Sunday, November 2, 2008

LTTE defences tumble as troops advance in Wanni

Troops met with less confrontation from LTTE at the Wanni battlefronts yesterday(Nov 1), as safety forces continued consolidating defences in the newly gained territory east and west of Kilinochchi.
According to military, sporadic hostility was reported shut to the 12th mile post the distance end to end of the A-32 Mannar - Pooneryn main road at the western Kilinochchi battlefront. Hostility was reported between troops and LTTE at Kovilkoduttavil, Podimuruppukulama and Urutirapurankulama general areas, the sources additional said.
The phase of the military rush has forced LTTE to retreat with heavy wounded, who are now in the verge of losing its 'supply line' along the western coast. LTTE has also located few weaponry batteries in the outer edge of Pooneryn, used to target civilian and military positions in the Jaffna mainland. The military hurry will force the LTTE to move its main gun barrels towards Mullaittivu where the last stages of battles are unsurprising, defence sources said.
Meanwhile, troops of the 57 Division continuing advances towards the LTTE mainland in Kilinochchi, are now located North of the Akkarayankulama built-up after weeks of strong fighting with LTTE. The terrorists are faced with fierce multi-pronged attacks from the military, which has left scores of terrorists killed and a lot of dugout overheads abandoned, security sources said.
At the Mullaittivu battlefront, clashes were reported between troops and LTTE in universal area North of Andankulama, Saturday. According to finalized military information, LTTE terrorists have suffered serious defeat from troops of the 59 Division. Troops have also uncovered 184 anti-personnel(AP) mines and 10 IEDs during divide search operations conducted at Andankulama. Few soldiers have received injuries during the confrontations with LTTE, military said.

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