Monday, July 30, 2012


A Factual inspection of Disappearances and Abductions
Considering that the conclusion of war Sri Lanka seems to have continuously been in the lime light of the world. Recently GROUNDVIEWS website published a report on disappearances/abductions in Sri Lanka. The generally public has got the right to know reality. To verify reality it will be imperative to delve strong into the issue before jumping into hasty conclusions.
To put the record straight and clarify the many contentious issues linked to it, it is truly pertinent to appear close into it issue. When a individual or persons go missing, the law enforcement authorities are made aware of it by individuals near and dear to her or him. With the details as a result received authorities will begin investigations.
In respect to investigations thus done many interesting facts have been unearthed. Since reported as a result of above source 56 persons have disappeared within the period of October 2011 and March 2012.
Of the 56 purportedly disappeared only 18 have been reported as actually missing. Law enforcement authorities have carried out extensive investigations into these disappearances and think of starling details about these individuals and their dealings. Interestingly every one of these figures are underworld characters involved in organized crime, drug trade, extortion, kidnapping and these kinds of anti social activities. 15 of these 18 individuals are suspected to posses offender backdrops.