Friday, November 28, 2008

Canadian Authorities stop LTTE Suicide Bombers' Day celebrations - Toronto

Canadian establishment drama on information provided by Sri Lankan Tamil expatriates in Toronto have stopped the main Suicide Bombers' Day celebrations prearranged by the LTTE supporters this morning (Nov 27).
According to a reliable source in Canada, members of the terrorist group have prearranged the occasion in grand level at Parsons Convention Centre at Brampton, Toronto. The occasion has been scheduled to be commenced approximately 7 AM (Canadian Time) with the participant listening to the yearly suicide bombers day language by terrorist chief V. Prbhakaran, the sources added.
"The organizers have put up huge video screens, serious sound systems, and a settlement link to air the terrorist leaders' speech", our source said.
The sources additional that the organizers have predictable a couple of thousands of Tamils to contribute for the event.
"Usually, the LTTE supporters force the Tamils living in Toronto to participate for the obsessive celebration. However, this time the numbers have drastically decreased."
Speaking further, the sources said that the authorities have shut down the electrical energy and cut off the settlement link after being well-informed on the true natural world of the event.
"The organizers had mislead the authorities that the event was just a nonviolent gathering"
The LTTE is a ruthless terrorist organization that fights for a mono ethnic divide homeland for the Tamils in Sri Lanka since 1983. Inspired by its psychopathic leader , V. Prabhakaran and his philosophy based on tribalism, the group has murdered tens of thousands of Sri Lankan citizens throughout last three decades. Also, the LTTE being the first terrorist friendship to bring in suicide bombers, and gratifying the first to get naval and airpower , is known as the most multifaceted terrorist outfit of the world. The LTTE is in the UN list of shame for its use of child armed in war.

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