Wednesday, November 5, 2008

India with Govt. in fight against terrorism - PM

Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayake told Parliament yesterday the administration was of the solid view that India will extend its fullest help to beat terrorism and give let go events to the populace in the North and the East. This is due to the strong bonds of companionship that the Government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa has fake with the political management of India.
The prime minister opening the Emergency discuss said "India is our very old friend. India and Sri Lanka contain always acted with joint faith and cooperation as a result of the very old historical ties flanked by the two countries.
"If the people of India wait in mind their past, they would feel the force exerted by LTTE terrorism. The LTTE killed a great Indian leader. We think any Indian citizen with move in the direction of will not what? the LTTE.
The Government is also of the sight that the central Government of India is not prepared to make any interfering in the interior relationships of Sri Lanka, other than extending it's hold up to its neighbouring country, Sri Lanka. However, sure pro-LTTE basics in South India have busy in various activities to increase the image of the LTTE. We believe these are moves busy in by sure basics due to a lack of understanding," the Prime Minister said.
The Central Government of India and the global community have clearly unspoken this state of relationships. They have by now realised that terrorism has turn out to be a huge obstruction to the entire world.
President Rajapaksa has exchanged views with the Heads of the Indian administration regarding the situation in Sri Lanka.
The President has briefed the Indian head on the situation in the state and moves in use by the Government to ensure the safety and well-being of the civilians in the disagreement areas.
The Prime Minister said "the entire world is aware that Sri Lanka is the only country which provides food to the enemy while engaged in a war. The Government has no intention whatsoever to keep the innocent civilians hungary in the North. We have no some hatred towards them. Therefore the Government is taking steps to rescue the innocent civilians from the cultches of the LTTE."
The LTTE which claims to be the sole representative of the Tamil group of people attempted to prevent food items life form sent to the civilians. The LTTE attempted to wipe out two ships which brought food items to the people in the North. We would like to emphasise that LTTE terrorism cannot threaten or dull the Government's picture through such radical performance.
The premier said the whole country has complete it's support towards the moves in use by the Government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa to beat terrorism. The Government permanently cater to the hopes and aspirations of the people.
Even the international group of people has understood this state of affairs.
The Government is incessantly engaged in a humanitarian operation. Therefore a diversity of incorrect interpretations should not be given concerning this. Everybody should realise that the LTTE is attempting to fulfil its objectives through a variety of false propaganda campaigns. The LTTE misled the Governments from Thimpu talks to Geneva peace talks, he said.
The caring operations are being conducted in the North on a large level. Our war heroes are touching forward with lot of power of mind. Therefore no power can hold rear their mission.
Our war heroes are creation all these sacrifices for the future of the country, the major priest added.

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