Friday, November 21, 2008

3 LTTE bunkers overrun, 2 terrorist bodies recovered- Kilinochchi

The three frontal military assaults at the central Kilinochchi battlefront led by troops of the 57 Division and Task Force 3 entered important phase at troops met argument from LTTE, North of Kokavil, Murunkandy and North of Akkarayankulama, Thursday (Nov 20).
Meanwhile, forward power rudiments of the 57 Division in service in general area Murunkandy have gained control over 3 LTTE bunker overheads after hours of intense fighting in the area, security sources said. Troops have too found 2 T-56 physical attack rifles following a argument with LTTE in general area North of Kokavil. Further dominations sustained North of Akkarayankulama with violent hostility reported closer to the LTTE built earth bund surrounding Kilinochchi. In general area Mankulama, TF 3 troops now consolidating defences came across an LTTE small arms fire yesterday (20), which was correct away thwarted as troops claimed getting better 2 LTTE bodies and 3 T-56 assault rifles during following search operations conducted.
The Task Force 1 troops now advancing along the B-69 Pooneryn-Paranthan road have supposedly gained run over a make better of the main road and located about 14km to the LTTE's Paranthan terror stronghold.

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