Friday, October 31, 2008

President calls for local military research

President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday urged those busy in technical research to center their notice on military research.
President Rajapaksa made this statement when he addressed the General Convocation 2008, to award Masters and Bachelors Degrees to the Graduands of the General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, at the BMICH.
The President said there is a lack of research in the spheres of military and protection strategies by local science researchers.
The President was of the sight that new policies should be formulated to house military investigate in the school curricula as well, so that examine could be take onn on our own home-grown remedies.
Referring to the vital issue of combating terrorism and countrywide security, he pointed out the worth of a quality training to the Armed Forces of the land, even at a formidable spending, particularly when battling the world's most unkind and higher terrorist outfit, the LTTE.
Though some critics argue it is a waste of resources, the President supposed it is not so, as sufficiently illustrated by the invaluable service rendered by the Armed Forces who have emerged victorious in a binge of humanitarian operations. "National safety has been our foremost main concern, as it is intimately connected and entangled with honourable peace, a pre-requsite for national development and wealth of a nation. Having learned from the past and realised the possible and the dependence on strong 'Armed Forces', we have established this military organization and upgraded it to a university beneath the prevailing free education mechanism," President Rajapaksa said.
The President said as obviously illustrated in the East, no Armed Force could be continued sans the support, co-operation and the blessings of the civilian polity. That is the cause why the Government is at the same time rising the East, with the binge of victories achieved there by the carrying weapons forces.
"It is only when fight meadow victories are followed by civilian strengthen and development, that the brave soldier could feel the best value of their supreme sacrifice," President Rajapaksa added.

Australian Senate condemns Anuradhapura suicide bomb attack

The Upper House of the Australian Parliament, the Senate has approved a decree dangerous the LTTE suicide bomb physical attack in Anuradhapura on 06th October, in which 28 people were killed, counting the preceding Sri Lankan High tuofficial to Australia, retired Major General Janaka Perera and his wife.
The President of the Senate, Senator John Hogg has in a letter old-fashioned 20th October, transmitted the book of the Resolution to the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Australia, Senaka Walgampaya PC, which inter alia states as follows:
• (a) condemns the terrorist physical attack in the north of Sri Lanka on 6 October 2008, which killed 28 people and upset more than 80 people;
• (b) notes and expresses its sorrow at the assassination in this physical assault of the previous Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Australia, retired Major General Janaka Perera and his wife;
• (c) notes the important contribution that Major General Perera complete as Sri Lanka's High Commissioner to Australia;
• (d) expresses its condolences to retired Major General Perera's four children, three of whom live in Australia;
• (e) condemns all acts of terrorism and the use of child soldiers in the disagreement.
Steve Hutchins, Senator for New South Wales and Chair of the Australia-Sri Lanka Parliamentary Friendship Group available the notice of motion on 13th October which was determined to by the Senate on 16th October. The Senate Resolution obviously reflects the deep have an aversion to of the Australian government to the atrocious acts of terrorism committed by the LTTE in Sri Lanka.

Troops advance towards the Kilinochchi built-up; Twin blows paralyzes LTTE resistance

Counter terrorist operations west of the A-9 have reached a important stage as troops now have situated themselves at ahead the vital western coastal line along the A-32 Mannar -Pooneryn main road, with the fall of LTTE's main confrontation positions in the area: Nachchikuda and Jayapuram on Wednesday. Sporadic antagonism was reported in the area after pockets of LTTE confrontation were flushed-off from the area, military sources said.
According to military, terrorists are emotion more towards Valaipadu and Pooneryn giving fewer confrontation, which left scores of terrorists killed and as many upset in the months long Nachchikuda fighting. Troops are now consolidating defences from the newly gained territory, after inflicting double blows at LTTE, east and west of the Kilinochchi battlefront, which comes days after terror Chief Prabakaran was quoted by a South Indian every day, as saying "The military advances at Kilinochchi will be stuck up at any cost".
Meanwhile, troops of the 57 Division have greater than before the push Northward of the Akkarayankulama Tank bund area, and moving towards the Kilinochchi LTTE built-up, Wanni military sources said on Thursday (30). Heavy hostility is unsurprising as troops close-in on the LTTE decision-making heartland. According to area military sources, troops have healthier a slain LTTE body and few other military hardware while consolidating defences in the Akkarayankulama area.
Meanwhile, battleground intelligence information indicate an add to of deserters in the terrorist place as many LTTE forcibly recruited have fled from the forward bunker defences at the Kilinochchi battlefront. 13 terrorists have fled the association yesterday (30), alone; sources said citing intercepted LTTE communication. Earlier, 33 others have also made similar throughout the past week, while deployed to defend the LTTE FDLs stretching from Nachchikuda towards Akkarayankulama in Kilinochchi. Also, Tamil Nadu news sources reported arresting 5 Tamil youth while attempting to arrive at the Indian mainland previous this week, probably renegades of the terrorist outfit, who have fled due to the strong beating conventional by the military at the Wanni battlefronts.
At the Mullaittivu battlefront, troops of the 59 Division have also busy with LTTE in divide locations North of Andankulama general area, inflicting serious compensation to LTTE sources said.

Pro-LTTE demo flops at The Hague

A expression organized by a pro-LTTE front Organization at The Hague, Netherlands yesterday (29) failed owing to slight participation.
The demonstration was prearranged by an association described as the International Committee Against Disappearance, in its go forward advertising said there will be a big sum at the complaint, which was to agree with the demonstrate of LTTE terrorist brutalities and anti-democratic performance being held the similar day at the Sri Lanka Embassy at The Hague.
When the display opened with large photographs showing LTTE carnage next to Tamil and other self-governing politicians, and the brutalities carried out next to civilians, displayed outside the Sri Lanka Embassy, the grievance demonstrators who numbered less than ten discrete, within minutes.
The anti-LTTE activities of Sri Lankan organizations in European countries are now opposite up to the confront of the massive pro-LTTE misinformation being carried out throughout Europe, by sections of the Tamil Diaspora and pro-LTTE NGOs based in Europe. The show that focuses on terrorism and brutalities of the LTTE from surface to side the past 30 years has drawn large audiences in both London UK and The Hague in the Netherlands.
The display will be detained next week in Paris, France. It is prearranged by the Photography Unit of the Media Division, Presidential Secretariat; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka, and the Sri Lanka political missions in the own venues.

SLAF raids LTTE suicide training base ; Heavy damages confirmed- Mullaittivu

SLAF fighter jets made accuracy air raids at an LTTE female suicide collection preparation facility, situated at Vallipuram, 6km Northwest of Puthukkudiyirippu in Mullaittivu, Thursday (Oct 30)at around 10a.m.
The air strikes were made following reliable information conventional on physically powerful terrorist act at the site, Air Force sources said. Armored vehicles mounted with anti-air ability weapons were empirical speeding up into the seek put following the physical assault, the sources said citing aerial investigation reports.
This was a the majority frequented place of the LTTE's intelligence wing Chief, Pottu Amman the sources said addition that, he was too in-charge of the preparation aptitude. According to skill reports, the terrorists were conducting a diplomatic 'dry practice' sitting involving a large number of female terrorists.
Earlier, on 27th September, a similar air strike was total at the LTTE's main LTTE feminine suicide training base at Rathnapuram in Kilinochchi.

Canadian LTTE front sends death threats to Jayalalitha
The previous Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Jayaram Jayalalitha has conservative death intimidation from a Canada based LTTE front organisation, Indian news sources reported cite shut connections of the well-known Tamil Nadu actress cum politician.
A former AIADMK Minister and close connect of Jayalalitha, Mr. Jaya Kumar, accommodation a complaint yesterday(29)with the Chennai police said, a man calling himself Tamil Maindan, a functionary of the World Tamil Eelam Defense Organisation, has sent a letter of warning that Jayalalitha would be killed for conflicting the banned terrorist outfit, LTTE.
"Jayalalitha would undergo the same destiny as former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto for ongoing to be in resistance to Tamils in Sri Lanka," said the grievance. Jaya Kumar filed the complaint with Chennai Police Commissioner R Sekar, the news sources reported.
Indian news sources, citing a Chennai police bureaucrat hypothetical the substance was life form investigated. Meanwhile, the advocates' wing of AIADMK filed a summons in the Madras High Court looking for additional defense for Jayalalitha.
Former TN Chief Minister Jayalalitha, has been critical of the cruel LTTE group and its Tamil Nadu based political fronts. Jayalalitha came absent powerfully after that to pro-LTTE protests this month in Tamil Nadu by fundamental political parties looking for a security for the LTTE in the face of hit by the Sri Lankan safety forces.
LTTE is a barred terrorist outfit in India since 1992, and its main figures Prabakaran and Pottu Amman still remains wanted for the murder of former Indian Premier Rajiv Gandhi on 21st May, 1991.
Meanwhile, raising concerns defence observers avowed that the LTTE diaspora has second-hand Canada as a start pad for pro-LTTE sentiments and aggression in malice of the collection being prohibited as an international terrorist association in Canada since 2001.
The pro-LTTE fronts in Canada are supposed of drug and human trafficking, next to the rule arms dealing, extortions and other versions of anti-social violence. Despite, a string of anti-terrorist operations conducted by the Royal Canadian Mount Police (RCMP), pro-LTTE factions continue openly staging aggression next to their small counterparts in Canada.
Recently, these aggressions were in use to the cricketing fields against the winner Sri Lankan cricket team throughout their triumph 20-20 four state tournament in Canada, this month.

