Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More military items found - Jaffna, Uppuweli

Troops conducted look for and clear operations in Jaffna and Uppuweli areas have found armed items yesterday, 26 January, defence sources said.
A batch of arms and bullets including hand bullets, anti personnel mines and bullets was found in a look for process conducted in general area Manthuvil last afternoon.
Following list of items were among the recoveries, sources additional.
Items Description
Hand Grenades 09
Antipersonnel Mines 06
MPMG Ammunitions 104
FNC Ammunitions 56
9mm Pistol Rounds 30
Remote Controls 03
Claymore Circuits 02
Detonators 70
Battery Chargers 02
GPS 01
22mm Detonator Cords 01
Maps 02
National ID Cards 15
Driving License 01
Meanwhile, the Police personnel attached to Uppuweli police station uncovered weapons and ammunition from general area Iluppukulam. The recovery was made based on in order received from civilians, police sources said. Following list of items were in the middle of the recoveries.
Items Description
T-56 assault rifle 02
Hand Grenade 01
Magazines 08
T-56 rounds 302
Pouches 02
Field dressings 02

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