Monday, November 24, 2008

373 suicide bombers have died says LTTE

UK based LTTE fronts have claimed in anticipation of the coming 'suicide bombers day' celebrations planned in London on November 27 that 373 young men and women have died so far as suicide bombers in a so far infertile effort to create a divide state imprinted out of Sri Lanka.
Quoting Kilinochchi sources the LTTE local media said from November 27 1982 to November 20 2008, 274 male suicide bombers and 104 female suicide bombers have died annoying to slice out a divide state in Sri Lanka .
The on foot bombs known as Black Tigers have been used to physical attack without arms civilians like people traveling in buses and trains as well as government installations and carrying weapons convoys. Claimed to be an wisely priced way of waging a war the Black Tigers have caused the bereavement of hundreds of civilians and caused millions worth of possessions damage.
According to skill sources the suicide units of the LTTE terrorists are the most ground-breaking under the world's terror groups and have perfected a strictly better suicide cover with plastic explosives, which has been sold to Middle Eastern suicide groups almost surely for a price.
According to the same sources the suicide bombers or Black Tigers have been trained from previous child soldier units after children being recruited as soldiers. Most of the child soldiers have been in use from homes, schools, temple festivals and even playgrounds by simply kidnapping without the permission of their parents. It has been said brainwashed children make the best military as they are easy to power at tender ages.
The pro-LTTE media basing their statistics from what they claimed as 'suicide bombers Department' in Kilinochchi said the 373 suicide bombers were among 22,390 terrorists who have died in mission for a putative momo-ethnic state between Sri Lanka and India. The future split mono-ethnic state encompasses one third of the Sri Lankan island and two thirds of the Sri Lankan coastline, far improved in relation to their strength in inhabitants. Among those terrorists who were killed 17, 496 were males and 4894 were females, the LTTE full statistics said. These information do not agree with other claims of the deaths of the LTTE terrorists.

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