Friday, November 28, 2008

51 families, 134 civilians seek protection with security forces- Omanthai

134 Tamil civilians from 51 families including 72 males and 62 females necessary defense with security armed forces at Omanthai, Vavuniya today (Nov 28).
The civilians have at home at the Omanthai Entry/Exit point since 7a.m., till 4p.m., Wanni security sources said. "These civilians have escapee from LTTE after been held locked up for months and according to what they have bare, they have undergone highest hardships with LTTE", our reporter at Vavuniya said.
Many civilians are from areas South of Mankulam, East of Nedunkerni, Kanakarayankulama and suburbs, he further said. These people will be heading for the welfare centers located in the area, armed officials at Vavuniya further said.

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