Army responds to distorted 'oxygen report'

Security Forces Headquarters in Wanni on Thursday (30) flatly deprived of made-up reports and allegations on an supposed barrier of the method of oxygen cylinders into hospitals in un-cleared areas by the Army following such life-saving gas stocks reached the Omanthai Entry/Exit point.
Those pro-LTTE mouthpieces as usual have carefully, but shamelessly required to understand one single isolated detection that took place on 23rd October 2008 at Omanthai to their own advantage, blowing it absent of proportions.
As is the practice, a huge batch of medical supplies accordingly accepted by checkup authorities and Commissioner of Essential Services in more than three lorries with an approved quantity of oxygen cylinders reached the Omanthai Entry/Exit point for custom examination procedures, but the troops set up the accepted list of medical items, supplementary the lorries has been tampered and added with 24 more oxygen cylinders, using a pen.
Detection of those additional oxygen cylinders, in adding to what was being taken at that point, aroused suspicion and was afterwards referred to authorities in Vavuniya for necessary documentation and following approval, if this additional amass were to find its entry into un-cleared areas. On the other give, Army investigations have so far-away exposed that sure medical professionals and authorities, intending to serve different interests and agendas, were behind the ineffective oxygen smuggling effort.
Mystery surrounding area as to why those paying become aware of parties, when good channels are open, alternative to such fake practices following the alike authorities have previous in writing intimated that the Kilinochchi hospital has been shifted and all emergency luggage would be sent to Vavuniya in the prospect, as agreed.
Therefore, as explained Security Forces at Omanthai had not at all blocked the way of oxygen into un-cleared areas, but only warped away the excess stock detected until proper power is obtained without resorting to forgery.

LTTE call for 'stand-still' in Vavuniya fails

A 'hartal' called by the LTTE and its pro-LTTE rudiments to disturb normalcy in the Vavuniya town today (Oct 30) proved fail since shops, banks, schools and public transportation remained performance smoothly, reported our Vavuniya particular reporter.
Alleged operatives of a pro-LTTE following front had distributed flyers influence Tamil traders to cease business functions while many others were said, notified discreetly to stay away from daily performance to reason a stand still in Vavuniya. The 'hartal' resulted in an complete failure as many sections discarded the pro-LTTE attempt ongoing their day-to-day activities as usual.
"We have enough food stocks and still we witness tons of food and necessary substance sent to the overstated in the non-liberated area. I don't think a real reason for a 'hartal' apart from a gimmick by the pro-LTTE politicos", a trader was quoted as saying with our correspondent.
"A hartal for the let go of the thousands trapped by LTTE would be more realistic", he was additional cited saying.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We are firmly committed to a political solution says President Rajapaksa

"Let me reiterate that my government is firmly dedicated to a negotiated next answer - based on devolution of power and ensuring the democratic, political, counting linguistic, human human rights of all our Tamil brethren within an total Sri Lanka," President Mahinda Rajapaksa told The Hindu in an meeting at 'Temple Trees' in Colombo on Monday(27).
"As President of Sri Lanka," he explained in this calm site, the official home of preceding Prime Ministers, "I am completely clear that there is, and can be, no military answer to following questions. I have forever maintained this. A military answer is for the terrorists; a following answer is for the people living in this country."
Noting the lateness of the All Party Representative Committee (APRC) in coming up with its final proposals, he asserted: "I myself will get responsibility of the political process and see it through politically."
Emphasising that "our military operations are heading for wholly at the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam" - a radical and secessionist organisation banned or designated as radical in more than 30 countries, including India - he rehabilitated his call to the LTTE even at this late stage to "lay down its weapons, give in, and enter the self-governing following process."
Mr. Rajapaksa said that "the military operations heading for next to the LTTE are not future to annoy Tamil civilians or cause any harm or adversity to them." His government was doing, and would do, all in its power "to ease and make your mind up the dilemma of the civilians displaced or exaggerated by the disagreement." In adding to ensuring that food, medicines, and other necessary commodities were "within the arrive at of every one of our Tamil brethren affected by the conflict," it would reinstate "every civilian exaggerated by the disagreement in a fair and transparent manner."
The Sri Lankan President expressed happiness over "the positive and positive outcome" of the discussions his Special Envoy, Basil Rajapaksa, had in New Delhi with External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee and senior Indian officials. He welcomed India's choice to add, as a sign of goodwill, 800 tonnes of relief material for the affected civilians in the North. He appreciated Tamil Nadu's offer to create an extra contribution to this humanitarian endeavour.
President Rajapaksa put on record his respect for Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi, "one of India's senior-the majority politicians," and his approval of Mr. Karunanidhi's thoughts and proposals for "a just following answer of the current conflict within the agreement of an complete Sri Lanka." He said he would similar to to express from side to side the Government of India his wish to invite Chief Minister Karunanidhi to visit Sri Lanka.
Asked about the contours of the political solution he had in mind, Mr. Rajapaksa explained his four 'Ds' approach - Demilitarisation, Democratisation, Development, and Devolution. When the 13th alter was introduced in the Sri Lankan establishment at the example of the Indian government, it could not be implemented in the North and the East because "there was no following will on either side to implement it." But as a political leader, he had announced his government's "intention of implementing this for the first time. We have given that vow to the Tamil people of my country and to the international group of people. We are going to do it. This is not to please anybody. It is my duty by the people of this country."
Sri Lanka's fifth executive President sharp out that his government was implementing the interim proposals of the All Party Representative Committee. Within one year of sum the Eastern Province, local and local Council elections were productively held, a Tamil Chief Minister was in office, and growth work had been in use up on a main concern basis. He would now set up a group to standard the devolution procedure in the Eastern Province (against what other Provinces enjoyed).

Netherlands gets a glimpse of LTTE barbarism

srThe second support of the anti terrorist photographic display meant to display the acts of barbarism devoted by LTTE terrorists to the exterior world began at the Sri Lanka Embassy in the Hague Netherlands on Monday.
The chief guests at the opening ceremony were Bastearn Korner, a former Netherlands Ambassador in Sri Lanka, Prof. Lodewyk Wagenaar, Director, Amstredam Museum, Harry Van Dijk, Head of the Asian Division, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nimal Van Dort, President, Nona bottom and Mrs. Grace Asirwathan Sri Lanka civil servant in the Netherlands.
Sri Lanka Ambassador Grace Asirvathan addressing the meeting hypothetical the time had move toward for LTTE terrorists to lay down weapons and join the trail to calm. The Sri Lanka Administration was responsibility its the size outstanding to give to the wants of the Tamil chatting populace in the condition she said and adding that the global compilation of people should center their become aware of towards the crimes committed by the LTTE terrorists.The exhibition sustained yesterday.
A special meeting held in this link on Monday was attended by a big meeting including several members of the political group in the Hague and the Netherlands Government officials.
The first leg of this display was held in London, England.
Ambassadors and officials of a number of foreign missions based in the Hague visited the Anti Terrorist Photo Exhibition at the Sri Lanka Embassy in the Netherlands.
Among them were Indian, Chinese, Cuban, Bangladeshi, Maltese, Japanese, Korean, Iran and a figure of European and African Ambassadors. What was demanding was the produce of representatives from the United Nations International Criminal court for war crimes, the Chemical Weapons head office and the Police skill personnel.
The opening rite of the display featured the call of former Netherlands Ambassadors of Sri Lanka, Bastern Korner, Amastad Museum Director, Prof. Lodewyk Wagenaar, the Netherlands Foreign Ministry Asian Chief, Harry Van Dijk, Nona Foundation President, Nimal Van Oort.
This is the first time an exhibition of this usual world was held in Europe and the Sri Lanka United anti-terrorist organisation in Europe had comprehensive its fullest co-process to the event.
"That the Europe-based Sri Lankan groups have taken the lead to oppose the LTTE propaganda is an look of the self-assurance reposed in the Sri Lanka Government's movement next to terrorism," Sri Lankan groups domiciled in Europe said.

Terrorists drop bombs at Kelani-Tissa power station [Updated]
An LTTE glow wing air craft dropped two ad hoc bullets at the Kelani-Tissa power position in the outer edge of Colombo, Tuesday (Oct 28) around midnight.
According to available information, the blasts have caused minor recompense to the premises. Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) officials supposed that a cooler linked to the gas turbine power maker stuck fire and was correct away extinguished by the Colombo fire collection who at home at the site right away. A CEB employee continued minor injuries and was admitted to the General Hospital at Colombo.
Earlier, at around 10.20p.m., three bombs were reported dropped from LTTE air ability at the Thallady military place in Mannar. No major compensation were cause due to the explosions, security sources said, adding that a warrior has sustained injuries in the occurrence.
Meanwhile, an Air Port aviation official at Katunayake speaking to said that, 2 traveler air skill were distracted to Chennai aerodrome awaiting the condition of affairs was brought right away under control.

SLA crush LTTE defences: fall of Nachchikuda imminent

SLA crush LTTE defences: fall of Nachchikuda imminent

Troops of the Task Force -1, launched a multi-pronged unpleasant at the LTTE's western coastal stranglehold at Nachchikuda, from close to the create this morning (Oct 28), the majority important as August, after fighting brokeout between troops and LTTE to increase supremacy of the extremely important terrain.
The military unpleasant was mount with intense weaponry fire and infantry hold up as troops threw back LTTE counter attacks, destroying and capturing vital fear positions in the area. The military scuffle formations were worn from the North and South of Nachchikuda, scoring grave LTTE wounded. The drop of Nachchikuda is about to occur as troops are now pale to open an all-out offensive at the remaining basic physical powerful points.
Heated arguments have surfaced between the LTTE's ground leaders in surplus of the be small of of strengthening and morale of competition cadres sent to the battlefront INTEL sources said, adding that many have fled into far-away areas after failing to put-on rigid quarrel after that to the military.
The LTTE has being attempting to booth the military go forward the distance end to end of the A-32 Mannar -Pooneryn main road, chiefly Nachchikuda, defence observers said adding that the hit would worsen the LTTE's hope of sustained continued existence the coldness end to end of the western coast. The Western coast leftovers to be the main existence line for the LTTE since the double gust following the release of east and denial of the A-9 trunk road.
Also, troops situated at Kunchchikulama and North of Manniyankulama stepped-up assaults at recognized LTTE locations extra extending its supremacy in the area, Wanni defence sources said.
Meanwhile, hostility was reported South of Jayapuram as troops continued friendship keen on LTTE defences. Military claimed serious LTTE pain in the hours long confrontations, reported as shut to the create this morning.
The increase of Nachchikuda remains to be the major award for armed, after the fall of Vidattaltivu, a main LTTE sea tiger base in the western shore. The convey weapons offensives launched by the Task Force -1, under the power of Brigadier Shaveendra Silva in the western shore in Kilinochchi District, are view at gap a kind earth give way while too denying give lines for LTTE.

