Tuesday, November 4, 2008

LTTE receives heavy battering North of Akkarayankulama- Kilinochchi

LTTE terrorists were engaged into a violent battle by troops of the 57 Division now in service in two fronts nearby the area North of Akkarayankulama built-up, Kilinochchi today(Nov 4). According to ground troops, LTTE terrorists have put-on rigid confrontation initially and afterward abandoned its defences after in receiving of heavy thrashing in the duel.
Troops flanking the western make bigger of the Akkarayankulama built-up have enthused into the heavily carrying weapons LTTE positions in a combined artillery and infantry assault, since this morning, reportedly scoring many LTTE wounded. Meanwhile, troops positioned in the southern rim of the Akkarayankulama built-up have also mounted serious artillery barrages at recognized LTTE strong-points neutralizing LTTE resistance attempts. During following search operations conducted in the area, troops have recovered a general cause machine gun (GPMG), 7 T-56 assault riffles and 2 I-com sets, military sources said.
The military fighting battalions are now moving in LTTE territory amidst frantic attempts by the group to hold the deliberately important terrain, Wanni defence sources said. Terrorists are unsurprising to take release of a double blow at the Eastern Kilinochchi battlefront, west of the A-9 trunk road with the fall of Akkarayankulam Northern built-up and Terumurikandy.
Faced with the strong multi-pronged military physical attack, it is reliably learnt that LTTE has drawn in hundreds of young fighters, sparing senior cadres to protect its Kilinochchi heartland.
Fighting has also erupt between the eastern flank of the 57 Division and LTTE in universal area Terumurikandy, as troops higher within distances to the A-9 trunk road, North of Kokavil, today.

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