Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya pays tribute to Sinha regiment war heroes

Sri Lanka Army Sinha Regiment (SLSR) commemorated War Heroes who sacrificed their life for the Motherland. Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya the Commander of Sri Lanka Army attended the time as the leader Guest.
The Army Commander was welcomed by the Regimental Commander of the Sinha division Major General D.R.A.B. Jayathilake and was accorded a guard produce and a guard of honour by the officers and soldiers of the division
It was followed by a floral compliment to the SLSR Monument in commemoration of SLSR War Heroes. replacement General Jagath Jayasuriya and Mrs. Jayasuriya placed floral wreaths and paid their tribute. The Senior Officers, officers, other ranks and relations members of the fallen War Heroes followed them.
Afterwards Lieutenant General Jayasuriya read out a communication sent by Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa the Secretary of Defence for the time. The Army Commander used that chance to share a pair of views with the family members of War Heroes there
Towards the end of the days programme Lieutenant General Jayasuriya planted a tree sapling in the SLSR building as the token of reminiscence The Army Commander also laid a base stone for a new SLSR museum structure and declared opened the new residential accommodation for SLSR soldiers.
Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya and Mrs. Manjulika Jayasuriya, President Seva Vanitha Army Branch (SVAB) later on distributed learnings among children of War Hero families. Commander interacted with several press and answered questions connected to wellbeing of War Heroes.

All restrictions on A9 highway lifted

The government has lifted all restrictions imposed on civilian travel on the A9 street enabling citizens to travel freely to and from Jaffna and additional parts of the country.
"Any citizen can now journey on the A9 Road using either private transport or public transport with no restrictions whatsoever," Senior Presidential Advisor, M.P. and Chairman of the Presidential Task Force for Northern Development Basil Rajapaksa said.
Accordingly civilians can travel to and from Vavuniya and Jaffna between 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. With the forthcoming Christmas and New Year holidays people could visit their relations in Jaffna, Rajapaksa said.On a special instruction from President Mahinda Rajapaksa the A9 Road was opened for the community on November 13, enabling the transport of merchandise to and from Jaffna. Initially travel was allowed on a special permits issued by the Ministry of Defence, Law and Order. With improvements in newly liberated areas the Government tranquil the limits imposed on civilians.
On March 02, 2009, almost after 24 years, the Government officially re-opened the A9 Road to convey services of Security armed forces. Even though the 2002 truce provided for unarmed troop transport through the LTTE-dominated areas on the A9 Road, the Government and the safety Forces decided not to use that ability considering the risks involved. though with the complete liberation of the A9 Road and the North, the Sri Lanka Army is now able to securely transport unarmed and transport weapons men as well as material via A9 road passing Medawachchiya.
The A9 Road was for the time being opened following the Ceasefire agreement but the LTTE maintained road barriers and checkpoints and charged high duty from the public who used the road. The road was completely closed in August 2006 due to LTTE attacks.
Courtesy : Sunday Observer

Monday, December 14, 2009

Housing project for resettled people with Swiss aid

The Swiss government has agreed to grant financial support for construction of accommodation system for resettled families in Chavakachcheri in Jaffna.
The Swiss government will provide 1.25 million USD (approximately Rs. 140 million) as agreed upon to the administration of Sri Lanka. The progamme will be launched in the start of year 2010 and expected to complete by the end of same year. The government also expects to carry on with the programme more broadly dispersal into other regions with international aids.
Several housing schemes will be constructed in Thenmarachchi D. S. Division and Maravanpulo village as the first phase of the scheme and the project will be implemented by the Swiss Development Cooperation
Earlier, the Government of Switzerland had granted assistance to the Government of Sri Lanka to rebuild houses in Matara and Trincomalee districts where had been badly affected by the Tsunami tragedy
A memo of understanding for Housing building scheme in Jaffna district was signed between the governments at the Ministry of money and Planning. Dr. P. B. Jayasundera desk to the Ministry of Finance and Planning and W. K. K. Kumarasiri, Secretary to the Ministry of Nation Building- and communications Development represented the Sri Lanka while the Government of Switzerland represented by Ruth Flint Ambassador of Switzerland signed the agreement.