Task Force 1 spearheads Kilinochchi battlefront

The Army Task Force 1 , operating on the western semi of the Kilinochchi fight front has in use the direct of the go forward, touching about 5 km northwards from the Manniyakulam -Therumurikkandi road.
Troops of 582 brigade, launched an disagreeable on Sunday (Oct 26) morning to obvious the LTTE beating areas in the Nochchimodai area , and were luminous to make better their onward limits to the North of Kunchchikulam by the same dusk. Troops hold continued their process on Monday and have been brilliant to additional make better their limits after giving heavy beating to the terrorists.
According to the battleground information conventional so far, troops have found 2 bodies of slain LTTE cadres along with 3 T-56 riffles throughout look for operations.
Nochchimodai is situated on the land accumulation immediately west to the Kilinochchi built up and on the middle of the 20 km make bigger separating Mannar- Pooneryn (A32) street and the Jaffna- Kandy (A9) road. Task Force 1 troops following breaching the LTTE built earth bund at Vannerikulam few weeks preceding have been touching ahead dominating Manniyakulam junction, Kunchchikulam and Nochchimodai areas so far.

2 pistols found in IOM office - Mannar

2 micro-pistols, 6 pistol magazines and 57 ammunition rounds were exposed by officials at the IOM (International Organisation for Migration) office, at Mannar, this dawn (Oct 28).
The revitalization was made during a usual safety make sure approved out at the office structure by the security staff, Mannar police sources said.
On detection of the armed items IOM officials have right away contacted the Mannar Police, sources said. Further investigations are on growth.

Troops dislodge LTTE defences during steady advances in Wanni

Troops of the 57 Division, continuing counter terrorist operations in the eastern Kilinochchi battlefront made stable advances, yesterday (Oct 27) while allegedly dismantling multiple LTTE counter attacks in the areas, according to military sources.
According to military, fighting between troops and LTTE were reported East of Akkarayankulama and Kokavil general areas. Terrorists have suffered serious recompense and lost important ground throughout the clashes, security sources said. In addition, SLA deployed snipers have too long-established acquiring targets effectively in the beleaguered area. Terrorists have put on unbending resistance in general area North of Kokavil, who were later forced to run away as LTTE gun locations were neutralized with the step-up of heavy mortar fire, the sources said.
Meanwhile, 56 Division troops have recovered a decomposed LTT corpse along with few other armed hardware during a search process conducted in general area Kontakkarankulama, Kilinochchi.
List of the items recovered.
Item / Description Amount
T- 56 assault riffles 02
T-56 magazines 02
T-56 ammunition rounds 15
Radio set 01
Cellular phone with SIM card 01
Maps 04
Civilian clothes
Also, troops of the Task Force -2 now in service in general area Maruthamadu, Mullaittivu, have under get into care control over an LTTE bunker multifaceted following an intense argue with LTTE. The bunker multifaceted consisted 10 overhead bunkers counting a command bunker, military said. Few dry ration packets, medical substance, a canvas tent and civilian clothing were too found during following search operations conducted in the area.

At the Mullaittivu battlefront in Welioya, troops confirmed inflicting heavy wounded to LTTE during separate confrontations reported yesterday. The fighting was more often than not reported in general area Andankulama, sources said.
Troops have exposed 130 anti-personnel (AP) mines and defused 4 trapped 81mm mortar bombs throughout payment operations conducted in the same area. According to military, troops have also captured an LTTE bunker in the clouds in universal area Andankulama.

Talks boost Indo-Lanka ties

Special envoy lauds India for understanding Lankan issues :
Senior Presidential Advisor MP Basil Rajapaksa said the past after meeting with Indian best that New Delhi and Colombo were "genuine friends" and that his state would keep civilian wounded in the war against the Tigers "to the very minimum".
MP Rajapaksa, who visited India as a special envoy of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, said that torrential rains and flooding had overstated Tamils displaced by the hostility in the North and that India had pledged to give food and medicine for them.
He added that UN agencies would visit the war zone to assess the state of affairs.
"Both countries are proving to be genuine friends. This is truthful for the people of the two countries too," Rajapaksa told IANS, a day after gathering External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee and other officials.
"India has actually proved to be a genuine friend. They are friends of Sri Lanka," said Rajapaksa.
"We establish they (India) have unspoken extremely well our problems." "We also realise that we require to do everything we can do for the safety of civilians (in the war zone). We are discussing (this issue with India)," said Rajapaksa. "We want to ensure zero inhabitant casualties or at smallest amount keep it to the very minimum."
Providing a general idea of his talks here, Rajapaksa told IANS: "There are sure hardships (to civilians). We have the same opinion. We want to minimise them. There are no civilians now in Kilinochchi.
They have gone bottomless into LTTE territory, beyond our firing variety. "In Kilinochchi town, no Government office is functioning, only the hospital is ready. That too is Government controlled. All civilians have enthused out. If there are some in Kilinochchi, they are LTTE cadres."
"The whole inhabitants (in the region) is 250,000. Everyone is not an IDP. By IDPs we mean those we have to give rations to. In Mullaitivu people are motionless in their houses but they have no trade power. For the sake of giving food, we call them IDPs. Only the populace in Mannar and Kilinochchi districts are displaced. "Now the rains have started, present are floods. People are affected. It is our blame.
"We discussed this with the Indian government. They said they would send 100 tonnes of foodstuff and medicines. For distribution we will have discussions every week with the Indian high commissioner in Colombo.
Sri Lanka will have the sharing network. All UN organisations will call the area. They will give us information."
Crediting New Delhi with having "very good information" about the Sri Lanka situation, Rajapaksa also said that Colombo "understands extremely well" why there have been verbal protests in Tamil Nadu about his country.
He referred to the evils of the Indian fishing community in passing, saying: "Fishermen don't mind for the international marine boundary. They go where the fish is".
Referring to the LTTE, Rajapaksa said his Government's attempt was to "isolate from the (Tamil) people" from LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran and his cleverness leader.
"There are a a small number of things the administration is doing. Suppose if there are two angle in a urn, we can either get the water out or the fishes out.
The administration is doing both. We want to cut off them from the populace. But we are not next to persons or even terrorists. We are only against terror."
His remarks followed extensive discussions on the state of affairs in his country with Indian officials in the wake of mass protests in Tamil Nadu demanding a ceasefire.
India has categorically lined out the possibility of forcing a truce in Sri Lanka. Indian External relationships Minister Pranab Mukherjee, who had flown in from Delhi to brief Karunanidhi about the latest following developments on the Lankan Tamils' issue, told reporters after the gathering that India could not ask for a ceasefire in Lanka as it would amount to nosy in the internal affairs of another country.
"India is not a social gathering to the ceasefire,'' he said by way of replying to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi's demand for ensuring the truce.
Mukherjee said Karunanidhi had also certain him that he would not humiliate the UPA government by asking the DMK MPs, including ministers from Tamil Nadu to quit over the subject.
The External Affairs Minister said his meeting with Lankan Special Envoy Basil Rajapaksa, earlier in Delhi, had been original as it had given the sign for a enfold up to be pushed through politically by President Mahinda Rajapaksa towards end the ethnic disagreement.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Deepavali greetings from President

President Mahinda Rajapaksa extending his Deepavali respects to all Sri Lankan Hindus on the occasion of Deepavali, said the festival, a important occasion in the Hindu spiritual calendar celebrates wealth and spreads light of understanding.
It symbolises the victory of good over wickedness and knowledge over be short of of information, he said. The message extra: Being a unifying force, the devotions at Deepavali would seek to encourage huge unity, amity and understanding among all people inhabiting our country irrespective of their ethnic, spiritual, class distinctions.
On this noble day let us reaffirm our commitment to unite the country and construct a people where everybody could live in calm, harmony, self-respect and freedom. May the strength of Deepavali, the 'Festival of Lights' illuminate our land. I wish a happy Deepavali to all Sri Lankan Hindus."

Troops continue to dominate north of Akkarayankulam- Kilinochchi

Troops of Army 57 division in service in the western half of the Kilinochchi battle frontage continued their forward domination operations in the lately empty areas in the North of Akkarayankulam tank yesterday (Oct 26).
Infantrymen of 571 brigade attacked and captured a terrorists bunker situated in the West of Akkarayankulam area around 8.30 AM. Terror casualties in this event were not known.
Meanwhile, 572 brigade in service in the east of Akkarayankulam area confronted with a group of terrorists detected in the area around 8.30 AM. Intercepted LTTE transmissions confirmed serious damages to the terrorists. Later , during search operations troops found one deceased body of an LTTE cadre along with a T-56 riffle. Also, snipers deployed in the forward area confirmed acquiring 2 targets in the twilight hours.
Troops of 574 group operating to the eastern flank of Kilinochchi front attacked 2 LTTE bunkers in Kokavil area around 1 PM. Troops confirmed grave damages to the terrorists . Same side troops confronted with a group of terrorists in the Panikkankulam area around 1.40 PM and claimed heavy recompense to the terrorists .
Wanni release operations are being sustained.
The Editorial Board of has decided to provisional hang the reporting of all victim information in family member to the ongoing be in opposition to terrorist process in Wanni. This is in consideration of the ongoing advance of the security forces there and the need for operational security, whereby such reportage may obstruct the successful achievement of the mission.

