Friday, November 28, 2008

How Mr. Mano Ganeshan fits in LTTE agenda and his Canadian Tour

The Statement released by the Forum of Sri Lankan Canadians against Terrorism is follows;
The meetings Mr. Mano Ganeshan came to attend in Toronto was a gathering which was well intended and courier graphed by LTTE fronts in Toronto according to the orders of Wanni to make a big noise about IDPs in Wanni. Their diagram in India may have some success due to racist Tamil political parties in Tamilnadu; but relax of the world is not.
Their diagram in Canada was to get the news to mainstream Canadians and create a big chaos about IDPs in the Wanni and create it an global subject. In order to complete that try LTTE fronts in Toronto open a website and declare an awareness week from November 2 to November 9th. Part of this program was to talk to Canadians and Canadian Lawmakers. In Toronto, Canadian Tamil assembly with the help of close Liberal MPs in the area held several group of people meeting to make awareness about IDPs in Wanni.. As usual lots of lies about Sri Lanka were distributed in these meetings and at the back the scene of these so called "awareness meetings" fundraising went on very well. A newly Formed NGO (Children Aid Rehabilitation and Education Program (CareProgram) and Canadian Humanitarian plea for the Relief of Tamils (CanadianHART) both LTTE fronts collecting these money and no one knows where these money going to. At the end of the week a big expression was under arrest in the middle of the Toronto City (Dundas Squre).
Also as a part of awareness week a group of Canadian Tamil Congress (another LTTE front) members went to get together some government and resistance MPs in Ottawa and tried to create them consider there is a huge IDP crisis in Wanni. LTTE also wanted to bring down some TNA MPs to Toronto and talk to local MPs in order to add some truth to it. unluckily, Canadian High Commission in Colombo does not issue Visas to TNA MPs any more. So there is a choice of UNP MP Mr. Jayalath Jayawardane, Muslim Congress Leader or our friend Mr. Mano Ganeshan. Dr. Jayalat already had hard time in SL media on his new LTTE savior tour in Europe. Muslim congress leader have some power from Toronto Muslim activists not to attend LTTE events in Toronto. So the easiest choice is Mr. Ganeshan. Also this is the same group who tried to convey Dr. Wickramabahu Karunaratne a few months ago.
The meeting in Toronto "Tamil region of Vanni Under siege", none other than a LTTE motto organized by "The Canadian Forum for justice and Peace in Sri Lanka" is another front used by LTTE propaganda unit. Mr. Sellathurai Loganathan the convener of the meeting, was once a JVP campaigner and even married to a Sinhala lady. Is he a person with an attitude of scheming everything which he couldn't do throughout his time with anti LTTE Tamils in Toronto? Then he switch the side. He is well allied with Prof. R. Cheran and work very closely with him.
As we know Prof. Cheran is the new consultant to LTTE leader. But as LTTE is banned in Canada he cannot claim it. If he claims he has to go away Canada. Therefore, he work behind the view with the help of this Loga and other propaganda activists. While Prof. Cheran was in Sri Lanka LTTE leader hold a social gathering for Cheran and ask him to help to clear LTTE image about the world. Once very lively anti LTTE Cheran unclear the sides Loganathan also joined the wagon just following that. He also has lots of Sinhala media friends and one of them is Sunanda Deshapriya. One time, Cheran was the editor of "Sarinihar" the sister paper of "Yukthiya" funded by NGOs in Sri Lanka.
awaiting Loganathan switch the side one of his best friends in Toronto was friendship Jinadasa (Actor/Politician). Even when famous Sinhala playwright Mr. Parakrama Niriella was in Toronto few years ago Loga was the one who took him around. Therefore, Loganathan is an outstanding front for LTTE.

Due to these reasons we were very watchful about Mr. Ganeshan's tour in Toronto and we were intimately watching him day and night even our members were attended to those places MR. Ganeshan went and got drunk with LTTE activists in Toronto. Therefore, Mr. Ganeshan cannot hide under in his customary "human rights" shell this time.
The day Mr. Ganeshan was preparation to talk at the University of Oshuwa he might have talks with Canadian officials in Ottawa but he was planning to be present at the University of Oshuwa meeting at the evening. Because University is located on the way to Ottawa and the meeting was suppose to be held at 4 to 8pm. Due to on time events of our members we managed to inform Osuwa University officials about this meeting and they took instant action to close down the meeting but one more LTTE front man in Toronto, Garry Sangari's wife who work at the University managed to power the officials to hold a low profile meeting under the watch full eyes of Canadian Intelligence organization and University security officials.
This is the reason Mr. Ganeshan didn't attend University meeting. His sponsors may have arranged another rapid meeting with NDP MP for the evening, who has his office in the similar block. These MPs are very simple to meet and chiefly a leftwing MP like Hon. Wayne Marston. We know Mr. Ganeshan was very keen on thrashing his LTTE stripes throughout his Canadian tour. But this time Mr. Ganeshan failed. So don't try to conceal under your human human rights shell this time Mr. Ganeshan.

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