As a country we were brave sufficient to do that. We have not won the war yet, the fight is not over, but we are winning", he further asserted.
Fifty eight senior officers from Armed Forces and Police, obtained their psc (Passed Staff College) degree in a impressive ceremony held at the DSCSC.
37 officers from the Sri Lanka Army, 8 officers from the Sri Lanka Navy, 12 officers from the Sri Lanka Air Force and one officer from the Police Department who successfully completed the course here and abroad conventional their parchments from the desk Defence Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the Chief Guest of the ceremony.
This is the second convocation of the organization after it was eminent to the rank of DSCSC in January 2007.
Following are excerpts of the speech delivered by the Secretary Defence at the DSCSC on Tuesday.
First of all, let me express thanks the Commandant and the staff of the Defence Services Command and Staff College for attractive me as the chief guest of the commencement rite today. I would also like to praise the staff and the scholar officers for completing another winning route.
I am sure, all officers graduating today have now acquired a bottomless imminent into the use of armed forces in intended operations. You will be able to self-assuredly handle all ready and managerial staff functions in the formations. You may also have cultivated an interest in broadening your vision, professional foundation and outlook. These are ingredients essential for you to be an prepared head.
The time has come for us to develop effective leaders for the on-going battle against terrorism. The importance of military leadership at all levels remains at a high level. In order to win in a counter terrorism environment, bold leadership is an essential quality that all leaders should possess.
Dynamic leadership at every level, from sergeant to general, is imperative. Combat in counter terrorism is frequently a small-unit leader's fight; however, commanders' actions at battalion, brigade and division levels remain very critical. Senior leaders, therefore, set the conditions and the tone for all actions by their subordinates.
Today's soldiers, sailors and airmen are required to be competent in a broad array of war fighting tasks. We have to confront terrorism with force to crush it, and crush it forever. Terrorism has to be confronted with military force at every level. We owe it to our future generations to combat terrorism in all its forms and to defeat it convincingly.
Therefore, we have to confront terrorists militarily. We, as a country were bold enough to do that.
We have not won the war yet, the battle is not over, but we are winning.
Our mission was very clear from the very start. No ambiguity whatsoever. We were absolutely clear that our commitment is first and foremost to the national security. This was the right thing to do. It has been fully justified and has the full support of the public. We have the public support, not only for the military, but for our mission as well.
From the very beginning, we knew our mission was achievable. We knew, we could win provided we have a bold political and military leadership, sound plans, adequate manpower and correct equipment.
We knew how to achieve our mission, but in the process, we had to make some sacrifices. But, those sacrifices are worth it. Those sacrifices, ladies and gentlemen, are to save our beloved motherland from total disintegration. Some international speakers talk about terrorism,
The terrorists are exploiting the freedoms and the legal systems and the civil and human rights that Sri Lanka has guaranteed. I strongly believe that a balance must be achieved between the need to uphold human rights and national security considerations.
I am inspired by the buoyant determination, professionalism and extraordinary spirit of our troops. Their morale is high; their sense of mission is strong; their pride palpable and contagious.
Indeed, very often those confronted with the most dangerous task are those most up for it, most resolute.

SLAF jets, helicopter gunships raid LTTE positions at Paranthan-Kilinochchi

SLAF combatant jets, MI-24 helicopter gunships made consecutive ground-support air assaults at recognized LTTE confrontation positions and mobile units in universal region Paranthan, today (Dec 31).
The air strikes were approved out since 12.30p.m, Air Force Spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara said. At 12.30p.m, MI-24 helicopter gunships made initial attacks at LTTE, followed by 2 consecutive raids East and South of the Paranthan connection at 12.45p.m., and 2.45p.m, in that order.
The raids were intense at LTTE resistance positions while one more attack was approved out at an LTTE command post and 2 vehicles built-in with anti-air craft guns in the Paranthan junction. The command post was shattered along with a income of transportation Spokesperson, Wing Commander Nanayakkara said, adding that the other vehicle was also upset in the air hit.

13 people flee LTTE, seek protection with security forces- Kilinochchi

13 civilians counting 5 men, 6 women and 2 children have sought defense with security forces at Thadduvankoddy, North of Paranthan today (Dec 31) at approximately 9a.m.
The civilians have fled from the non-liberated Vaddakkachchi area, Southeast of Paranthan following unparalleled hardships from LTTE terrorists. According to revelations made, LTTE terrorists have forcibly taken blood from some of the civilians on more than a few occasions. "The LTTE is organization out of hostility cadres with the rising victim rates and these civilians are continually victimized for its war-craze", a armed official said.
Earlier, it was exposed that LTTE terrorists had abducted 16 children from a wide-ranging minster run orphanage at Dahrmapuram in Kilinochchi.

Sri Lanka Army Task Force 1 troops are on the edge of scoring another historic conquest by liberating the strategically located Paranthan town, make known battlefield sources. Troops gained total manage over the Thadduwankoddy and Komarikudakulam villages compulsory the Paranthan built up by previous afternoon (Dec 30).
According to the battlefield information, troops while advancing towards Paranthan had several confrontations with the terrorist in the area South of B-69 (Pooneryn- Paranthan) road during day. Heavy confrontations were reported around 9.30 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM resultant harsh prize to the terrorist. Troops establish 6 bodies of LTTE cadres throughout payment operations.
Meanwhile, snipers deployed on the forward limitsreport ed killing of 6 LTTE cadres throughout the day. divide confrontations erupted around 7 to 7.30 in the evening somewhere else on the battlefront when troops made additional advanced towards east . Troops claimed heavy recompense to the terrorists
Defence observers are in the view that fall of Paranthan would open a entry to the LTTE's last defences in the Vaddakachchi , and Puthukkudiyiruppu areas on the A-35 road (Paranthan- Mullaittivu).

