Friday, November 21, 2008

Convoy streamlined at Omanthai: loading completed

A group with necessary items and foodstuff to people in the non-liberated areas were sleek at the Omanthai Entry/Exit point today (Nov 20).
The convoy consisting 44 lorries of the WFP and 20 other government lorries counting 6 oil bowsers have finished loading and sleek with essential stocks to be dispatched to the Mullaittivu and Kilinochchi districts.
Meanwhile, refuting LTTE propaganda allegations officials at Omanthai confirmed that 3 ambulances from non-liberated Mullaittivu district have crossed over to Vavuniya yesterday, while 18 corpses of terrorists were also sent to LTTE through the ICRC at Omanthai.
The government has maintained incessant provide of essential items, food and medicine to the Wanni districts with harmonization of the ICRC and UN despite ineffective attempts total by the LTTE, a military official at Omanthai said.
On 16th October 2008, LTTE terrorists launched an haphazard weaponry and heavy mortar assault at a UN food group consisting of 50 lorries at Puliyankulama, along the A-9 trunk road. According to officials at Omanthai, LTTE terrorists have continuously attempted to limit flow of essentials to the Wanni people in its effort to sketch a kind catastrophe in the area.

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