Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meeting between President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Indian Minister of External Affairs Pranab Mukherjee, in Colombo

Visiting Indian External relationships Minister Pranab Mukherjee held detailed, useful and original deliberations with President Mahinda Rajapaksa last night (27 January). The visit of the Indian Minister followed an invite for him to visit Sri Lanka, in keeping with the custom of usual and positive conversation between India and Sri Lanka at the uppermost level. This visit followed the new visit by Indian Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon.
The deliberations, held at President's House, enclosed recent developments in Sri Lanka, the entire range of India-Sri Lanka family members and local issues of mutual attention. It was decided that India-Sri Lanka family members are developing powerfully and has matured into an enduring friendship. It is particularly significant at this time of change and alter that both sides should continue to make stronger ties.
President Rajapaksa expressed his hopes for future developments in Sri Lanka, and harassed that the there military victories offer a political chance to restore life to normalcy in the Northern Province and all through Sri Lanka. The President certain the visiting Indian Minister of his intent for both countries to work together to enable Sri Lankans, and chiefly the Tamil group of people in the North, to begin most important normal lives as soon as likely.
External relationships Minister Mukherjee expressed India's readiness to contribute in the rebuilding of northern Sri Lanka so as to conquer the negative effects of armed disagreement and also lay the financial and political basics of a sustainable peace in which all communities in Sri Lanka feel comfortable. India will work together with Sri Lanka on a rebuilding plan for these areas which involves communications development and other hold up.
President Rajapaksa assured Minister Mukherjee that it was his meaning to move as quickly as likely to put into practice the 13th alteration to the Sri Lankan establishment, which followed the India-Sri Lanka Agreement of 1987 and even explore the option to go further than these proposals.
Both sides reviewed the caring situation arising as a result of the disagreement. The Sri Lankan side at ease that it will admiration the safe zones affirmed by the Security Forces to reduce the effect of disagreement on Tamil civilians. The Indian side will continue to extend its release provisions to civilians wedged up in the zone of disagreement.
During the discussions President Rajapaksa extended a personal invite to an all party allocation from Tamil Nadu led by Chief Minister Karunanidhi and Ms. J. Jayalalitha, General Secretary of the AIADMK, to see for themselves the situation on the ground and to persuade the LTTE to lay down arms and join the self-governing normal.
Both sides decided that an early reinstatement of normal self-governing life in the areas affected by the disagreement would be a major payment to peace and constancy. The Indian side indicated that it will do all that is essential to bring this concerning.

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