Convocation of the Defence Services Command & Staff College - Batalanda

The government's intention is to improve the professionalism of the members of the Security Forces who are the protector angels the nation from side to side in skills preparation.
Under this program. 58 older officers of the tri - services and law enforcement who efficiently finished courses were awarded degrees at a Convocation held at the major hall of the Defence Services Command and Staff College yesterday (Dec 30).
Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Secretary of the Ministry of National Security, Public safety and Law and Order graced the time as the Chief Guest.
Major General N.A. Ranasinghe serves as the Commandant of the Command and Defence Forces Staff College allied to the University of Kelaniya. 37 Army officers, 12 Air Force officers, 08 Navy Officers and one police officer were awarded the psc degree.
At the beginning visuals depicting the study tours made in Malayasia, Indonesia and Qatar were exposed. Sqn ldr M.D.A.G. Seneviratna of the Sri Lanka Air Force conventional 'Ran panhida' award for the best research thesis. Further Major H.A. Hapugoda of Sri Lanka Army, Captain A.A.R.K. Perera, of the Navy Group Captain D.M.S.Karunarathna, Air Force and M.P.AG. Senevirathna, Sqn ldr of the Air Force conventional awards for excellence. At the closing ceremony of the convocation, Major General N.A. Ranasinghe, Commandant ceremonially obtainable the book of the College to Defence Secretary Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse.
The Course is conducted for a year and the services of lecturers including exterior lecturers are obtained. The course is categorized as base Course, Military Operations and joint Operations and other services. At the outset, the organization was known as Army Staff College and later renamed as Command and Defence Forces Staff College.
Already, 301 officers of the tri - forces and police have been awarded degrees illustrious guests including Air Chief Marshall Donald Perera, Chief of Staff the Army Commander Lt. General Sarath Fonseka, Air Force Commander Air Marshall Roshan Gunatilaka, Navy Commander Vice Admiral Vasantha Karannagoda, Prof. S.T.B. Amunugama, Vice - Chancellor, University of Kelaniya Mr. Mahinda Saliya, Secretary, the Treasury, Former Army Commanders and older officers of the tri - forces participated.

Fighting continues at the Kilinochchi built-up

57 Division troops entered the Kilinochchi built-up after intense fighting with LTTE
Fighting bankrupt out between troops and LTTE terrorists at the outer edge of the Kilinochchi built-up yesterday (Dec 30), while military long-established harsh losses to LTTE throughout the confrontations.
Army forward power basics have allegedly breached the a lot transport weapons LTTE defence lines in more than a few locations North of Akkarayankulama and North of Iranamadu and taken the battles into the terrorist den, defence sources said.
According to earth sources, terrorists have misplaced their dominance over the earth bund cum ditch nearby Kilinochchi following days of heavy fighting with security forces.
The Kilinochchi battlefront is now more tensed as some of the hostility rudiments of the 57 Div have by now entered into the Kilinochchi built-up and are good-looking the terrorist hideouts.
Troops met with irregular LTTE argument during advances made in the area all through yesterday, security sources further said.
Meanwhile, ground sources exposed that terrorists are resorting to gutless tactics taking shelter at government buildings, schools and vacated offices of aid agencies meant at evasion military attacks also making way for collateral injure in the cause.
Counter terrorist operations are continuing in the area as troops make-way for an about to happen conquest in the battle for Kilinochchi, safety sources said.

Counter terrorist operations intensify as LTTE face defeat at Wanni

Multi-pronged oppose terrorist operations continued at the Wanni battlefront, Tuesday (Dec 30) as 59 Division, Task Force -2, TF-3 and TF-4 troops made progressive advances in the areas of anxiety, security sources said. Troops of the 59 Division operating in universal areas South of Chilawatte, East of Kanukkeni, Kulamurippu and Vattapalai met with intermittent LTTE resistances, the sources added.
Meanwhile, TF- 2 troops operating from the Vavuniya- Mullaittivu boarder confronted with LTTE terrorists in general area North of Periyamadu on more than a few occasions, then recovering a T-56 assault riffle, magazine and a 5kg claymore mine, security sources said.
TF-3 troops also complete effective advances into the non-liberated areas east of Karupaddamurippu yesterday, while separate confrontations with LTTE terrorists were reported in universal area North of Admapan, at around 2.30p.m.
Also, TF -4 infantrymen observing an LTTE terrorist movement busy small arms and gun fire while military long-established killing 4 terrorists in general area Oddusudan, Tuesday at 4.20 p.m.

