Friday, January 2, 2009

Sri Lanka Air Force combatant jets have approved out air strikes this morning (Dec

27) targeting two locations frequented by terrorist leader V. Prbhakaran.
Air Force representative Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara told that the jets have under attack a beating place of the terror leader situated in thick jungle 1 km southeast of Vishwamadhu tank around 8.45 AM. Then, the jets have crushed a secret gathering place of the senior LTTE best located 1.5 km southeast Puthukkudiyiruppu at 12.45 PM, he said. The next aim was also a boat modifying clinic of the LTTE, he extra.
Speaking additional, Wing Commander Nanayakkara said that the jets have launched one more assignment at 9.30 AM targeting a meeting of the LTTE cadres in the West of Iranamadhu tank bund. The air hit has been launched in hold up of the Army 57 Divisions and the Task Force 1 increasingly marching towards Kilinochchi, the preceding decision-making hub of the LTTE.
Meanwhile, Air Force MI 24 helicopter gunships have accepted out two winning shut air support task for the Army 59 Division soldiers in Mullaittivu at 8.45 AM and 1.30 PM. According Wing Commander Nanayakkara, the helicopters have under attack an LTTE gathering detected 5 km South of Mullaittivu on the Mullaittivu- Alampil road. Ground troops have long-established a obliteration of a tractor transporting LTTE cadres in these air raid.
Army 59 division soldiers are in the procedure of dominating Mulliyaweli, Tanniyattu and Chilawatte areas, make known the latest reports form the battlefield. Heavy clashes are reported in the Mullaittivu suburbs with the terrorists creation a desperate effort to defend their main military bastion.
According to the cleverness reports, the LTTE head has been faced with a serious difficulty with judgment a safe hiding place with the decrease of his oppression. The terror chief overwhelmed with fears for his life owing to increasing threats from his own group as well as from the advancing soldiers is allegedly shifting his beating put in rapid successions.

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