Pavatkulam to be rehabilitated

The re-awakening project launched under the Nation Building and Estate communications Development Ministry has taken the plan to rehabilitate Pavatkulam in the Vavuniya region at a cost of Rs 50 million with World Bank financial help
Project Director P. H. Sugathadasa said this is a major irrigation system in the Vavuniya district with a ability of 27,000 acre feet. It will give irrigation facilities for in excess of 4,134 acres of paddy land in the area.
The rehabilitation of this tank had been neglected for a long era due to the war situation in the region for the past three decades. Canals, wash and the dam tank's have been injured due to the non-implementation of treatment work for a long period, sources said.
The tank will be re-constructed under the ongoing treatment process.
Over 3,300 families in the Vavuniya district will benefit with the conclusion of this scheme
Courtesy : Daily News

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

US welcomes IDP resettlement

The United States welcomes the Government's progress in the resettlement procedure, US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs and former US diplomat for Sri Lanka, Robert Blake said the past
He emphasized that his in general assessment of his visits to Menik Farm and the demining areas in Mannar, was that the current situation was very pleasant
"The United States," he stated, "welcomes the recent development by the Government of Sri Lanka to return a bulk of these Sri Lankans home and allow increased freedom of movement to persons still in camp."
The former Ambassador visited Menik Farm the preceding morning, as well as demining areas in Mannar. He had also called on President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Foreign Affairs Minister Rohitha Bogollagama and more than a few other leaders.
Talking about the upcoming presidential elections, Blake said the USA did not take sides in elections in other countries.
He said he was confident relations between the US and Sri Lanka would grow no substance which candidate was winning. His country's hope is that the Government and the Opposition would work together to develop a consensus on power distribution preparations to be implemented to ensure that all Sri Lankans can participate in the democratic process and that democratic system could be restored in Northern Sri Lanka.
Answering questions Blake stated that he wouldn't say that the US held a challenging attitude towards Sri Lanka.
He noted that the US was Sri Lanka's most important trade partner, purchasing one quarter of Sri Lanka's exports.
He said his country was ready to carry on help in demining and reconstruction, with $6.6 million by now contributed towards the demining procedure.
Courtesy - Daily news

Wrong decisions blocked victory - President

Unveils victory monument:
President visits scene of final battles:
Govt withstood foreign pressure:
Although our heroic war heroes nobly marched forward in the battle front in the history they were unable to release the motherland from violence due to the wrong decisions taken by the politicians who ruled the state then, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Puthukuduyiruppu yesterday.
The President was speaking after unveiling a monument to blot the victory over terrorism at Puthukuduyiruppu.
This was the first time a head of State visited Puthukuduyiruppu which was the sight of the decisive and final phase of the humanitarian process which beaten terrorism in this state
The President said when the war heroes were taking on the terrorists in the battle front, the Government ably faced and withstood all overseas and restricted pressures exerted to halt their operations on behalf of the war heroes without allowing them to face it. A significant feature of yesterday's event was the presence of all military commanders who participated in the last operation of the Security Forces in the Vanni battlefield.
The tombstone is erected in the centre of the Puthukuduyiruppu tank. The waters of the tank surrounding it signified the sea
The Nil Manel flowers blooming in the tank depict the Sri Lankan nation. Stone pillars at the foot of the monument signify the Motherland and the lion images in its four corners portray the war heroes.
The national flag in the tombstone depicted the country's freedom and sovereignty and the dove picture depicts the dawn of freedom.
desk to the President Lalith Weerathunge, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Chief of Defence Staff and Air Force Commander Air Chief Marshal Roshan Goonethilake, Army Commander Lt. General Jagath Jayasuriya, Navy Commander back Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe, Inspector General of Police Mahinda Balasuriya, Mullaitivu Commander Major General Nandana Udawatte, Vanni Commander Major General Kamal Gooneratne, Commander of the 53 Division Major General Chagi Gallage and several war heroes were present.
Courtesy - Daily news
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Canadian Defence Advisor calls on the Acting CDS