LTTE no longer have qualitative edge in the battlefield- strategy page

The US based military strategy website, diagram Page said, The LTTE attacks against the unpleasant movement by the Sri Lankan security forces in their Northern stranglehold so far failed , unlike throughout the last five to ten years, since the LTTE troop do not have a qualitative edge in the battleground any longer.
In an logical piece the website in a December 30 issue said, attempts to shove back the army with the LTTE's best military left failed as "the military stood their earth and stopped up the LTTE attackers. That didn't happen 5-10 years ago, and is one cause why the LTTE are on their last legs. The rebels no longer have a qualitative rim on the battleground." The website also extra, "There are only a few bits of beach where the LTTE can land stuff, so it's easier for the navy to catch the smuggling attempts."
The website said, LTTE military protection consist of lately recruited fighters investment out in lately built bunkers. The morale of the LTTE fighters is fast declining, as is their battleground efficiency, the website warned. The next is the full book of the comment:
"The navy blockade continues unbroken, despite desperate LTTE attempts to ship weapons and munitions in. There are only a few bits of coastline where the LTTE can land stuff, so it's easier for the navy to catch the smuggling attempts.
"The ghtinfig around the LTTE capital of Kilinochchi is it seems that attracting the best armed forces the LTTE has left. That's since some army units have been hit with well prepared and led counterattacks. These were attempts to push the army back, but these unpleasant operations failed. Sometimes there were serious army wounded, but the soldiers stood their earth and stopped the LTTE attackers. That didn't happen 5-10 years before, and is one cause why the LTTE are on their last legs. The rebels no longer have a qualitative edge on the battlefield. "Advancing troops have captured an LTTE airfield, concealed under nets and plants. The army is advancing up the east coast, past the town of Mullaitivu, and down the east shore along the Jaffna peninsula. The LTTE defenses consist of recently recruited armed forces holding out in lately built bunkers. The confidence of the LTTE fighters is rapidly declining, as is their battleground competence.
"The government is also in receipt of more in order on the day-to-day whereabouts of LTTE head Velupillai Prabakaran. The air force is bombing these locations, eager to kill or wound Prabakaran (whose death would be a major blow to the LTTE). In any event, the army believes they will have Prabakaran, dead or alive, with six weeks. While there's forever a chance that Prabakaran will flee the isle and effort to keep up a terror movement from exile, that is considered unlikely. Sri Lankan political efforts have gotten the LTTE affirmed an international terrorist association, and it's unlikely any state would allow Prabakaran to function within their borders."

LTTE- Lashkar links revealed

An Indian weekly 'The manager' has exposed possible relations between Lashkar e Taliba (LeT) terrorist group and the LTTE.
"There are now FBI confirmations of visits by LTTE top nerve to Kabul. The LTTE, which is hostility a behind fight with the Sri Lankan Army, is looking to the ISI-Al-Queda-LeT for weapons," The manager website claimed.
According to the website the Kerala-Tamil Nadu coast and Sri Lankan route is second-hand by the Drug-Mafia for uneven drug raw fabric from largest creator Afghanistan to the dispensation factories in middle Asia. The LTTE and its head Prabhakaran have been surviving for the past 25 years on drug money. They get arms in exchange of transfer and safe passage of drug laden ships and boats.
There is an lively smuggling link in the Kerala-TN Coast and Sri Lankan waters. Out of the two lakh odd fishing boats which business enterprise into sea every day, additional than 60 per cent cross the Indian waters and supply food, medicines, diesel, kerosene, batteries, etc. to the LTTE. The LTTE is now existing on provisions from Kerala-Tamil Nadu coast.
The website also supposed that there are cleverness information that the Kerala-Tamil Nadu coastal route with Sri Lanka may be used by ISI-LeT to open attacks in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All that you lost due to terror will be restored -

"All that was lost to you due to terrorism will be restored. It will not be long previous to your brothers and sisters who are helpful in areas such as Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu can be content. That is when, just like the New Dawn in the East, there will be the New Spring in the North," said President Mahinda Rajapaksa in a communication to the populace of Jaffna in link with the "Future Minds of Jaffna" exhibition at there being detained in Jaffna.
In the primary ever address by a Sri Lankan Head of State to the Tamil public in their own language, the President said: "It is time for us to not remember the unfortunate developments of the past. We shall take action to restore to the people of Jaffna and the North, all they have misplaced in the past."
The "Future Minds of Jaffna" also known as the Jaffna Educational and manufacturing Exhibition 2008 is prearranged by the Sri Lanka Army in Jaffna, and it is predictable that it drew nearly 200,000 visitors up to yesterday (29).

Here is the text of the President's message to the people of Jaffna that was transmitted via satellite last night (Dec 29).
My Dear Friends
I am satisfied to address you today, because this display shows the future dream for Jaffna.
I am pleased to send compliments to the people of Jaffna, as we set about bringing the dawn of a New coil to the North of our country.
Some decades ago we traveled jointly in the Yal Devi Express. Just as the people from Jaffna carry on trade in Colombo, in the past the people from Matara in the South were productively engaged in the restaurant and bakery trade in Jaffna.
The people in the South of our country always have a high regard for the hard-working natural world of those of the North. Similarly, it was the desire of the people of Jaffna that everyone be as welcoming as those from the South.
It was a student leader from Jaffna who made the first insist for freedom from regal rule for our country. Tamil leaders such as Sir Ponnambalam Ramanaden understood well how the imperialists were trying to divide us.
In the history, the leaders of Jaffna and the North who were fluent in Tamil, Sinhala and English wished that we all live together and in agreement. We cannot live in this country that is alienated as the North and South. We must live in unity.
It is time for us to not remember the unfortunate developments of the past. We shall get action to reinstate to the people of Jaffna and the North, all they have lost in the past.
All that was lost to you due to terrorism will be restored. It will not be extended before your brothers and sisters who are attentive in areas such as Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu can be happy. That is when, just like the New Dawn in the East there will be the New Spring in the North.
I believe that this display will pave the way for persons with good skills and know-how to emerge in our country. I know that the youth of Jaffna has the strength, courage and strength of mind to achieve this. Therefore, I extend my greetings to all the accomplished and able persons who will be the driving power of the New Spring of Jaffna and the North.
I wish you all a very bright future

Army TF 1 less than 2 km from away Paranthan

Army Task Force 1 troops have compressed off the terrorists from Thadduwankoddy and Komarikudakulam areas deceitful 2 km West of the Paranthan connection this afternoon (Dec 30), battlefield sources said. According to the sources, troops have inflicted serious damages to the terrorist and detained some of their weapons during the clashes prevailed in the area. With the development made by the military today the release of deliberately important Paranthan town is about to happen, the sources added.
Meanwhile, troops of 57 Division has been able to make bigger their forward boundaries additional towards the Kilinochchi town. Some of the antagonism rudiments have by now edged into the Kilinochchi built up, the source in the filed said.

