Friday, November 14, 2008

Artistes carry peace message through Adishtana Pooja

The Adishtana Pooja by Sri Lankan artistes aimed at carrying the message of peace and harmony, goodwill and brotherhood and principally organised to clear the air concerning the continuing kind operations in the North to their protesting South Indian counterparts was held yesterday at Torrington Square with the sum of a large gathering of film and tele-stars and personalities in the art field.
The main object was to make a true picture of the ongoing caring operations in the North to save the blameless civilians attentive in the grip of LTTE terror, experienced person actor Ravindra Randeniya, an organiser of the event stated.
A letter was also submitted to South Indian Cinema Artistes and Technicians from side to side the far above the ground Commissioner of India following the Adishtana Pooja.
Highlighting the main object of the event, Randeniya said artistes who have gathered there desire for a peaceful country. This is the hope and goal of the people of this country.
He said whatever group of people be they Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and Burgher, had been under hazard by the LTTE terrorists' acts for more than three decades without exception. Today the artistes have raised their say on their behalf.
There is no condition which had been under the threat of terrorists' cruel acts with assassinations of political best and veterans from all the fields, he recalled the sour past where innocents suffered.
A message signed by artistes stressed that there is no genocide practised against blameless un-armed Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka.
Therefore it is extremely unjustifiable to interpret the current caring operation to liberate the Northern Tamils from the clutches of a tyrannical outfit as a kind of genocide against Tamil inhabitants.
The letter also explained the history of the LTTE and failed attempts of all Governments to talk calm with the outfit.

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