Wednesday, November 5, 2008

28 Tamil civilians including 6 children escape LTTE held areas [Updated]

A group of 28 Tamil civilians including 6 children who had runaway the LTTE held areas, necessary defense with safety forces in Jaffna last morning, 4 November.
The naval tour of duty craft which detected two boats in northern seas immediately quick to their help and accompanied them aground under naval protection.
According to the sources, 22 adults counting 13 males and 9 females and 6 children are in the middle of the escapees and they are population of Mullaian, Kaddaikadu, Paranthan, Kilinochchi and Champianpaththu areas.
The escapees said that the blameless Tamil civilians living in non-unconventional areas in the North have to undergo harsh hardships as a consequence of LTTE activities, including extortion and recruitment of young people. Though the bulk of civilians are keen to flee from the LTTE grip, many have to end up their journey in LTTE prisons. After being imprisoned, these civilians are being by force used to construct bunkers in the Forward Defences.
The escapees have been provided with foods as well as essential checkup treatments and later handed over to the Kankesanturai Police. All the preparations have been made to give defense for civilians, the government officials in Jaffna said.

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