Sunday, November 2, 2008

LTTE terrorists with University IDs infiltrate Jaffna to disrupt normalcy

One of the suspects swallowed Cyanide while the other has runaway when the security forces personnel on foot patrol in Ariyale, Jaffna, attempting to question them about last noon, 01 November, defence sources in Jaffna said.
The suspect swallowed Cyanide died correct away and the other who has on fire at troops while evasion was also killed in security forces reprisal, sources added.
The person who swallowed Cyanide now confirmed to be an LTTE terrorist has a scholar identity card (Reg. No. 2003 A / 85) of the University of Jaffna in his control introducing him as Sellthurai Purusothaman of Kaithady North, Kaithady and a student of Faculty of Art. The other terrorist who was killed in security forces' retaliation had a 9 mm micro gun with shot and a student ID issued by Medical Faculty of University of JAFFNA in his possession.
Magisterial investigation were detained and bodies were in use to Teaching Hospital in Jaffna for additional investigations.
The Jaffna Police are conducting investigations.

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