Friday, November 21, 2008

Army goes offensive at Northern FDL; terrorists to lose their first line of defence

Sri Lanka Army newest unpleasant elements 53 and 55 divisions are now in the procedure of consolidating their positions on the recently captured LTTE's first line of defence at the Northern theatre of operations, say the defence sources.
According to the sources, troops of 53 division are now between up the captured terror bunkers in the Kilaly area, South of A-9 road while the 55 division soldiers are engaged in clearing operations in the Muhamalai forward area, North of the A-9.
Army shifted its mode of operations from energetic defence to all out offence in the Northern theatre on Saturday (Nov 15) by running at the LTTE's forward defence lines (FDL) in Muhamalai and Kilaly . Heavy clashes prevailed in the areas for 5 successive days , as the terrorists made a frantic effort to halt the army go forward.
55 division scored the first success achieving the full power of the LTTE defence line at Muhamalai on Tuesday (Nov 18). Meanwhile, 53 division military were able to capture a big part of the LTTE bunkers in the Kilaly area by Wednesday evening (Nov 19).
Intercepted means of communication broadcast in order revealed serious toll of death and wounded to the terrorists all through these clashes. Also, Army confirmed destruction of 4 ad hoc mortar weapons of the terrorists known as "Pasilan" and "Baba" mortars. Terrorist leaders, Theepan, Muhundan and Jerry were heard making ineffective calls for their onward rudiments to hold their positions. However, Theepan and Jerry themselves were recognized to have fled the area as soon as their forward elements empty the first line. According to the latest information , Theepan have returned to the plays and threatening LTTE cadres in the front not to withdraw any further.
Army maintained lively defence in the area during last a small figure of years ill at ease all LTTE attempts at Jaffna peninsula. The coldness between Army FDL and the LTTE's was just 500m before the operations commenced. Now, troops have enclosed this stretch and title additional Southwards.

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