Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lanka condemns serial bomb blasts in Assam

Sri Lanka has denounced the manifold bomb blasts in the Indian State of Assam on Thursday, causing death and wound to a large figure of civilians.
Issuing a message, Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama has comprehensive the pity of all Sri Lankans to those bereaved by these attacks and expressed the wait for that the challenge posed by the terrorists will be met with make your mind up.
The Minister also underscored the SAARC stand that terrorism is a major danger to all civilised societies and to democracy, and its strength of mind to combat the threat with better resolve. The full book of the Foreign Minister's message:
"It is with great suffering that we in Sri Lanka have learnt of the bomb blasts on October 30 in several locations of the Indian State of Assam that have, according to media reports resulted in the deaths of 62 persons and injuries to over 300. The terrorist perpetrators of these blasts have designed them in the most gutless and cruellest possible manner, by targeting blameless civilians in a sequential sequence.
We, Sri Lankans extend our heartfelt pity to those bereaved by the blasts, while wishing the injured a quick recovery. We are sure that the confront posed by the terrorists through these blasts will be met with resolve and that the law enforcement establishment will soon bring the perpetrators to justice.
The SAARC organization views terrorism as a major threat to all refined societies and to democratic system, and stands for combating the threat with better resolve."

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