Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hindu Priest shot dead by LTTE gunmen- Batticaloa

A Hindu cleric was shot dead by LTTE gunmen at Mamangama in Batticaloa, today (Nov 27) at around 1.30a.m.
The victim was identified as Subramanium Kamalaraj, 32, the chief cleric of the 'Sri Sivamuttumari Kovil', at Mamangama. The priest's body was found riddled with T-56 gunshots, Batticaloa Police sources said. Police and security military are now conducting search operations in the area.
According to defence sources, undercover LTTE fundamentals in the area are creation anxious attempts to create disaster and doubt, also premeditating a lethargic down of the counter terrorists operation at Wanni.
Meanwhile, Wednesday at around 7.50p.m., police workers manning a safety post at Kallady in the Kathankudi Police division have under arrest an LTTE believe while fleeing the area after lobbing a hand grenade at the police post. No police workers were suffering in the grenade physical physical attack sources said. The suspect was stuck wounded in the Police punitive assault and was later admitted to the Kathankudy hospital for action.

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