Air Force pounds LTTE defences - Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu

Sri Lanka Air Force approved out 6 bombing missions and one helicopter physical attack at LTTE defences in Mullaittivu and Kilinochchi battlefronts today (Dec 30), said Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara.
He said that the jets raided LTTE strongholds in Paranthan at 8.45 AM, 12 noon, and 1.10 PM and in the West of Kilinochchi at 9.20 AM. The air strikes were conventional in hold up of the Army Task Force 1 and 57 Division marching towards Kilinochchi.
Speaking additional he said, that the combatant jets approved out two more air strikes at 8.40 AM and 12.45 PM targeting LTTE strongholds in the South of Mullaittivu. Also, MI 24 helicopters strafed LTTE gathering detect in the West of Mullaittivu at 10.45 AM, he additional.

Terrorists to face another shocking maneuver from Army 59 Div

Troops of Sri Lanka Army 59 Division are in the procedure of creation another appalling plan on the battlefield exhausted the LTTE further closer to its certain defeat. Battlefield reports make known that troops of 593 Brigade are steadily marching towards North of Mulliyawalai, entering into the jungle area lying between Puthukkudiyiruppu and Mulliyawali.
Heavy clashes have been reported between Army infantrymen and the terrorists in the North of Mulliyawali from 9 AM to 2.30 PM on Monday (Dec 29) as troop comprehensive their forward boundaries further northwards. Intercepted terrorist radio transmissions have confirmed heavy compensation to the terrorists during these clashes.
Meanwhile, troops of 592 group in service in the western side of the 593 Brigade has made further headway on their neighboring group. Infantrymen of 12 Sri Lanka Light Infantry (12 SLLI) and the 14 Gajaba Regiment (14 GR) attacked terrorist groups in the North of Karurelankandal and Kulamuripu areas during daytime yesterday as they comprehensive their forward boundaries additional northwards of the A-34 road (Mankulam- Mullaittivu)
Troops of 591 Brigade busy in a northward move the length of the Alampil- Mullaittivu road confronted with a group of terrorists in the South of Chilawatte area around 9, previous morning.
Army 59 Division is currently in service closest to the LTTE's main military stronghold in Mullaittivu town. The planned focus of the Wanni counter terrorist process shifted from the Kilinochchi front to the Mullaittivu face once troops gained total manage over the western shoreline of the island. At present, LTTE terrorists are mostly limited to a triangular shaped area edged by the A-9 road from the West, A-34 road from the South and the northeastern coastal belt stretching from Mullaittivu to Nagarkovil.

Army Task Force 1 edging towards Paranthan junction

Army Task Force 1 (TF 1) operating on the northern piece of the Kilinochchi battlefront yesterday (Dec 29) made additional progress towards the strategically important Paranthan junction. According to the battlefield sources, some of the fighting basics of the TF 1 were just 2 km short of the connection from the West.
Troops of 582 Brigade confronted with a terrorists collection around 9.30, last morning in the general area Nivil and claimed grave compensation to the terrorists. Separately, troops of 583 Brigade attacked a terrorist group detected in the East of Nalanawakulam area around 3.45 PM. Ground sources claimed serious damages to the terrorists. Also, snipers deployed on the forward limits, West of Paranthan long-established shooting down of 2 LTTE cadres last afternoon.

Philanthropist presents school equipment to children of war heroes

Philanthropist, Mrs. A.A.D.S.M.Athauda and her relatives have talented 300 sets of school equipment to children of war heroes who are to attend schools from January 2009.
Each set built-in, a school bag, a lunch box, a bottle of water, a pair of shoes, a pencil box, a box of chalk, a bottle of glue, 4 erasers, a pair of scissors, and 2 activity books. The items were handed over to Seva Vanitha Unit (SVU) of Ministry of Defence this morning (Dec 30). Mrs. Ioma Rajapaksa , the president the SVU conventional the items
Mrs,Anoma Fonseka (Chairperson or Army Seva Vanatha Unit), Mrs.Ashoka Karannagoda (Chairperson of Navy Seva Vanitha Unit), Mrs,Indu Rathnayaka (Senior Additional Secretary), Major Genaral, Palitha Fernando (President of Ranaviru Seva Authority) and few other officials were present at the time.

Donation for war heroes

The 10,000 bottles of ghee, donated for war heroes by Manel Mal Movement today morning (Dec 30).
The donation was handed over to the Defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa by members of the Manel Mal Movement and also Venerable Bengamuwe Nalaka Thero obtainable a book named, 'Hele Budusawwekmi' to the secretary Defence at Defence ministry premises.
Venerable Bengamuwe Nalaka Thero, Colnel Anil Amarasekara and a small number of other members of the Manel Mal Movement were present at the occation.

Army Receives Mortal Remains of seventeen War Heroes

Army received dead bodies of seventeen soldiers from the ICRC at Omanthai Monday (Dec 29).
Those soldiers salaried the highest sacrifice during hostility against terrorists.
On end of post mortem and other study, the dead bodies will be handed over to their after that of kin.
Funerals of those war heroes will get place in their inhabitant places with filled armed honours.

