Monday, November 10, 2008

Task Force 1 troops crossing marshlands of Ponneryn

Amide evil weather and heavy terrorist resistance, Army Task Force 1 troops have stepped into the huge marshlands of Poonaryn, the final obstacle they have to clear before achieving their mission, defence sources said.
According to the sources, heavy hostility have been reported as previous twilight (Nov 9) in the Chempankundu area, as infantrymen started journey the very violent terrain that runs about 18 Km, west to east from Chempankundu to Nivil. The marshlands that have about 2 km width at some parts place as an outstanding defence for the terrorists, the sources said. However, troops are not in a edge of brain to slow down their speed of advance in malice of whatever barrier stand next to them, the sources added.
Troops of 583 brigade, attacked an LTTE strong point in Chempankundu around 6.10 PM and reported serious reward to the terrorists. a small number of military laid own their lives and more than a few others sustained injuries. Meanwhile, troops of 582 brigade confronted with a group of terrorists in the Mulaikoduttavil area around 7.40 AM. Troops claimed heavy recompense to the terrorists.
Snipers deployed in the forward areas reported shooting down of two terrorists in the Navalladi and Pallai areas all through the day.
Task Force 1 launched their operations near the start this year to control the northwestern shore of the island. So far, troops have marched about 75 km along the Mannar- Poonaryn road (A-32) and recognized their forward limits 7km south of Poonaryn at present.
Defence observers are in the sight that troops would be able to wrest full control over the A-32 road on one time they cross the marshland. The achievement of this would open a land way to Jaffna peninsula after 20 years, they add.

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