Wednesday, January 28, 2009

'LTTE responsible for every death in Wanni' says TULF leader

The Tamil United release Front (TULF) President, V. Anandasangaree, told the brave soldiers who won back 95 percent of the land busy by the LTTE terrorists that in recapturing that ground they have made a name for themselves by being very worried not to harm civilians kept as a person protect by the LTTE.
He said they will have to work with the same coupon, not doing "no matter which in haste to end the war rapidly," custody up their good name.
The TULF head additional " the people wait for them to act with mind and not to ruin their name that they earned by sacrificing a lot of their comrades. I tell the courageous soldiers that they have already won the war with no hopes for the LTTE to recover any part of the territory. But the civilian lives, they have to protect as a holy duty cast on them, in defence of the state."
Sangaree further moving, "The LTTE, once highly praised by some as very brave, have now become cowards. At this anxious hour they will not be unsure to do any thing with toxic intentions of put the blame on the others. We wait for the army that liberated 95% of the area under the LTTE, with smallest amount injured, will not do no matter which in haste to end the war fast."
He said, "I am distress over the sad news attainment from Wanni, about the oddly heavy wounded in the War front, from the time the forces set their feet on the Wanni soil. Only two days back the whole of Europe, Scandinavia, Canada, USA and India hypothetical the LTTE's canard that over five thousand soldiers had been taken as captives and a large number of them were killed. The whole of last morning all telephones were ringing incessantly to find out as to what is occurrence in Wanni. By noon, the news, of the capture of Mullaitheevu Town reached all parts of the world, put an end to this disobedient rumour and those who were celebrating the "victory" had to put their heads down in shame.
Whether what we hear today is true or one more canard of the LTTE, the people wait for the forces to act with self-control, because what happens to them, they have a moral duty to defend the innocent people, who are attentive in the LTTE held area or fairly kept by them under force as human shield, for their own protection.
Hence the LTTE should take the blame for every bereavement that occurs in Wanni today."

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