Thursday, November 6, 2008

Terrorism not an answer to problem -- expert on terrorism in South Asia

Renowned writer and an specialist on South Asian affairs, Brigadier General (Retired) Alain Lamballe participating as the chief caller of the anti-terrorism photo display held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, said that it is customary for there to be tensions and even disagreement in countries where different communities live, using violence and terrorism is not the reply or the way of resolving problems.
Lamballe, who has busy in a learn on terrorism in the area of South Asia while portion as the Security Counsellor in the French Embassy in India, highly praised the Sri Lankan government for its efforts to transport about permanent peace in the island.
Acting diplomat of Sri Lanka delegation in France, Himali Arunathilake noted that the greatest threat faced by Sri Lanka since gaining self-government in 1948 was terrorism. She also emphasized that LTTE is the only terrorist group in the world to kill two heads of state, namely, President Ranasinghe Premadasa and the Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi.
She was of the view that it is the blame of all democracy loving citizens to link the move violently to fight the threat of terrorism in Sri Lanka irrespective of ethnic or religious differences. Ambassador Arunathilake disclosed that President Mahinda Rajapaksa's Government has succeeded in its try of restoring democracy in the recently liberated Eastern province whilst conducting an free and fair vote in the region.
A large number of people gathered to learn the factual story of the LTTE, particularly the carnage perpetrated in the person's name of 'liberation. They thank the organizers of the photo display for the effort to depict the real picture of the LTTE in Sri Lanka to the international group of people.

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