Friday, November 28, 2008

Troops brave weather; floods wash mines, booby traps- Kilinochchi

Soldiers of the 57 division and the Task Force 1 are further final in on to their next purpose- the Kilinochchi town despite antagonistic weather situation, reveal the battleground sources.
The two unpleasant divisions are at present lined up their strengths the length of the western and southern limits of the Kilinochchi built up and moving in with no rush bearing in mind type of weather and the terrain.
"Troops are very clear of their mission; it is not the real state that they are paying become aware of in but the taking away of terrorism", said our battleground reporter.
"The most undertake before troops is not the fight authority of the terrorists but the solid minefields and booby traps"
"The floods have made very hard for the military to detect AP mines and traps they have to be extra cautious in their march" he added.
Meanwhile, the 57 division infantrymen in service in the Puthumurippukulam area, west of Kilinochchi town blast down an LTTE cadre last morning (Nov 27).

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