Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Brotherhood Train to North

A Brotherhood Train will make its maiden trip this month to be thankful for the services rendered by the Security Forces engaged in caring operations in the North to release the country from LTTE terrorism. The Brotherhood Train will take conditions of food and other supplies to the North to be dispersed among the public who have been inside displaced in the Wanni.
The convenor of the Manel Mal Movement S. L. Gunsekera yesterday said , they have set to function the "Brotherhood Train" from Matara to Medawachchiya carrying love and aid to Security Forces and those internally displaced citizens in the Wanni district who have suffered at the hands of the LTTE terrorists.
Gunesekera was language at a push meeting held at the National Library Service Auditorium, Colombo. He said , the train will journey from November 22.
"We intend to express our deep anxiety to our brethren in the North, who have suffered under the LTTE," he said.
"There has been huge false propaganda by the Western powers next to the Sri Lankan State in this regard," he said. "The Brotherhood teach will disprove them. We are morally and ethically jump to help our brethren," he said.
"This will be more than as long as material benefit to cope with an IDP condition of relationships for we desire them unconventional from the LTTE," he said.
"It is the duty of all citizens, chiefly those in the South to look after the public in the uncleared areas. Civilians who flee from the terrorist hold of Prabhakaran need to be protected. We must look after them."
The Manel Mal Movement organised "the Brotherhood Train" in a combined attempt with the Patriotic National Movement.
The train will stop at 20 railway stations on its way from Matara to Medawachchiya through which it will gather and carry essential supplies such as foodstuff and clothing for the IDPs.
"We plan to get the whole state around the train and its envisioned task," said Gunasekera.

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