LTTE agent held in Chennai

The 'Q' Branch police on Saturday arrested an LTTE think who was allegedly drama as an manager of the LTTE in Chennai, the Hindu reported.
Police said that the accused Ameer Anthony Paranthaman of Jaffna had intended to transfer message plans and chemicals to Sri Lanka via Rameshwaram. He and his wife had recognized in Chennai and were running a journey organization.
According to an official press let go, Ameer was detained at the Tambaram bus last stop and a satellite telephone was detained from him.
Upon questioning, he revealed that he had received two consignments with eight GPS plans, three satellite phones, two cell phone repeaters and 500 kg of ammonium nitrate sent by two LTTE agents from Switzerland.
Ameer had located the message devices and the chemical in care of one Ashok Kumar of Acharappakkam.
He was pending a green sign from LTTE members Kannan and Prakash in Sri Lanka to convey the goods to them via ship from Rameshwaram, said the release.
Police seized the communication gadgets including GPS devices and satellite phones and the ammonium nitrate crowded in 10 sacks.
Ameer was later remanded to legal custody, the push release added.
Courtesy - Policy Research & Information Unit of the Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Steady progress at Wanni fronts: Troops advance towards Periya-Parantan

Steady battle development was reported at the Wanni battlefronts at Kilinochchi and Mullaittiuvu on Sunday (Dec 28) as security forces are now busy in the last battles for the LTTE's remaining major garrison townships. Fighting was reported in the outer edge of Paranthan, Kilinochchi and Mullaittiuvu, with the multi-pronged military advances complete dismantling remaining LTTE resistances in the areas.
Task Force -1 troops have commenced marching towards Periya-Paranthan rural community the length of the B-69 main road since yesterday (28), and now located approximately 4km from the LTTE garrison at Paranthan. Yesterday's victory marked successive defeats for the LTTE at the Kilinochchi battlefront within two days: On Friday, TF-1 captured the Nalanawankulama village.
According to Wanni security sources, TF-1 troops have captured the a lot carrying weapons LTTE built soil bund cum canal from the Jaffna lagoon to Adampan country group of people.
Meanwhile, Task Force-2 troops marching from Nainamadu along the Puliyankulama- Nedunkerni main street have lastly linked-up with the Task Force - 4 troops, 800m Southwest of Nedunkerni town on Sunday dawn. According to Wanni military sources, troops have now gained total manage of the Puliyankulama - Nedunkerni road.
The 59 Division troops advancing in two major fronts towards Mullaittiuvu have approach across stiff LTTE confrontation with fighting reported in the outskirts of the Nanthikadal lagoon, security sources said. According to battleground reports conservative, few military have gone absent during the confrontations ensued with LTTE on Saturday.
The main military thrusts are directed along the Oddusudan- Mullaittiuvu road and Alampil- Mullaittiuvu road. Earlier, on 26 Dec, 59 troops gained total control over Mulliyawalai and Taniyuttu, careful major LTTE concentration positions before Mullaittiuvu. The fall of these towns, have cutoff very important links to the main LTTE strengthening at Mullaittiuvu from South.
Meanwhile, security forces have handed over bodies of 8 terrorists killed all through confrontations at West of Paranthan to the ICRC officials on Saturday, safety sources said. 4 females were also in the middle of the killed, safety sources additional.

SLAF jets raid LTTE defence line - Paranthan

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets have raided LTTE defence line experiential in west of Paranthan this afternoon, 29 December.
The target was busy at 4.15PM in support of troops of Task Force 1, Air Force spokesperson said.
Earlier, the Air Force fighter jets approved out four consecutive air raids targeting LTTE positions in Kilinochchi face.

Four successive air raids targeting LTTE positions - Kilinochchi

Sri Lanka Air Force combatant jets approved out four consecutive air raids targeting LTTE positions in Kilinochchi today, 29 December.
According to the air force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, speaking to said that two air sorties were taken at 9.30AM and 10.30AM targeting observed LTTE resistance points in west of Kilinochchi. The air raids launched in hold up of troops of 57 Division title towards LTTE heartland, Kilinochchi.
Meanwhile, SLAF jets busy LTTE strongpoint located west of Kilinochhci approximately 2.35PM. The air raid was approved out targeting a location from where LTTE terrorists launched rigid confrontation on advancing troops of 57 Division.
unconnectedly, around 2.45PM, SLAF fighter jets raided LTTE gathering put situated in Kilinochchi universal area, air force representative added.

Troops of 57 Div step-up to Kilinochchi; LTTE vehicle ambushed

Troops of 57 Division advanced extra towards residual LTTE strongholds in Kilinochchi front had several confrontations with detected group of LTTE terrorists yesterday, 28 December.
Troops higher under stiff resistance of terrorists captured LTTE strengthening in universal area south Adampan. Meanwhile, an LTTE means of transport was completely shattered when the troops ambushed in the similar area.
A T-56 weapon was too exposed from Adampan area while conducting consolidating operations.
Army troops also continued minor compensation in confrontations

