Monday, November 24, 2008

Troops withstand stiff terrorist resistance; LTTE flexing last muscles in

Heavy clashes are continuing along the Kilinochchi outer rim since last morning (Nov 23) as the Army infantrymen are increasingly advancing on to the residual LTTE defences in the area, defence sources on the face reveal.
According to the sources, the Army 57 Division (57 Div) and Task Force 1 (TF 1) laid fence to the envoy LTTE stronghold, the Kilinochchi built up on Sunday morning on three frontiers.
The TF1 infantrymen were able to break the LTTE held earth bund around the Kilinochchi built up from the North of Adampan area at three locations. Meanwhile, 57 Div infantrymen launched two separate assaults at the same earth bund at the north of Puthumurippu Kulam and Therumurikandi.
The TF 1 and 57 Div forward units deployed in the Adampan and Puthumurippu Kulam came under huge LTTE counter attack since preceding evening. According to the available in order troops have withstood the terrorist counter assault efficiently and are now consolidating their positions.
According to newest battleground reports 27 soldiers have made their final sacrifice for the motherland while 70 others suffered injuries during the battle. Among the upset 35 have sustained only minor injuries , said the sources. Also, a few other soldiers have not been able to join with their units so far, the sources added.
Meanwhile, intercepted radio transmissions reveal that LTTE terrorists too have suffered serious deaths and casualties in their ineffective counter attack. Over 120 LTTE cadres have been killed and 80 others upset in the Kilinochchi area since Sunday morning.
The 57 Div elements antagonism in the Therumurikandi area have captured about 1.2 Km stretch on the earth bund that runs across the A-9 road. According to the sources, the terrorists are fast withdrawing from their defences. The soldiers have established their place just a few hundred metres short of the A-9 road, right away south of the Kilinochchi built up.
Defence cleverness reveals that LTTE has marshalled their final treasury to the battlefront to save their emblematically significant stranglehold - Kilincochhchi. All senior terrorists leaders have been heard in the radios commanding their cadres to die for the safety of the terror supremo V. Prabhakaran.

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