Troops stick to the mission; offensive march kept on - Kilinochchi

The Army Task Force 1 , in service on the western half of the Kilinochchi fight frontage sustained their offensive march towards Nachchikuda and to the North of Manniyakulam areas yesterday (Oct 26).
Troops of 581 brigade attacked LTTE bunkers located in the Nachchikuda area about 10.30 AM and claimed serious compensation to the terrorists. Separately, troops attacked terror bunkers in the same area around 6.30 PM with the hold up of artillery fire. LTTE casualties were not known in this event.
In the universal area Kalmadu, troops attacked an LTTE dugout around 6.30 A.M. Damages caused to the terrorists are not known.
Meanwhile , 582 group troops launched an offensive as last morning in the Nochchimoddai area . Troops productively hit off the terrorists in the North of Kunchikkulam by the twilight and claimed heavy damages to the terrorists.
Snipers deployed in the forward area of 583 group claim acquiring two targets in Paninkanmadu in the morning hours.
The mission is reserved on.
The Editorial Board of has decided to temporary suspend the coverage of all victim figures in family member to the continuing counter terrorist process in Wanni. This is in consideration of the continuing advance of the safety forces there and the need for ready security, whereby such reportage may obstruct the successful accomplishment of the mission.

Troops dislodge more terror bunkers in continued counter terror offensives - Mullaittiuvu

Army 59 division troops in service in the Mullaittiuvu battlefront, attacked 5 LTTE bunkers in daylong oppose terrorists offensives approved out yesterday (Oct 26). In one of the incidents occurred around 3 PM troops captured one LTTE dugout and 3 military trenches located in the Andankulam area. Troops confirmed heavy recompense to the terrorists in all the incidents.
In a separate incident, troops confronted with a group of terrorists in the Andankulam around 9.20 AM. Intercepted LTTE transmissions confirmed wounded to the terrorists.
Meanwhile, troops engaged in mine sweeping operations in the area separate 30 AP mines and disposed 4 IEDs .
Counter operation are being continued.
The Editorial Board of has decided to temporary hang the reporting of all victim information in family member to the ongoing counter terrorist operation in Wanni. This is in thought of the continuing go forward of the security forces there and the need for operational security, whereby such reportage may obstruct the successful accomplishment of the mission.

Sri Lanka assures India on civilian safety, welfare

MP Basil Rajapaksa Briefs Indian Leaders on range of issues:
Terrorism should be
countered with resolve Indian relief supplies to Wanni civilians through Lankan Govt Lankan Govt firmly committed to political solution Both Governments to
remain in close touch
India and Sri Lanka asserted yesterday that terrorism should be countered with resolve, following talks flanked by Indian leaders and Senior Presidential Advisor MP Basil Rajapaksa.
MP Rajapaksa visited India as a Special Envoy of President Mahinda Rajapaksa to brief Indian leaders on the events being taken by the Government to beat terrorism and ensure the welfare of civilians in the North. He met External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon.
A joint statement issued at the end of MP Rajapaksa's visit said he has briefed the Indian establishment of the labors by the Sri Lanka Government to have enough money release and make sure the welfare of the inhabitant population in the North and certain that the safety and well-being of the Tamil group of people in Sri Lanka is being taken care of.
India has conveyed its concern at the caring situation in the Northern part of Sri Lanka, particularly of the civilians and inside displaced persons caught in the hostilities and emphasised the need for unhindered essential release supplies.
As a gesture of goodwill, India has determined to send around 800 tonnes of relief fabric to Sri Lanka for the exaggerated civilians in the North. The Government of Sri Lanka will make easy the delivery. Both sides agreed to ask and help with every other in addressing these caring issues.
"MP Rajapaksa emphasised that the President and his Government were firmly committed to a political procedure that would lead to a sustainable solution," the declaration said.
They discussed the need to move towards a quietly negotiated political settlement in the isle including in the North. The Indian side called for completion of the 13th Amendment and better devolution of powers to the provinces.
Both sides agreed to further nurture the self-governing process in the Eastern Province. MP Rajapaksa briefed the Indian side of the large development attempt underway in the Eastern Province.
"Discussions in New Delhi during MP Rajapaksa's visit were characterized by a spirit of constructive engagement on both sides. Both Governments will remain in close touch," the statement added.
Indian news information said during talks with External Affairs Minister Mukherjee in New Delhi, MP Basil Rajapaksa said the Government will stay the interests of Tamil civilians in mind while carrying on with the offensive against the LTTE. Rajapaksa said that Indian medical teams will be allowable to provide aid to the exaggerated Tamil population in the disagreement areas.
"We have given every pledge to look after the civilians' needs and whichever method we can," he told reporters after the meeting.
Asked about the checkup aid from India, the President's consultant said "yes, that issue was brought up and we will take a optimistitc look on it."
"Yes," he said when asked whether the Sri Lankan Government will let Indian medical aid to Sri Lanka.Asked whether Mukherjee will visit Colombo on the Sri Lankan Tamils issue, Rajapaksa said "he has not discussed it".
The Sri Lankan President, throughout a telephonic chat with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh previous Saturday, assured him that "all necessary measures" are being in use to ensure safety and well-being of the Tamil community.
The Prime Minister has told the Sri Lankan President to ensure that the rights of civilian Tamils are not compromised and they do not get entangled in the disagreement.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jaffna well stocked for Deepavali : Security forces ensure smooth food supply

Hundreds of sailors despite the inclement climate unloaded necessary foodstuff that was sent for the Deepavali fair to the Jaffna peninsula by the mercantile vessels, Nimalawa and Ruhuna which came under assault by the LTTE last week in the northern seas. Navy Commander Vice Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda for myself supervised the receiving of necessary food substance by his men at the Myliddy harbour near Kankesanthurai in Jaffna yesterday.
Navy spokesman Commander D.K.P. Dassanayake told the Sunday Observer that the reason at the back the LTTE's attack on the merchant vessels, Ruhuna and Nimalawa was to create a huge be short of of necessary food items during the Deepavali festive season in the neck of land and to aggravate the efforts of the Government to make sure the smooth supply of necessary items to the north throughout the festive season."The navy not only thwarted the move of the LTTE but also ensured that the Jaffna civilians rejoice Deepavali without any obstruction. The attempts by the sea Tigers to swarming the two merchant vessels carrying foodstuff to the north were repulsed productively by the Navy and the ships were escorted safely to the Myliddy harbour where the receipt of foodstuff was carried out by the sailors.
The merchant ship, Ruhuna carried 3,800 mt tonnes of essential items and the vessel, Nimalawa carried 2,350 mt tonnes of foodstuff," Commander Dassanayake said. Navy Chief Vice Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda who witnessed the receiving of the food items in malice of the bad weather circumstances yesterday praise his men and said that the safety of the merchant vessels that carry essential food items to Jaffna would be ensured with the Navy intensifying its safety measures in the north and east seas,Commander Dassanayake said.
Government Agent, Jaffna K. Ganesh said there was no lack of food and other necessary substance in the peninsula during the Deepavali festive season.
Informed sources said that traders in Jaffna were furious over the LTTE's physical attack last week on the ships that accepted the necessary items to Jaffna and staged a hartal throughout the peninsula in protest next to the killing of the LTTE. The Jaffna town area was crowded with civilians for Deepavali shopping and security was also strengthened to prevent any untoward incident.
Meanwhile, the foodstuff sent by the Government to the Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts also reached securely and the Government Agents in the two districts confirmed that they have enough foodstuff GA, Vavuniya Mrs. Charles said.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

President enlightens Opposition leader on current situation

A meeting between President Mahinda Rajapaksa and resistance Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe took put yesterday (Oct 24) at Temple Trees. During this gathering the President has efficient the Opposition Leader regarding the ongoing oppose terrorist operations in the the North and also concerning the humanitarian help sent for the inhabitant population there.
Health and Nutrition Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva and Urban Development and holy Area Development Minister Dinesh Gunawardena also participated in the conversation.

Offensive flanks move towards Iranamadu; Heavy fighting in Kilinochchi

Heavy fighting at Akkarayankulma and Iranamadu areas were reported between troops and LTTE as yesterday (Oct 24) morning, according to Wanni military sources.
Troops of the 57 Division operating east and west of the Akkarayankulama Tank bund, Kilinochchi, made extra strides into LTTE positions inflicting heavy damages to LTTE, the sources said. According to military, two divide confrontations were reported in general area Akkarayankulama, while irregular hostility were also reported northeast of the same area.
Meanwhile, troops of the 57 Division neighboring the eastern Kilinochchi battlefront and moving towards Iranamadu area met with stiff LTTE confrontation at around 7.30p.m., reportedly claiming serious LTTE wounded. Troops busy artillery and heavy gun fire neutralizing the LTTE confrontation after hours of fighting with LTTE, sources said. During subsequent search operations conducted, troops have also recovered a T-56 assault riffle, 01x light machine gun and an I-com set, military sources further added.
Similarly, fighting between troops and LTTE were reported in universal areas at Kalmadu and Kokavil, while military claimed to have destroyed an LTTE dugout in the clouds at Kalmadu, in a speedy raid conducted at 10.45a.m.