'Karunanidhi's gobbledygook'- Island Editorial

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi seems to have several tongues. Having praised and backed the LTTE all these years, now he pretends to be one of the bitterest critics of the group.
In an meeting with the Indian push, Karunanidhi has required to distance himself from the LTTE and promised stern act against those who are espousing its ghoulish reason.
One have to not create the mistake of lessening for sinker. All roads, they say, lead to Rome Karunanidhi's pro-LTTE place has not distorted at all. Only his modus operandi of supporting Prabhakaran has. He can no longer hold up the LTTE candidly because of the Mumabi disaster, which stood India's rule towards terrorism on its head. India has realised the hazard of using terrorism as a tool of further its geo-political wellbeing.
And it has vowed to eliminate aggression in all its forms and manifestations Karunanidhi was so become a enormous embarrassment to the Indian government by behind the LTTE, which is accountable for having dedicated the worst acts of terrorism next to India such as killing Rajiv Gandhi and about 1,400 Indian military and disfigurement over 3,000 others. India has not lost so many troops still in any of its wars with neighbouring states. Since Independence.
Worse, it has suffered this kind of injure and disgrace at the hands of a terrorist group which it shaped to satisfy its hegemonic interests at the cost of Sri Lanka's territorial honesty.
The congress-led administration has complete a ridicule of its much advertised was on fear by having as a alliance parties Karunanidhi infamous for his open support of the speratist terrorism of the LTTE barred in India as well as in many additional countries.
Karunanidhi is conscious that he can no longer wait for the Middle Government to do something according to his whims and fancies without compromising its trustworthiness both nearby and globally and running political risks. assembly behavior, it may be recalled, took to the streets recently reproachful the Indian politicians helpful of the LTTE.
Karunandihi may be extended in the tooth and presentation sign of senile decompose. But, he knows more than one method to hide a cat. He is all out to disrupt Sri Lanka's war against the LTTE on the alleged reason of championing the human rights of the Vanni civilians Prabhakaran uses those unfortunate people as a human protect and Karunanidhi is by them as a association to beat the Sri Lankan government.
It is the LTTE that is custody the Vanni civilians in the conflict zone at gunpoint revealing them to danger in a bid to ratchet up collateral injure and bring global pressure on Sri Lanka to discontinue war. The LTTE has no way of flee and is desperate for a truce.
If Karunanidhi is authentically desirous of helping the civilians in the war zone, he have to look for the middle government's help to secure their let go from the control of the LTTE. He can also mobilise the LTTE backers in Tamil Nadu to force the LTTE to let go of the populace it is holding next to their will and by as cannon food.
However, Karunanidhi's dissociation from the LTTE, artificial as it may be, is a certain sign that the group is on it's look legs. Although he leftovers an LTTE follower to the core, backing its greater Eelam project - for 80 million stateless people scattered in a lot of parts of the world - he is wary of debasement his political prospect by throwing in his lot with a unsuccessful terrorist group, which has expended tens of thousands of valuable lives and billions of rupees for twenty five years in vain. This is surely bad news for all persons, both here and overseas, who have incorrectly pinned their hopes on the LTTE.
Meanwhile, Karunanidhi might try every dishonesty in the book, but he cannot haul the hair over the eyes of the discerning. Courtesy: The Island

Troops further strength Jaffna front

Forward power elements have launched attacks at experiential LTTE targets as engaged in consolidating operations in northern battlefront yesterday, 28 December.
Troops of 53 Division attacked at terror dugout in general area Ponnar and troops confirmed the dugout was destroyed.
Meanwhile, army snipers deployed in 55 separation have taken two more targets the past, the armed account said.

LTTE suicide bomb blast near Catholic Church ; 8 killed, 17 injured - Wattala

Police seek civilian cooperation to identify the alleged suicide bomber.
LTTE terrorists have approved out a suicide bomb assault near the holy St Anne's church, Hekitta, Wattla in the north of Sri Lankan assets this morning (Dec 28). According to police sources, a gentleman suicide bomber has exploded himself approximately 9 AM in face of the Civil Defence Force office on the church road.
Eight people have been killed and 17 others suffered injuries in the attack. An Army officer and 6 other CDF personnel were in the middle of those killed in the bomb blast. 13 CDF personnel and 4 civilians including a women were reported injured due to the bomb blast.
The upset have been admitted to Teaching Hospital, Ragama and National Hospital, Colombo. Sources in the Ragama hospital said that 2 of the 10 injured admitted to the hospital are in grave condition. Later, a CDF protector and a civilian who were in the middle of injured admitted to the National Hospital, Colombo had succumbed to injuries.
According to eyewitnesses, the suicide bomber had exploded himself when he was stopped up by the security personnel on guard from toward the inside the CDF office.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

LTTE abducts 16 children from Catholic Church run orphanage - Dharmapuram

LTTE terrorists had abducted 16 children from a Catholic Church run orphanage at Dahrmapuram in Kilinochchi on Friday (Dec 26), the church sources exposed. The sources while condemning this wicked do something of terrorism called the event to be an ideal example of the cruelty of the terrorist group.
Meanwhile, a collection of civilians who were terrorized by the on top of occurrence have required safe haven with army on Saturday (Dec 27) afternoon. The refugees while confirming the event have supposed that the abducted brood had been taken to be taught as child military and suicide bombers. 38 civilians belonging to 9 families including 3 infants have at home at one of the Army Task Force 1 outposts after a dangerous trip crossways Kilaly lagoon. The refuges have told our particular reporter in the region that they had their homes close to the said orphanage and determined to flee into eccentric areas for the love of their brood.
"They (LTTE cadres) beat up the two priests in accuse of the orphanage when they refused to give away the orphans" an eye observer has told our reporter.
According to the sources, the terrorists had stormed the orphanage on the Boxing Day twilight and demanded the two cleric in blame of the put to give away all children on top of 12 years of age.
"They (LTTE) joined up the two priests and blindfold them before captivating away the brood at gunpoint" he has additional.
A mother of two in the middle of the refugees who had also witnessed the crime said that she could not bear up the sight when the children had cried out for help.
"Those innocent children tried in ineffective to stick on to the two priests. They pleaded the LTTE cadres to let them go. But they were dragged like cattle charming to the slaughterhouse ...."
"I would by no means pardon for myself for not helping those children ... But I have to put aside my children first. That is why I left my home "she has supposed showing her two young children.
Meanwhile, the church sources said that it was only Saturday (Dec 27) dawn that the two priests had been able to untie themselves and reported the matter to minster administration. The orphanage was at first located at Kilinochchi but recently inspired to Dharmapuram due to increasing LTTE threats. It has been effectively performance with the lavish support of the church and other donors for the last more than a few years. The Church sources additional said several more preceding attempts of this nature were resist and thwarted by the priests in charge. Church authorities are still on the look out for these parentless children who grew up in the orphanage while attending to their schooling.

