Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Alleged LTTE weapon dealer sentenced in Switzerland

An supposed LTTE functioning in Switzerland has been known the maximum decision of 45 months for his place in the theft of 80 physical assault rifles from a Swiss carrying weapons depot two years ago.
The district terrace in region Bern handed a decision of 42 months to one of the three Swiss defendants, and gave fair sentences of 14 and 24 months to two accompliees, Swiss news aegncies reported.
According to the information sources, one of the thieve a Sri Lankan escapee have been operational for the globally barred radical group LTTE. He has been the LTTE boss in link of smuggling the arms into Sri Lanka. They were stuck out by an in secret manager and finally arrested. Most of their booty stolen from a depto in region Fribourg was healthier, the news sources additional said.
The courtyard lined in favour of the cruel sentences because, it said, the radical suspects were undisturbed by the pain the arms might reason. The news agencies citing Swiss armed sources said that, additional than 4,300 army guns has been, lost or stolen over the history ten years.

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