LTTE leaders planning to flee Wanni - The Hindu reports

The Union Home Ministry has asked emigration authorities in south India, counting Kerala, to be on the lookout for release Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) operatives fleeing the hostility in Sri Lanka.
Official sources said the efficient lookout notice for LTTE operatives had the particulars of more than 3,000 persons, counting in some cases, their photographs.
They said it was likely that wanted LTTE men could crossover to India from Sri Lanka in fishing boats posing as refugees or fishermen, get fake Indian passports and journey to the U.K, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia or Canada pretending as Indian citizens.
Emigration establishment said that a Sharjah-based row, having middlemen in Tamil Nadu (mainly in Thirunelveli and Rameswaram) and Kerala, was duplicating Indian passports for use by against the law emigrants.
Officials said these racketeers were duplicating even the latest "machine readable" Indian passports. They used an approximately undetectable method to substitute the digitally compulsory photographs on the passports without tampering the hidden security features on the thin film cover them.
Racket unearthed
The level of the racket came to light this year with mass departure officials here detaining 41 passengers (till October 21) on the accuse of possessing false Indian passports.
The identity theft on 27 such passports was approved out by deftly substituting the photograph of the sole holder with that of the impersonator. In 10 passports, vital pages of the documents, counting the VISA stamped leafs, were fake. Three of the suspects were transport Indian passports forged in their total.
Those under arrest were Indians working in the Gulf whose passports had been confiscated by their employers for one cause or the other.
They said they had bought the fake passports for Rs.25,000 and upwards for evasion from deprived working conditions.
Fake passports
The fake passports second-hand for identity theft were more often than not of persons who had travelled to the Gulf on visit visas and then became illegal immigrants there after their visa era expired.
Law enforcers said the LTTE could be using the armed forces of such Indian passport duplicators to help Sri Lankan Tamils fleeing the conflict zone leave your country to other countries.
Fund raisers
It, in return, is known to insist from emigrants a sizeable chunk of their yearly earnings to be salaried to the organisation's fund raisers in overseas countries.
They said the LTTE used its sympathisers in India to obtain fuel, medicines, supplies, welding gear, vehicle spares, tools, metal balls and chemicals (that could be used for making bombs).
The officials said Kochi, Vizhinjam in Kerala and Kollencode in Tamil Nadu were the newly up-and-coming procurement points for the LTTE in the south.
The supplies are shipped in fishing boats to militant-controlled areas in Sri Lanka. The LTTE allegedly uses the same route for smuggling heroin (sourced from across India's border and opium unlawfully diverted from sure approved farms in the country) for financial support its military movement.
Refugee camps
The police are monitoring the performance in three Sri Lankan person in exile camps in Kerala (at Gavi in Pathanamthitta, Kozhivila on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu edge and one in Wayanad) in view of the better than before fighting in Sri Lanka.

Navy Chief visits Northern Naval Command

wCommander of the Navy Vice Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda visited the Northern marine Area yesterday (Oct 24) in order to praise the members of the elite Fast Attack Craft Squadron (FAC) and Harbour Defence Unit for vanquishing the enemy suicide attempts to destroy the two Merchant Vessels, "MV Nimalawa" and "MV Ruhunu" on Wednesday (Oct 22).
The Navy Commander inspected the cargo receipt process of MV Nimalawa and MV Ruhunu, which were transport essential cargo to Jaffna, and ascertained the harbour operations in the North after the charming repulsion of the attempted LTTE suicide attacks on the two merchant vessels. He also appreciated the efforts of the personnel involved in expediting the receipt process of the cargo on the two merchant vessels.
During his visit, the Navy Commander also visited the Electrical and Engineering Works Multifaceted and the Slipway which is beneath building.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Wanni liberation in progress; Kilinochchi battlefront remains active

The Kilinochchi battlefront remained energetic during last 24 hours as troops made more headway towards LTTE hiding areas in the south and the south-western areas of the Kilinochchi district.
Battlefield information on yesterday's (Oct 23) incidents indicate continuing oppose terrorist operations by the Army 57 separation and the Task Force 1; the two major operational elements deployed on the Kilinochchi battlefront.
In the universal area Akkarayankulam, troops of 572 brigade approved out incomplete operations in the north of Akkarayankulam tank bund during the day. Troops enthused about 2 km north of the Manniyankulam - Therumurukandai road from the east of Akkaraynkuam tank bund and attacked LTTE terrorist groups beating in the area. Troops claimed heavy damages to the terrorists. During search operations troops found one T-56 rifle. Also, troops moving north from the west of Akkarayankulam tank bund sustained forward power operations.
Meanwhile troops of the Army 573 and 574 brigades, flanking the Kilinochchi front from the east continued their shove towards the Jaffna - Kandy road (A-9) during the day. The soldiers of the 573 group attacked a group of terrorists detected in the area 3 km West of Mankulam town around 6, last morning. Troops claimed serious damages to the terrorist. Also, soldiers of the 574 brigade ambushed an LTTE armour plated tractor touching on the A-9 road in the Pannikkankualm area, around 4.45, in the evening.
Task Force 1 in service in the western half of the Kilinochchi front, continued their march at opposite instructions down the Mannar - Pooneryn (A-32) road during the route of the day.
Troops of 582 brigade, heading northwards from Manniaynkulam, launched a limited offensive last morning to get rid of LTTE hiding places located north of the Manniyankulam - Therumurukandai road. throughout this process troops were able obvious about 4km make bigger towards the west of Manniyankulam junction. Troops claimed heavy damages to the terrorists .
Meanwhile, troops of 583 brigade heading south, towards Nachchikudha continued destroying residual LTTE footholds located east of the A-32 road. Troops attacked an LTTE bunker located 5 km west of the A-32 road in the Pallavarayankaddu area around 6.40 p.m. and claimed heavy compensation to the terrorists. During following search, troops found a body of a slain LTTE cadre. Also in the morning hours, terrorists made an unsuccessful effort to breach the Army forward defence line (FDL) in Pallavarayankaddu. Troops compressed the terrorists' attempt and claimed heavy damages to the terrorists.
The Task Force 1 and 57 Division are continuing their mission.
The Editorial Board of has decided to temporary suspend the reporting of all casualty figures in family member to the ongoing counter terrorist process in Wanni. This is in thought of the continuing advance of the security forces there and the need for operational security, whereby such reportage may obstruct the successful accomplishment of the mission.

Sri Lanka reassures UN on IDP welfare

Sri Lanka yesterday at ease the United Nations that it is persistently committed top protect the human rights of the inhabitants in the Wanni and ensure their welfare.
This assurance was known when Disaster Management and Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe called on UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at the UN.
The Minister briefed the Secretary General on the development being achieved by the Government in its attempt to endorse and defend human rights and also address the humanitarian concerns in the North, a spokesman for the Minister said. He reiterated that the Government remained responsive to the code of civilian protection, emphasizing that the Security Forces' experience in the Eastern Province last year with no civilian wounded provided the best practice, which inspired its ongoing movement next to terrorism in the North.
He stressed that the continuing food provisions to the Wanni with the help of the United Nations demonstrated the concern that Government had for the welfare of its citizens and that, based on the priorities documented by the UN needs assessment mission last week, provide of non-food items would follow. He said there was no withdrawal of UN personnel from Kilinochchi to Vavuniya and it was only a temporary transfer which was taken in consultation with partners, specially to make sure that they faced no risk as military action against LTTE intensified.
Elaborating on the work of the Consultative Committee on Humanitarian Access, which met frequently under his chairmanship to address all ready issues in the humanitarian arena, the Minister conveyed that this device served as a clearing channel for immediate concerns and helped find solutions to more than a few issues then and there. Emphasizing that the proceedings taken by the Government and the UN in the humanitarian area were reassuring, the Secretary General confirmed that UN stood ready to help the Government in its attempt to continue to get better caring situation and confident the Government to continue to remain committed to achieving a negotiated settlement.
The Minister harassed that he had precise orders from President Mahinda Rajapaksa, following the President's meeting in New York with UN Secretary General, the support and kindness to the desk General and the United Nations for the humanitarian work being approved out in Sri Lanka in addition to ongoing development work and also to build on the existing bilateral relations.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Welfare of Tamil people furthest from LTTE policies - Government

The LTTE, by launching an attack on merchant vessels carrying foodstuff and other essential items to inside Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the North, has once again demonstrated that the well-being of Tamil people it claims to stand for is furthest from their anxiety, the Government said yesterday.
A Government communique said: "This morning the LTTE mounted a planned attack using suicide skill on two merchant ships, "Ruhuna" and "Nimalawa" in the seas off the Northern coast. This is the second attack targeting a food group reaching the Wanni civilians in recent times.
On the 16th of this month the LTTE launched an assault targeting a group of fifty lorries transport food and necessary items, including medicine plying, under the UN banner. The items had been dispatched to be dispersed among the IDPs in Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi districts. The terrorists fired weaponry and heavy mortar attacks targeting the convoy.
The Government notes that the LTTE has continuously done everything likely to subvert all relief events to these people, the most destructive strategy being that of by force deploying them to act as a human shield in the face of advancing security forces, overcrowding their movement to secure areas wherever possible.
The Government of Sri Lanka has been using air and sea routes as means of transporting necessary food items and ferrying civilians. Focusing on the plight of civilians in North, the Government has taken swift events to dispatch food and essential items as an immediate relief measure. Accordingly, the Government has organised a regular flow of caring supplies to the entire North, ensuring there are no shortages.
Further, the Government is confident that the international community, and especially those who have expressed concerns about the plight of civilians in the Wanni, will be further convinced as to the logical necessity of employing all means necessary to eliminate the terrorist threat and secure the release of people trapped in the open prison that the LTTE has turned the Wanni into.
The Government also emphasizes that this act of the LTTE is a crime next to humanity and it should put to rest any illusions that anybody may have entertained that the LTTE represents the concerns of civilians.
Indeed, it puts into viewpoint new concerns that have been spoken concerning the Government's efforts to ensure that essential items are sent to the Wanni.
The Government reiterates the sentiments expressed recently by the President that its main responsibility is to look after all citizens. The President, on that time said, "I carry out this blame to the fullest, especially with regard to the people who are for the time being displaced in the North, due to the ongoing armed operations to defeat terrorism. There is a wrong feeling created in Tamil Nadu that this not being done. This is furthest from the truth."
The Government notes with serious concern that the ships that came under assault are also used by NGOs and secret sector suppliers to transport goods. By aggressive these ships the LTTE terrorists are trying to disturb the smooth flow of essential items to Jaffna and thereby create a caring crisis in the area, that would not live but for its acts of terror.
It is patently clear that the LTTE is trying to get the attention of the global community by these indiscriminate activities and the Government calls on the international group of people to condemn without condition such appalling acts that seek to obtain political mileage at the cost of innocent civilians.
The Government remains undeterred by all acts of terrorism and is completely aware of the objectives of the terrorists.
The Government will carry on to take all possible events to ensure the safety and well-life form of all civilians in the North.