LTTE suicide bomb blast near Catholic Church ; 8 killed, 17 injured - Wattala

LTTE terrorists have conventional out a suicide bomb assault shut to the sacred St Ann's minster, Hekitta, Wattla in the north of Sri Lankan capital this morning (Dec 28). According to police sources, a gentleman suicide bomber has exploded himself approximately 9 AM in front of the Civil Defence Force office on the minster road.
Eight people have been killed and 17 others suffered injuries in the physical attack. An Army official and 6 other CDF workers were in the middle of those killed in the bomb blast. 13 CDF personnel and 4 civilians counting a women were reported upset due to the bomb blast.
The upset have been admitted to Teaching Hospital, Ragama and National Hospital, Colombo. Sources in the Ragama hospital said that 2 of the 10 injured admitted to the sanatorium are in grave condition. Later, a CDF guard and a civilian who were in the center of injured admitted to the National Hospital, Colombo had succumbed to injuries.
According to eyewitnesses, the suicide bomber had exploded himself when he was stopped by the security personnel on guard from toward the inside the CDF office.

Twin air strikes at LTTE resistance positions at Mullaittiuvu

The SLAF fighter jets sum twin air sorties this morning (Dec 28) at recognized LTTE argument positions, South of Mullaittiuvu.
According to Air Force Spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, the ambiance strikes were accepted out in hold up of the advancing 59 Division troops at about 10.30a.m., and 11 a.m., in that order.

STF ambush LTTE movement: recover 4 bodies, seize weapons - Batticaloa

Police Special Task Force (STF) workers have sprung an accost in general area Black viaduct at Chenkalady, Batticaloa, killing 4 terrorists today(Dec 28) dawn.
According to area security sources, 4 bodies of kill terrorists and 2 T-56 physical assault riffles were establish during the following search operations conducted.

Navy destroys LTTE logistic boat killing four LTTE carders North East of Point Pedro

Sri Lanka Navy shattered an LTTE logistic ship killing four LTTE carders in the Northern seas 12 marine miles North East of tilt Pedro on the 28th of December 2008 around 0020 hrs.
Navy intercepted an LTTE logistic ship off Point Pedro at midnight and opened grave fire destroying its fleeing effort delightful interception. Four LTTE sea tiger cadres were too reported to have been killed due to the aggressive maritime fire name for at the opponent.

Axis of Evil

LTTE's so called Political Wing Chief Nadesan in an meeting with the media previous Wednesday is reported to have theoretical that the LTTE would target deliberately important financial targets in the South in an effort to scatter the Security forces and effortlessness the force on them.
He is too reported to have told the BBC that even if Kilinochchi cascade they would take on fighting. Political analysts are of the view that the LTTE conflicting sure hit at the hands of the safety armed forces would move their main drawing to financial injure.
The LTTE have attacked planned financial targets such as the Katunayake global Airport, the Central Bank, the fuel Complex at Kolonnawa throughout the approximately three decade-old war with the Government. It was in this backdrop that President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday warned that hateful basics that depend on the LTTE for continued survival have by now begun to make following turbulence by creating many ills for the Government.
Speaking in the alike coating a few days ago, the Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake too warned of a plan to weaken condition income
Meanwhile, confrontation forces in the South are conducting a similar group to undermine the monetary system through a variety of income and reason fright in the middle of the inhabitants in an attempt to destabilise the administration.
This includes attempts to create the country intractable.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Mulliyawalai LTTE terror bastion under-siege: terrorists sustain heavy damages- Mullaittivu
59 Division troops have entered the Mulliawalai rural community along the A-34 Oddusudan- Mullaittivu main road claiming soaring LTTE casualties after hours of heavy fighting that bankrupt-out between troops and LTTE in the deliberately significant battle land since previous evening (Dec 25).
According to newest reports conventional from the battlefield, 16 Sri Lanka glow Infantry (16SLLI) division troops are now full of activity in a fierce gun battle with LTTE in the area, today(Dec 26). Troops had to come across hard ground where mobility was gravely limited, area military sources said. Terrorists have constructed long stretches of earth bunds, which were effectively negotiated by the advancing infantry battalions, the sources added.
Earlier, on Thursday (25) soldiers captured an LTTE message tower located North of Mulliyawali. According to Army media sources, "3 fortified in the clouds bunkers constructed in defence of the tower with a height of about 40 ft showed its sense to the LTTE in maintaining message between their bases".
An LTTE terrorist body and a message set were also better by the troops from the same area throughout clearing operations conducted following to the confrontations, yesterday.
Terrorist resistances in Mullaittivu are disintegrating with the intense military amour, artillery and infantry assaults, Wanni defences sources said adding that the 7GW troops have also closed-in on Tanniyuttu, an LTTE stranglehold situated 3.5km further Northeast along the A-34 main road. The advancing troops were also assisted with close-combat air hold up provided by the SLAF jets and MI-24 helicopter gunships, military sources said.
Terrorists being stop of both reinforcements and logistic supplies are in receipt of serious beating from the advancing military flanks also side of the Eastern Mullaittivu battlefront. The imprison of Mulliyawalai is predictable to make active the fall of Tanniyuttu, defence observes stated. The fall of Tanniyuttu is inevitable and this marks history with an unsurprising double blow to LTTE in the 'boxing-day', and the fourth year memorial of the 2004 Tsunami.
Meanwhile, security forces have now gained control over a 9km stretch of the A-34 major road, along the Oddusudan- Mullaittivu main road. This is the first time ever that security forces have entered into the external rim of Mulliyawali and its outer edge, defence observers avowed.