The Canadian Defence consultant Calls on the drama CDS The Canadian Defence Advisor, Colonel Richard Ryder Burbidge paid a visit to Air Force head office this day (08 December 2009) and met with the leader of the Air power and Acting Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Roshan Goonetileke.
Official plaques and pleasantries were exchanged between the two at this occasion.

Welfare of war heroes is our paramount concern - Defence Secretary

Defence Secretary Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa said that the administration has rendered a major payment towards the welfare of war heroes during the last four existence and the government aims to give a house for every war hero.
The Secretary made these comments participating as the chief guest at a purpose of the Ranaviru Seva power yesterday, Dec 08 at BMICH.
Speaking to the participants he said, "When I took over the place of work as the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence in November 2005, I had to face a lot of challenges, and looking following of welfare of war heroes also considered as one of my priorities."
He further said that the welfare programme was implemented since the open of the humanitarian operation and so far 32,000 war heroes have been granted the amenities to build houses. Under the concept of "a house for every war hero" the Defence Ministry has constructed a fully-fledged city for war heroes in Ipalogama, Anuradapura, which consists of 1500 houses and there are 700 houses residual and will be distributed in the middle of the neediest armed workers, he said.
"President Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Commander in leader of armed forces, instructed me to seek for permanent solutions for all the matters of war heroes in its place of going for temporary solutions" he added.
Further the desk Defence went on to explain that happiness and education of children of war heroes is my highest concern and keeping that in brain, we built Defence school in Colombo with all facilities for the advantage of the children of carrying weapons workers and Police. The government expects to build eight additional schools in the same principles in each region, he said.

Jaffna re-settlement complete

All the displaced people in the Jaffna district have been re-settled and out of 272,751 inside displaced persons lived in welfare camps 144,846 were re-settled, paper over 15,000 persons are recurring from camps to their family villages, Northern region Governor Major General G.A Chandrasiri said.
These people have been re-settled in cleared areas free from landmines. Each family has been provided Rs 5,000 to purchase basic supplies
In adding to this, a bank deposit of Rs 45,000 has also been granted for each relations, he said. Every family has been provided roofing sheets, cement, squatting pans, kitchen utensils, clothes, foodstuff for one week and dry rations for one month.
Seven government and non-governmental agencies were engaged in clearance of ground mines. They have cleared over 529,943,309 square kilometres and the rest will be cleared as quickly as likely, he said.
Awareness programs on how to protect from land mines have too been launched in par with the re-settlement program.
Houses that had been completely destroyed will be provided Rs 325,000 on long word foundation
Families who are busy in agriculture will be provided two bushels of seed paddy per acre up to four acres along with manure free.
The government will also assist farmers in preparation of land, fencing and cultivation, he said.
Other seeds required by farmers will also be provided and over 20,500 kilos of seed paddy have been distributed among farmers in the North.
The government has set a target to farm 10,500 acres of paddy in the North in this season, he said.
Courtesy: Daily News