Hartal in Jaffna to protest against LTTE attack at the cargo vessels

The Jaffna community alongwith business, administration and sections of instructive institutions, on Thursday(Oct 23) have organised a hartal to complaint against the gutless LTTE suicide attack at two vessels with necessary food supplies to the neck of land yesterday.
The neck of ground is approximately connected with the south via sea way, which oddments to be the sole lifeline as long as every day bread to thousands and any profits to distress the normalcy is to be destined in all somewhere to live, an organizer who wanted to stay anonymous was quoted proverb with our Jaffna defence reporter.
According to our sources, the hartal organised with the contribution of varied sections in the neck of land is clearly presentation signs of success.
All the armed forces in the Jaffna with its relative normalcy came to a standstill as there was no express or any other repair in service. All management and private institutions also put up shutters and kept not present from their own services.
However, Jaffna Teaching Hospital remained functional, defence sources long-established.
LTTE an international barred terrorist group on Wednesday(22), attempted to ram into two MV with necessary cargo, next its deliberate attack at the UN foodstuff group on 16th September.

Counter terrorist offensives continue as LTTE lose grip over strongholds in Wanni

Counter terrorist offensives continue, with armed battling through stiff LTTE confrontation and inter monsoonal rains at Wanni, as troops claimed seizing control-over several LTTE bunker expenses and trenches throughout yesterday's (Oct 22) fighting.
According to Wanni security sources, the fighting raged between troops and LTTE in general area West of Akkarayankulama, Kilinochchi, since Wednesday morning, as 57 separation troops stepped advances from its initial positions, East and West of the Akkarayankulama Tank bund.
Subsequently, troops have also healthier two bodies of terrorists along-with two T-56 assault riffles. The bodies establish were in rotten rank military said, adding that LTTE casualties power soar following fresh hostility in the area, reported since the weekend.
Meanwhile, troops busy in a foot patrol at Kanchikulama, Vavuniya, counterattacked an LTTE small arms fire, then getting better a slain LTTE body, a T-56 assault riffle, a belt order and few other military accessories at around 7.20a.m. Also, heavy antagonism was reported in universal area North of Akkarayankulama, as the 57 Division's forward domination formations moved further into LTTE territory, cluttering military attendance in the area. The strategy has forced LTTE defences to thin over its' lines-of -control increasing military's aptitude to pierce existing LTTE resistance.
Reportedly, troop have also gained control over few other LTTE dugout defences and trench lines during separate disagreeable advances made in general area Northeast of Akkarayankulama.

No reversal in fighting terror says Defence Spokesperson

Addressing the media yesterday (Oct 22) at the MCNS, Government Defence Spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said the LTTE was carrying out their misinformation to power the international community and local leaders at a time it is facing a heavy defeat in the conflict.
"We have knowledgeable this over the decades with the LTTE when the Security Forces were view the edge of the LTTE strongholds. Then they raise a cry to halt the unpleasant citing kind concerns.
This obstacle was continuing in the past decades to keep the Security Forces from capturing the LTTE stronghold," Minister Rambukwella remarked.
Minister Rambukwella reiterated that the Government will initiate discussions with leaders of any country but not with provincial social meeting leaders. "The LTTE network is infuriating to power the Tamil Nadu party leaders based on caring grounds. We are well aware and able to defend our sisters and brother entrapped under the LTTE oppression. We understand their grievances," he said.
Minister Rambukwella emphasised that terrorism is not a problem affecting only Sri Lanka but it is a cancer dispersal all around the world, chiefly SAARC countries.
"Terrorism is a main complexity of the local countries, primarily in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Heads of the SAARC nations somberly promised to defeat terrorism and to help against terrorism. The world and the SAARC nations are merger hands with us to defeat terrorism," the Minister said.
During the last SAARC peak in Colombo Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh pledged to fight terrorism. "Prime Minister Singh made his clear comment and stable stand on fighting terrorism in his speech at the 17th SAARC peak in Colombo. Therefore, the SAARC country leaders somberly promised to help on defeating terrorism as it torn and upset the monetary system of the region," he pointed out. The LTTE was using civilians as human shield. "Their human human rights were defiled by the LTTE and they are using civilians as a human shield to responsibility the Security Forces and the Government. The Tigers are targeting the food bring lines in order to stop the food supplies attainment the civilians in Wanni and Jaffna and then blame the Government that people are ravenous in the war torn areas," Minister Rambukwella said.
Addressing the media necessary Services Commissioner General S. Divaratne said the Government had dispatched enough essential food items, medicine, shelter and extra necessary needs to the civilian living in the Wanni.
"There were important changes in transporting necessary release supplies to civilians in the Wanni. The Government had taken full blame with a sure number of INGOs to give food provisions to the people living in Wanni. Around 95 per cent of civilians living in Killinochchi and Mullaitivu districts are provided relief items through the wellbeing centres coordinating with the Government Agent," he added.
Mr. Divaratne experiential that a logistic hub was established in Vavuniya with a capacity of storing 4,500 Metric Tons. Every week 50 lorries carrying relief to civilians in Wanni cross the Omanthai Entry/Exit point.

Twin blows to LTTE: Attempts to hoodwink IC boomerang [Updated]

LTTE suicide craft towed ashore
LTTE met with another defeat, to be humiliated again in the Northern waters, in its failed suicide boat attack this morning (Oct 22), targeting two merchant vessels with essential food supplies to the Jaffna peninsula. This is not an isolated attack but part of the clear strategy of the LTTE to bounce back from the inevitable defeat in the theatres of battle.
What lies beneath in this is: 1. An LTTE's strategy to starve the civilian community in Jaffna, giving rise to agitation among the populace. 2. To inflame the pro-LTTE sentiments in TN at the cost of Tamil civilians, expecting a lifeline from TN extremists before the fall of Wanni. 3. If the attack had being successful, to gain a moral boost followed by a skeleton ceasefire demanding a de facto recognition as negotiators for the Tamils 4. To force the government to open the A-9 main road, a main source of funding and supply for the outfit and land access to the peninsula.
Destruction of essential food supplies.

The latest LTTE suicide boat attack targeting two merchant vessels with necessary cargo to Jaffna civilians comes within a week after LTTE shelled a UN food group to the Internally Displaced in Mullaittivu and Kilinochchi.
The LTTE's effort to ram the merchant vessels ended with chaos, as the terrorists lost 2 suicide craft, while another was seized by the naval FACs. According to defence observers, LTTE has made understandable its intentions to cause a civilian disaster in the eve of its predictable beat at Wanni, in the hope of deceptive the global group of people. The outfit career itself the saviours of the Tamil people has unmasked itself, only to cause death, destruction and misery to thousands of Tamils in the three-decade long conflict, defence observers state.
Another issue that raised interests at defence desks is that the breakdown of the sea tigers to pierce from side to side the naval line of control time after time, bringing due credit for the SLN for its ad hoc strategies and steady alertness. Earlier, on 18th September, LTTE sea units suffered a heavy blow when Navy unleashed its new battle separation boats: RABS, destroying 10 LTTE craft and kill over 25 terrorists in a sea fight, off Nachchikuda at Valaipadu.
LTTE claims "sinking" the MVs:
"Two big explosions were heard in the seas off Kaankeasanthu'rai Harbour in Jaffna approximately 4:00 a.m. Wednesday. Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers fired rockets from their coastal positions in Vadamaraadchi North...," reported pro-LTTE news sources, who in their second leads followed the news with the destruction of a MV in the suicide attack.
"The supply ship was ruined and another boat, MV Ruhunuwa, continued heavy damages," the sources reported. Some foreign media elements also clutched on to the LTTE misinformation version coverage same, only later to realise being hoodwinked.
The LTTE's attempt at spin on the state of affairs boomeranged as images from the confrontation site were posted within hours of the incident. Despite its collection of labors to loss the LTTE, following the failed assault on the two MV with essential cargo, pro-LTTE media affirmed the bereavement of two suicide terrorists counting a senior female cadre (Ilakkiyaa).

LTTE should immediately put down their arms says Lord Naseby

Lord Naseby at the Photo exhibition depicting LTTE atrocities; He is seen with Sri Lanka High Commissioner in London, Nihal Jayasinghe (Photo by: Sudath Silva)
Lord Naseby, older member of the House of Lords said in London today(Oct 22) that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) should right away lay down weapons and make talks with the management without causing additional carnage.
He made this statement to this reporter after visiting a photo show set by the Sri Lankans Against Terrorism with the help of the Presidential Media part and the Sri Lanka High blame in London.
He said, "My message to them is there is not no substance which to fight; looking for calm is the the bulk wanted obsession for all the people inside Sri Lanka at the instant.. So, lay down your arms and go to peace talks with the Sri Lanka organization."
He said he was content and scared about the photo demonstrate and wanted to state thanks the London High official, Nihal Jayasinghe of Sri Lanka for putting jointly an show of "true photos" and he hoped and wished the British public would visit it and have a true picture of what is occurrence in this country as a consequence of terrorism.
He said exhibitions of this usual world would help erase the wrong picture created in the minds of some people that it was the Tamils who were being harassed when in ordinary sense it is the other way about. The information is everybody opposing to the LTTE is harassed, he said.
Speaking previous at the inaugural ceremony of the display Lord Naseby said he knows in and out of Sri Lanka so well that even some Sri Lankans have not gone to places where he had traveled. He said he first went to the country in 1953.
He said the show opened at Center One Hall on Chadwick Hall depicting the killing of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was "timely" and "moving."
Lord Naseby said in the past there had been some bias regarding verbal communication and economic opportunities in Sri Lanka but now all those wrongs have been put to right and there be no need to fight.
Lord Naseby said in the United Kingdom as well as in extra parts of the earth LTTE is banned. Therefore, he theoretical, there shouldn't be funds calm for them candidly or by underhand methods. No rallies also be theoretical to be held for them as they are next to the law, he added.
He said by healing the Eastern Province where all three communities live in equal ratio and where the ills could have twist out to be very many-sided the Sri Lanka association has devolved power to a provincial group that runs well.
Lord Naseby said when he makes the next trip to Sri Lanka he hoped all could come to normalcy and the same level of development equal to that of the Eastern area would have in progress in the now war ravaged North.
More than 230 photos and video films depicting atrocities accepted out by the LTTE including following killings as well as killing of civilians, injure to properties, suicide attacks, and staffing of child martial were exhibited at the display.
Two more photo exhibitions followed by this are listed in Hague on 27 and 28 October and in Paris on 30 and 31.
London's Sri Lanka's High Commissioner, Nihal Jayasinhe speaking at the rite said, the island nation's growth process has been twisted back by twenty years due to terrorism. When Singapore became self-governing they wanted to emulate Colombo. But today, one should see how far Singapore has gone, he said.