'Fall of the last LTTE bastion in sight ', says New Delhi paper

In its leader editorial free , 'The Fall of LTTE's Last Bastion in sight' The Pioneer of New Delhi said that the Sri Lankan Army continued to make development next to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and predicted that the last stronghold of the "terrorists" may fall before the year is over.
"The battle may now have entered a important phase," said the leader which too added, "Kilinochchi is probable to drop soon and when it does it will be a big conquest for the Government."
The leader said since the beginning of the disagreement the government troops have made the most progress. When Kilinochchi falls it be one of the biggest victories of the government, the editorial additional stated.
The newspaper said it was right for the administration to reject the LTTE suggestion for a truce since there can be no talks with terrorists who are marital to mindless aggression and have not no matter which to do with Tamil aspirations.
The following is the editorial that appeared in the Pioneer on December 22:
"The Sri Lankan Army continues to create growth next to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the last physically powerful hold of the terrorists may drop before the year is over. The preceding few days have seen heavy hostility around Kilinochchi, the LTTE's stronghold.
The battle may now have entered a decisive stage. At least 120 LTTE cadres have been killed and 250 upset along the Kilinochchi battlefront. On Saturday, the Sri Lankan Navy shattered a suspected LTTE vessel along with four adversary attack boats.
The Government troops have gained control over an important create bigger west of Paranthan and Kilinochchi and are now consolidating their defences. The Sri Lankan troops have too recognized control over a future supply way as a consequence of which LTTE's links in Mullaittivu have been severely restricted.
The troops have captured Ampakamam, which was a key LTTE bastion. The Sri Lankan forces have opened up several fronts across the northern war zone in an effort to capture Kilinochichi, the LTTE's political capital. Though soldiers from both sides may have fallen, the Government troops have made the most progress since the beginning of the conflict. Kilinochchi is likely to fall soon and when it does it will be a big conquest for the Government. The Tamil Tigers have been forced to protect itself since September when administration troops went on an unpleasant.
In the the past month, the last have detained several significant towns and pressed extra into LTTE held areas. Even Ponneryn, which was the Tigers' last planned sea bottom on the western shore, has fallen. There has been so much power on the LTTE that in November it had pleaded for a ceasefire. However, Colombo has properly spurned the appeal: There be able to be no talks with terrorists who are wedded to tedious aggression and have not anything to do with Tamil aspirations".
"In the past whenever the LTTE has suffered reverses it has called for a ceasefire, only to assault once more once it has regrouped. President Mahinda Rajapaksa had invited the LTTE for tranquil gathering when he not mentioned office. But the latter refused to talk and began a series of attacks that were in break of the obtainable ceasefire agreement. It is to Mr Rajapaksa's credit that he then adopted a tough line and committed his Government to therapeutic Sri Lanka from LTTE terror.
The Army's labors have since led to the country's Eastern area being not attached up from the LTTE. Democracy has been restored there and Mr Rajapaksa has promised that he will take alike steps in the north. With civilians trapped in the war zone, there is no doubt a looming caring crisis. But no war next to terror can be won without collateral injure. We have to live with this easy fact.

Special mass to celebrate Christmas -Jaffna

Laying aside the sour experiences of the member conflicts over two decades, the Christian population in Jaffna peninsula well-known the rising of most deferential Christmas as the midnight on 24th December till the dawn of next day.
A special Mass had been conducted by the Jaffna Arch Bishop Rev. Father Thomas Ravundranayagam at the St. Mary's minster Jaffna. The Rev. Fathers of the church and over 2500 devotees participated in this special event. The troops in the Jaffna peninsula also comprehensive their fullest co-operation for this event providing the necessary security measures, and uneven the Curfew hours completely under the guidance of Jaffna Security Forces Commander Maj. Gen. GA Chandrasiri.
This historical and rite occasion was transmit to the world by the SL. Broadcasting Cooperation and it was telecasted as a recorded program by the SL. National Rupavahini on that day. By the independent views expressed to the media by thousands of gathering, it was revealed that the public in Jaffna peninsula enjoyed a huge mental leisure as a result of the caring operations conducted by the government troops for the liberation of innocent people. The troops and the present government were extremely appreciated by the Christian inhabitants in Jaffna for creating a convenient ambiance to celebrate their grate religious ceremony in a nonviolent surrounding.
The Christians living in the fishing rural communitys such as Gurunagar and Pasivur also joined the Christmas celebrations very excitedly decorating their homes with bright luminous bulbs.In its place of all these things the public in the peninsular highly admire the privilege of freedom and peace that they regained as a result of the devotion of valiant troops. So they wish a peaceful life for all the countrymen in this festive season with the blessings of the Jesus Christ.