Monday, November 10, 2008

Civilians denounce LTTE, seek speedy political solution
The head of the Tamil United release Front (TULF) Veerasingham Anandasangaree who is now in Jaffna highly praised the functions of the Security Forces in the neck of land and said that the northern diaspora has spoken their self-assurance in them.
The TULF leader is at present in Jaffna after four years to look into his party's presentation and to evaluate the situation there. Commenting on his comments in Jaffna, he told the Sunday Observer that as the chief of a leading Tamil following party it was highly pleasant to see that the LTTE was very much neutralised in the peninsula."There is no 'hanky-panky' any more from the collection in the north. Wherever I went the people were very content over the friendship the Security Forces maintained with them. Civilians from all walks of life who met me at my office in Jaffna have also spoken self-assurance in the Armed Forces.
"Soon after I landed in Jaffna I had an wide discussion with the Jaffna Commander main General G. A. Chandrasri and he briefed me on the present state of affairs in the North.
It is a huge pity to hear that the LTTE which is now frantic has no respect for temples and is trying to use them still as their hiding place. The opportune meddling by the Security Forces had averted a major plot intended by the LTTE lately at a temple building in Jaffna.
A large haul of lethal weapons was found hidden in a enclosed chariot shed.
If the plan had succeeded there would have been a disaster in the nearby areas of that particular temple," Anandasangaree said.
The northerners who believe in a durable solution to the national crisis said that the Government should expedite a political resolution while the military operations are being carried out against the LTTE.
He also said that the prices of food items, petroleum and other essentials were steady However, measures should to be in use to get better the fishing separation in the region.
"A detailed account on my visit to Jaffna will be obtainable to President Mahinda Rajapaksa on my go back to Colombo," the TULF leader said.

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