Friday, November 14, 2008

Task Force 1 nearing Task Accomplished; terrorists fast loosing the battle of Pooneryn

The Army Task Force 1 (TF 1) is making a quick development in the Western Kilinochchi battlefront in conditions of both ground gains and rub caused to adversary, reveal the battleground sources.
Troops finished mop up operations in the intentionally located Devils Point area yesterday (Nov 13) and avowed the area totally liberated. With this achievement well-known Sea Tiger strongholds at Kiranchi, Vallaipadu and Palavi fell to the Army. Troops having outflanked the terrorists in the Devil's Point, filled to ability them into the triangular shaped outcrop of the mainland to the sea throughout last few days.
Meanwhile, the main push of the TF 1 heading for at the Pooneryn LTTE bastion has successfully negotiated the marshlands of Pooneryn and located itself just 500 m at the back the Pooneryn- Paranathan road (B-69) at an secret location.
According to the battleground reports, heavy clashes have occurred on the south of Malapukualm in the Nallur area last evening. Troops following the clashes found 3 bodies of slain LTTE cadres, one T-56 riffle, 4 hand grenades, one radio message set and 2 pouches.
In the South Nivil area troops battled the terrorist during the day and set up one T-56 riffle , one radio message set and one hand grenade. Troops claimed grave damages to the terrorists all through the clashes. Also, a similar quarrel was reported from the Putuaddamoddai area around 6.10 PM.
In the Chempankundu area troops found a T-56 riffle, a radio communication set, and a hand grenade following a quarrel occurred in the morning hours.
The TF 1 was raised close to the beginning this year to unconventional the northwestern shore of the Island that runs from Mannar to Pooneryn. Accomplishment of this task will deny the basic use of sea lines of message diagonally the Palk passage and open a ground route to the Jaffna Peninsula from the southern mainland. At present, the TF1 keeps its forward limits just 7 km behind Pooneryn.

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