Fighting continues as troops make more inroads in Wanni

Task Force -1, troops marching North of Vannerikkulama built-up in Kilinochchi, have detained control of the Anavellutan village following heavy fighting with the remaining LTTE resistance rudiments, Wanni military sources said. Troops entered the village yesterday (Oct 21) noon, as military said that terrorists have overcooked down and dislodged the remaining constructions, send-off the rural community in rubbles. Even the small medical middle was not spared as terrorists have caused damages to its gear, while military also long-established recovering damaged wheel chairs from the perimeters of the site. Troops also came cross a mini-cinema hall, security sources said.
According to military, troops are now consolidating positions at Nochchimoddai, Vannaerikkulama and Pallavarayankaddu universal areas. Meanwhile, troops have supposedly sprung an waylay at an LTTE cab convey terrorists in Northwest of Jeyapuram, on Tuesday.
Meanwhile, troops of the 57 Division consolidating positions in front of Akkarayankulam in the western Kilinochchi front, met with irregular LTTE resistance yesterday. Troops long-recognized destroying two LTTE bunker defences in general area Akkarayankulama at around 5p.m., while two T-56 physical attack riffles were also healthier in the same area during a divide search operation conducted.
Fighting erupts at Gajabapura:
Troops of the 59 Division in service in the Mullaittivu battlefront pressed further into LTTE lines of defences located in general area Gajabapura, as pitched fighting was reported with LTTE yesterday(Oct 21).
Similarly, clashes were reported in general area Andankulama as troops mounted heavy weaponry and mortar after detecting an LTTE movement in the area, around 10a.m.
134 anti-workers (AP) mines and 9 IEDs were better by troops, during next search operation conducted in the area, military sources said.
Troops also claimed destroying an LTTE bunker in the clouds and causing damages to LTTE in a separate argument at Andankulama. Meanwhile, safety forces have busy heavy artillery at identified LTTE strongpoint located in Nayaru and Alampil, following early discovery of terrorists in the area.
The Editorial Board of has decided to temporary suspend the coverage of all victim figures in relation to the ongoing oppose terrorist operation in Wanni. This is in thought of the ongoing advance of the security forces there and the need for operational security, whereby such reportage may obstruct the successful accomplishment of the mission.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

LTTE attack merchant ships carrying essential supplies to civilians; Navy captures suicide boat

The captured LTTE suicide boat seen floating in the Northern seas. (22nd Oct 2008)
LTTE terrorists have approved out a suicide attack targeting Merchant Ship Ruhuna and Nimalawa, in the north sea of Sri Lanka at 5.10, this morning (Oct 22), defence sources said. The attack is viewed as another gutless effort by the terrorists to deny essential provisions to the civilians livelihood in war overstated areas, the sources added.
Meanwhile, Navy spokesperson, Commander DKP Dassanayake told that 3 LTTE suicide vessels have come for the attack.
Navy sailors as long as security aboard the targeted vessels have busy device gun fire at the future suicide boats efficiently, and devastated two of them before ramming on the ships, he said. However, he additional that one of the suicide boats have exploded in close proximity to mercantile Ship Nimalawa causing slight reward to the ship's hull .
He additional said that the third suicide skill has been captured by navy boats. The LTTE suicide cadre who was in repair the boat theoretical to be killed in the Navy reprisal, he added.

Pro-LTTE elements in india are charged of starting separatist activities against India

New Delhi's ruling Congress party's legislature head D.Sudarsanam said after an emergency gathering of the ruling social gathering law makers that some pro-Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rudiments in India have started separatist work against India.
He said, "The assembly calls for stern action against pro-LTTE rudiments - regardless of their being politicians or media personalities as they have frankly begun secessionist moves,"
It is believed most of the anti-Indian sentiments have been espoused by sure pro-LTTE and DMK film directors who delivered provocative speeches , October 19, at a film industry rally, which some movie actors and actresses boycotted at Rameshwaram.
"The National Security Act be hypothetical to be invoked against movie directors Seeman and Ameer for canvassing support for terrorists, espousing separatist causes in India and threatening to start an armed revolt from a public platform in Rameshwaram Oct 19.
"Failure to do so will consequence in agitations to put on trial persons like Seeman and Ameer who deliberately affronted Congress martyrs (late prime ministers) Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi," Sudarsanam added.
Meanwhile India's Tamil Nadu Opposition and AIADMK leader Jayalalitha Jayaram said, "The LTTE is a terrorist organisation linked to several fissiparous clothes in India and abroad. While limited outfits like the banned People's War Group, United release Front of Assam and at least three terrorist actions in Tamil Nadu are known to be open collaborators with the Tigers."
Jayalalitha further said, "While during Karunanidhi's rule, such actions always manage to take roots, it is surprising that former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi's widow Sonia Gandhi has tacitly allowed the LTTE to operate freely in India. Rajiv Gandhi's killers like Nalini (Murugan) have adopt holier-than-thou attitudes and claim to be hostility for their birthright of freedom after assassinating the former prime cleric in cold blood,"
But Karunanidhi's declaration remained very pro-LTTE. Writing in the party journal Murasoli he said: Only those with sedition next to the Tamil people in their minds are conflicting the forceful defence of the Tamil race's origin evenhanded homeland - Eelam."
The anti Indian elements want to divide Tamil Nadu from rest of India, it is supposed.

Vaiko threatens to defy Indian law to support banned terrorist outfit

The rabble rouser of South Indian politics Gopalaswamy Vaiko, at a gathering in Chennai openly defied Indian law and said he and his party cadres would not hesitate to carry arms to Sri Lanka in support of the stressed, cornered and attentive Velupillai Prabhakaran and his Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).
Though it had been long supposed that Vaiko was smuggling arms to the Tamil Tigers this was the first occasion his intentions , at least about the future, has been affirmed in an open rally.
He said he and his party would not only hesitate to carry arms but he would rally people from all over the country for the illegal purpose. Vaiko is a non-Tamil migrant from another condition who thrives on Tamil racial discrimination in the state of Tamil Nadu. He heads a escape group of the DMK, Marumalarchi Thiravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK).
Analysts say, it's a veiled threat to start a separatist movement in India.
Speaking at the same public meeting Chairman of the MDMK M.Kannappan said anybody speaking next to the LTTE could be termed a traitor. He also threatened the New Delhi administration not to force Tamils in the state to open a separatist movement.
A LTTE suicide bomber killed Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in Tamil Nadu.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Civilians our main concern - President

The battle next to terrorism which we could persuasively win within a few days, is nevertheless long-drawn-out owing to the serious concern and the best care exercised by the highly limited Armed Forces who are hostility under severe constraints, to cause no harm or loss to innocent, civilian human life, observed President Mahinda Rajapaksa.
President Rajapaksa made this surveillance when he addressed a ceremony organised by the National Research Council, at the Presidential Secretariat, to felicitate and award 'Presidential Awards for Research' to native Scientists who have been of yeoman mend for the Nation's financial wellbeing. "We have heading for the Armed armed forces to desist from inflicting any harm, even a scratch, to the blameless civilians who are being utilised as human shields by the terrorists in the Wanni. We are arrogant to have an Army which is complying and transport out their humanitarian operations accordingly," he said.
He pointed out that the liberation of the East and the Madhu shrine was carried out without causing any harm to civilians. "Not a single bullet was fired, in those operations, as we had a responsibility and blame to preserve and protect human life and maintain the church's religious and religious meaning and dignity," he added.
The President was of the view that Sri Lanka was the first country ever, based on humanitarian reasons, dispatching and providing foodstuff and other basics to a ruthless terrorist outfit, while at the same time fighting them.
He said that as clearly indicated by some serious personal sentiments of nostalgic and sentimental worth, in the personal letters which have been set up in the abandoned LTTE bunkers recently,
The LTTE cadres have not connected Prabhakaran spontaneously. They have joined due to an array of personal issues and are consistently striving to flee from the clutches of the LTTE. Nonetheless, the LTTE is fervently depriving them of their liberty of choice and retaining them as a 'human shield' to achieve their fascist objectives.
"The masses of this country chosen me as their President, with the objectives of defensive the territorial honesty and sovereignty of their motherland and end its needless fragmentation. We are not in any way fighting next to the Tamil polity of this land. We are relentlessly busy in therapeutic the innocent Tamil diaspora from the unkind grip of terrorism under Prabhakaran," the President categorically stated.
President Rajapaksa opined that Scientific investigate was crucial in the multi-faceted development of any country, including Sri Lanka which different in the past, rely highly on such know-how. Scientific investigate and knowledge has been used in all spheres of development, counting the agro sector. The budget share for 'Scientific Research' would be enhanced soon. 'Scientific Research' could alleviate scarcity and help us in achieving economic development, President Rajapaksa added.