Govt committed to war heroes' welfare - President

In the past attitude of society towards war heroes, members of the Armed Forces was not positive but today the Government is dedicated to their welfare as well as the happiness of their families and children, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said.
The President made this observation after opening the newly-built baths and the common amenities structure at the Defence College, Malay Street, Colombo 2 yesterday.
He said there were some people who had said it was easy for any trick to carry a gun and fight a war but it was the brave war heroes who liberated the state from bloody terrorists so that our brood could live freely and help build a united nation. Therefore, the Government is duty bound towards them.
Information Technology was obtainable in the past to less than five percent of our schoolchildren but today with the introduction of the Nenasala program to country areas IT information had reached to 32 percent of our schoolchildren.
"We have provided IT learning facility to 3,600 schools as I believe that we be supposed to empower our children from their very young days with IT skills," the President noted.
We are aware that the members of the Armed Forces or Police could not find the time to visit schools of their children due to their duties. Most of their time was dedicated for their duties though it was significant for parents to monitor the development of their children, the President said.
Education and education would be completed if there were sports education and other extra curricular activities in schools for children so that their atmosphere would be a total one.
It was equally important that children and parents were close to one another. Therefore, we are determined to build a society where such an ambiance exists," he said.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rs 1,500 m to develop Vavuniya Bandula Seneviratne Vavuniya North Group Corr.

Vavuniya is to be developed as a modern fully equipped city by the Urban growth and Sacred Area Development Ministry. The proposed City Development Plan was unveiled at a agreement signing rite held under the support of Minister Dinesh Gunawardena at the Vavuniya Kachcheri yesterday.
The government has allocated Rs. 1,500 million for the first stage of the City Development Plan which would comprise the building of communications and other amenities including roads, markets, sports grounds, swimming pools and holiday resorts. Rehabilitation of reservoirs will also be undertaken to make them more good-looking and useful
Minister Gunawardane who later handed over the City Development Plan to Vavuniya UC Chairman S. Nathan said the President and his administration had given top main anxiety for the development of Vavuniya as a modern and attractive city which could add towards the nation transformation attempt
The Minister and his communal gathering later visited the historic Sri Dalada Viharaya at Madukanda in Vavuniya to contribute in religious observances and inspect the development of the viharaya protection work. Urban growth Minister Rohana Dissanayake, Parliamentarians S. Kishoe and Sivashakthi Anandan and Vavuniya GA, P.S.M. Charles were also there on the occasion.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Resettlement of IDPs; Two-thirds complete

A total of 169,938 Internally Displaced Persons have been resettled in their native seats within a short era providing them the length of with the provision of health, shelter, sanitary, education co-operative, water, electricity and other facilities in their villages, Disaster Management and Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe said.
"As a consequence of the speedy resettlement program the number of IDPs in welfare villages has come downward to 112,062 from 282,000," the Minister told a media briefing.
The Minister said that the administration has obviously shown the promise to resettle the IDPs as quickly as likely.
The relocation program for IDPs is in full swing achieving its set goals well inside the expected time border.
This might be a record for resettling IDPs. Most almost certainly by December 31 the administration will resettle a large number of IDPs out of the residual or else complete resettlement behavior, Minister Samarasinghe added.
At present 105,664 IDPs are in Vavuniya, 1,738 IDPs in Jaffna, 2,298 IDPs in Trincomalee. Approximately 2,360 IDPs are receiving action in several hospitals. A sum number of 112,062 IDPs are yet to be resettled.
However, the resettlement process in a way depend on the on-going de-mining behavior The Government has by now put into operation 24 de-mining machines. It purchased 19 de-mining machines out of 24 while the UN has offered five machines.
In de-mining activities main concern has been given to public roads, ordinary places and villages earmarked for speedy resettlement.
Accordingly, public places, villages and many roads counting A9, A32 roads and railway tracks are now free from land mines.
On the recommendation of President Mahinda Rajapaksa the Government has taken action to funding the IDPs freedom of group from December 1.
Accordingly, 22,443 IDPs have gone away from their wellbeing villages. Out of this figure 9,778 have come back. "Any person can leave the welfare villages and go back as they wish. No act will be taken against the people who wont come back to IDP Villages. The liberty is not limited to 15 days," Minister Samarasinghe noted.
The Minister rejected sure media reports that safety forces personnel will go after the IDPs if they don't come back.
"It is up to them to decide whether to return or not. What the administration did was to grant the freedom for them to move absent as they wish. However, the Government is carrying out the welfare activities in welfare villages further as usual," Samarasinghe said.
Courtesy : Daily News