Rift in LTTE over battle losses as troops surge towards Kilinochchi

tTroops thrashed LTTE battle formations and pushed ahead, amidst heavy confrontation and torrential monsoon rains, from areas North East of Nachchikuda at Vannerikkulama and from the limits at Akkarayankulama Tank in Kilinochchi. These military advances were made while LTTE ground chieftains were reported wavering over nature of fighting elements in Wanni and North.
According to military, intercepted LTTE communication has exposed constant arguments between the Wanni and Northern cadres who were critical each other for the recent battlefield losses.
Meanwhile, Child human rights groups in Colombo urged more force from the international community to force LTTE to deliver the remaining child recruits, who according to these activists will be used as cannon fodders as fighting surge and shift towards Mullaittivu.
"This is a high-time to call-on for the release of these underage fighters in LTTE ranks and what we need is the real participation of other HR activists in Colombo who have been influential, voicing this tragedy", a rights activist said language exclusively to
Meanwhile, security forces better the bodies of 3 soldiers reported missing as Saturday(18), following heavy hostility at Akkarayankulama, Kilinochchi. Intense fighting was reported between troops and LTTE over the long soil bund at Vannerrikkulama and Akkarayankulama, yesterday(20), as troops made its first go after consolidating its newly gained positions in the areas on Saturday.
Troops have also found 2 decomposed bodies of terrorists and 4 physical attack riffles during following search operations conducted in general area Akkarayankulama.
Intense battles are being fought in the western and eastern fronts of Kilinochchi, now operated by the Task Force -1 and 57 Division troops respectively, security sources said.
The battles are predictable to shift towards Jayapuram and North of Manniyankulama, east of the A-32 main road, while the central Kilinochchi battles are expected to surge as troops place head-on within impressive distance of the LTTE heartland. The fall of Kilinochchi will not just be a symbolic victory as reported by some foreign news agencies defence observers stated, adding that this will be the beginning of the 'unceasing military wave' which is expected to halt after far-reaching the last terrorist from the Eastern shore.
Separately, troops better another decomposed LTTE body, a T-56 assault riffle and an I-com set throughout search operations conducted in universal area Pallavarayankaddu, at the Western Kilinochchi battlefront.
Meanwhile, at the Mullaittivu battlefront at Andankulama, troops compulsory into an LTTE bunker place capturing 3 bunker overheads and a mortar pit, security sources said. According to finalized military information, security forces also have exposed 382 anti-personnel(AP) and 6 IEDs, during search operations conducted in the same area.
Also, a claymore mine and 150ft long wire were found by troops while conducting a search process in general area Jetty site at Welikanda Batticaloa, yesterday, Eastern military sources reported.

'Save Prabhakaran strategy' will back fire on Karunanidhi Says India's economic Times

India's influential Economic Times said that Tamil Nadu's Chief Minister Muthuvel Karunanidhi's resignation drama future for utilizing New Delhi's regional super power status to save the poorly beleaguered , cornered and trapped LTTE chief Prabhakaran, which it said was an election gimmick, would backfire on the seasoned politician.
Describing Karunanidhi's very grave compromising position The Economic Times said in its current issue (October 21) that, "The DMK's difficulty in taking any dire step stems from insufficient numbers in the 234-member Tamil Nadu assembly. To survive in power, the DMK with 96 MLAs needs the Congress support. It cannot afford to call a mid-term meeting polls on the Sri Lankan issue. "Karunanidhi's state government in Tamil Nadu survives with the help of the support of the Tamil Nadu's Congress Party which is headed by the Sonia Gandhi. The Economic Times said this compromising place has already tempered the position of Karunanidhi in family member to the Man Mohan Singh government in contrast to the earlier statement he had done and the Sri Lankan issue is not a strong enough reason to fight a mid term election in the state since as a political issue it has relatively lost its popularity in the midst of other issues like the power cuts the state is experiencing right now.
The following is the text of the item published in the Economic Times:
" The DMK has painted itself into a corner on the Sri Lankan subject. Having set the Centre a October 29 deadline to ensure a cease-fire between Sri Lankan armed forces and LTTE in that country, DMK could now knowledge a major crisis of credibility.
"Though it has in danger to get its MPs resign from Parliament over the Sri Lankan issue if the Centre does not sufficiently influence the situation in the neighbourhood by end-October, ground realities make this next to impossible. Mr Karunanidhi is already showing signs of tempering his position. He has welcomed a statement made by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh where he called for a peaceful political resolution to the crisis in the island nation.
"The DMK's difficulty in taking any dire step stems from inadequate numbers in the 234-member Tamil Nadu assembly. To survive in power, the DMK with 96 MLAs needs the Congress support. It cannot have enough money to call a mid-term assembly polls on the Sri Lankan issue.
"Many political watchers are describing DMK's whipping up of the Sri Lankan issue as a diversionary method in view of the massive power cuts in the state. Many parts of Tamil Nadu, with the exception of Chennai, are experiencing eight hours power slash a day or more. Also, the Sri Lankan issue, which is brought up by Tamil parties regularly before elections, has a limited popular appeal as evidenced by the information that these very parties forget it until the next round of polls.
"The Centre, for its part, is making all the right noises about anxiety for the welfare of ethnic Tamils in Sri Lanka, who according to DMK and other Tamil parties are innocent wounded of the attacks on LTTE. However, India's hands are tied on the question of any real intervention in Sri Lankan affairs.
"Sri Lanka has shown no signs of discontinuing with its current unpleasant against LTTE or plummeting the intensity of the attacks. The statement made by Sri Lankan defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to a TV channel that the LTTE is on the verge of defeat and therefore it is getting Indian politicians to pressure the Sri Lankan government to intervene, might complicate matters further for the Congress-led Centre.
"DMK's move to get its MPs from both Houses of Parliament (15 Lok Sabha and 4 Rajya Sabha) to hand over symbolic resignation letters to party chief M Karunanidhi looks set to fizzle out. When this happens, the Opposition ADMK will claim that it was justified in dubbing the acceptance episode a fraud. ADMK chief Ms Jayalalithaa had dared chief minister Karunanidhi to step down and asked him to get all his MLAs to resign if he is really concerned about the condition of ethnic Tamils in Sri Lanka.
"Interestingly, it is only DMK which has wedged its neck out to meet the resolution of an all-party meeting in Chennai which had said all 40 Lok Sabha MPs, from Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, would resign if India did not intervene to ensure cease-fire in Sri Lanka. The Congress, which also backed the decree of the all-party meeting, clearly distanced itself from the resignation threat.
"We follow whatever is decided by the Indian National Congress. So far we have not offered our resignations," Congress spokesperson and Rajya Sabha MP Jayanti Natarajan supposed on Monday. PMK too has not taken any further steps on the resignation threat. As things stand, DMK stands to lose countenance on the Sri Lankan episode in the run-up to the coming Lok Sabha polls.

TN politicos not aware of ground realities - Defence Secretary

Sri Lankan Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa says the LTTE is on the edge of defeat, which is why they're trying to get Indian politicians to pressurise the Sri Lankan Government.
He told CNN-IBN it's unfair of politicians to put pressure without looking at the ground realities.
The Sri Lankan Defence Sectretary said that the Lanka is hostility terrorists and not any particular section of the society.
"Yes, this has been happening for the past two and a half years now. We cleared the Eastern province and transferred power to the people. Now in the Northern Province they are restricted to 20 per cent of the area. They are on the verge of defeat. You must remember that what we are doing is to defend our own citizens. We are not hostility any section of the community but fighting terrorists," Rajapaksa said.
About the politicians in Tamil Nadu voicing protests and concerns for the Tamils in Sri Lanka, he said. "They are not aware of the ground realities. For the first time in the world the Sri Lankan Army has adopted the concept of zero civilian casualties. We are very worried about civilian casualties. Minimise casualties are the orders.
We take time; we don't use haphazard fire or aerial attacks.
The LTTE is using pictures which they have created. The UN has confirmed that the aerial attacks we did were very precise," he added.
About the visit of Indian External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee, the Sri Lankan Defence Secretary said, "We have a cordial and close association with the Indian Government.
Our administrators meet and speak often. We understand the problems of the Central Government when the TN Government puts force on them. Remember though they are called LTTE controlled areas they are only controlling with weapons. The administration is carried about by the Sri Lankan Government. We run schools, hospitals etc," Gotabhaya added.
He also imparted information about the operation against LTTE. "It is in progress. There is heavy rain, bad weather.
We have breached their obstacles and its progressing well. Remember that we know still there are civilians there. We get time to move forward," he said.
He denied the accusation that many Tamil civilians had been displaced.
"When the troops move forward, civilians move south and east. I am sure as that's happened previously. We look after them, we give them shelter and within one year we resettle them and rebuild their houses. It is a record time,"
He also expressed his angst at the political parties in India pressurizing the Indian government to step up pressure on the Sri Lankan government.
"They do it without understanding the ground realities. We know LTTE sympathisers are based in Tamil Nadu. We do not proceed without considering the dilemma of the Tamil civilians and are aware that these are Sri Lankan citizens. It is the blame of the Sri Lankan government to look after these people.
We cannot allow this to go on. Remember that this terrorist organisation killed one of India's loved leaders Rajiv Gandhi. Tamil Nadu politicians have forgotten that." About the discussions to be held with the Indian External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee, Gotabhaya said, "The president of Sri Lanka beam to the Indian Prime Minister. We went to show them that what we are doing, what steps we have taken to give them with food and medicine."
Rajapaksa said that the populace of Sri Lanka have suffered for long and India must help it to end the suffering of the people.
Elections in the Tamil under enemy control areas are not a priority but developing the area is, Gotabhaya said.